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Africa SOMA sees education as a central tool in improving the lives of all people. In Kenya, progress has been made in expanding access to education, however large hurdles remain: quality is often low, secondary schools are prohibitively expensive, and often the most vulnerable groups, such as Maasai pastoralists, continue to be unable to access even primary education. Improving participation in schooling requires creative solutions that lower barriers to entry and improve the learning environment. Our programs aspire to contribute to such creative solutions. We work in partnership with local organizations and community members and promote community investment and involvement in all of our p...
Jan 17, 2014

And the 2014 Africa SOMA Scholarships go to...

Africa SOMA is proud to announce our 2014 Africa SOMA scholarship students!

Each year Africa SOMA awards the two boys and two girls who receive the top scores on the KCPE exams in the Elangata Wuas District with full four year high school scholarships. These scholarships are supported by donors such as yourself. 

This Tuesday our coordinator, Isaac Kakeni, met with head teachers from each school to determine which students received the top scores in the district. Without further ado we are proud to announce Africa SOMA's 2014 scholarship students:

The top two KCPE scoring girls are Sampuru who attends Emurkea Primary and Dorcas from Enchorro Primary. The top scoring boys are Kelvin from Indupa Primary and Mesheti from Singiraine Primary. We hope you join with us in congratulating them on their hard work and wishing them all the best in their high school careers. 

Africa SOMA also awards a 10,000ksh ($116 USD) school improvement bonus to the primary school which has the highest number of high scoring students. For 2014 we're proud to announce that Emurkea Primary is the winner and will be receiving the money to improve their school as they best see fit. 

Thank you again for supporting education. For these rural Maasai students, high school education is something that is out of the reach for the majority of the students in the community. Yet education has been proven, time and time again, to have the greatest impact on increasing the social, economic and health outcomes not only of individuals and their families but communities as a whole.


Jan 2, 2014

Thank you from Damaris!

Thank you!

We received such an amazing response to Damaris' microproject, all of Africa SOMA has been blown away by the compassion and genorosity of donors such as yourself. We have great faith in Damaris as she moves forward on her path towards becoming a teacher and it was so wonderful to see the same faith reflected back by our donors. 

Damaris is nearing the end of her first year of high school. While she works hard at studying for final exams it is reassuring to know money is not something she will need to stress about, allowing her full focus to be poured into her work. 

Although Africa SOMA has a part time coordinator, Isaac Kakeni, working in Elangata Wuas he was unfortunately unable to meet up with Damaris since she attends a high school outside of the community and was so focused on her studies that she has not had time recently to come home for a visit. Regardless, she wanted to make sure that a message of thanks was passed along to all of the donors like yourself for your generous contributions and support. 

On behalf of Africa SOMA I would like to thank you for your support. Our work cannot happen without people like you not only believing in our work, but putting down some of your own hard earned money as token of support. As you may know education is one of the most consistant methods to improve health outcomes, social mobility, climate change resilence and empowerment for underpriviledged youth. Increased education of youth also has the wonderful bonus of creating a positive ripple effect through communities such as Elangata Wuas. 

On behalf of Damaris, the Elangata Wuas Community and Africa SOMA's Team - Thank you.


Nov 19, 2013

Computer Lab

Thanks to your donation the computer lab in the Elangata Wuas Library and Resource Centre is continuing to grow. Isaac Kakeni, our enthusiastic computer lab manager continues to teach daily computer classes to a variety of community members in the area. Isaac has had numerous community members come in for basic typing lessons and is enjoying watching his students, young and old alike, flourish. Four Elangata Wuas youth, Ezekiel, Stanley, Milton, and Antony, have been working particularily hard with Isaac on more advanced computing topics. These young men see computer skills as a key part of increasing their employability and increasing their income potential. 

Unfortunately, one of the computers recently suffered a malfunction and had to be fixed. Isaac was able to do this but this speaks to the computer lab's continued need for financial support. The size of Isaac's classes are restricted by the small number of computers available and losing one to a malfunction only reduced how many people were able to use the computers. 

With the success of the computer lab, it is important to reflect on the limited access to computers the Elangata Wuas community had before the lab opened its doors. Prior to the computer lab's opening, any Elangata Wuas community members who wanted to use a computer or were interested in learning how to use one had to travel to the larger nearby community of Kajiado. This trip takes at least an hour by matatu (the local name for privately owned buses in the region) and costs about 1000 Kenyan Shillings (the equivalent of $12 in US currency) for the roundtrip. With such a significant barrier in terms of time and money, few people in the area were able to use computers. Now the lab is only a three minute walk from the centre of Elangata Wuas, a walk of five minutes or less from 2 of the 7 local elementary schools and the regions only high school. In a world growing more and more connected by the internet, we at Africa SOMA cannot thank you enough for helping in the move to make all the information of the internet available to the Elangata Wuas community. 

If you are interested in recieving quarterly newsletters on all of Africa SOMA's projects beyond our work with the computer lab, please follow the link below!

On behalf of Africa SOMA and the Elangata Wuas Community, thank you again for your donation!


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