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Mission: Bridge to Turkiye Fund is devoted to mobilizing and generating philanthropic resources benefiting the socio-economically disadvantaged segments of Turkish society, with emphasis in children's education and health care. Our vision: To unite individuals through capacity building and to promote fellowship by establishing a trusted bridge between those with aspirations without the means; and those with the means to be their dream partners. To contribute to the development of under-served segments of the Turkish society, where they too can realize their full potential To promote the principles of good citizenship and to build an organization that is credible, transparent and acco...
Jul 8, 2013

Light the Path to Education One Girl at a Time

Scholars from Rural Regions of Turkey
Scholars from Rural Regions of Turkey

Late Prof. Dr. Türkan Saylan, the legendary President and founding member of the Association for Supporting Contemporary Life (ÇYDD), believed that the most important problem in Türkiye is providing equal educational opportunities for both boys and girls, through a universal education system with contemporary, secular principles for all…  

Girls’ education is one of the smartest and single most cost-effective investments we can make in our homeland, Türkiye.

In the year 2000, United Nations established the Millennium Development Goal to promote gender equality and empower young women based on the notion that access to education is a basic human right and is a significant factor in reducing poverty and in improving the quality of life for young women and girls and their communities.

Your generous support, together with the work of Bridge to Türkiye, will help marginalized girls in Türkiye realize their dreams.

Please join BTF through its collaboration with ÇYDD to contribute to creating lasting positive change in Türkiye by empowering these young women with an opportunity to develop into productive citizens. Now is the time to step up our efforts to bridge the gender gap in education, empower marginalized women, and help them give back to their communities through a simple gift of scholarships for academically gifted but economically disadvantaged girls and young women.

Please give a gift today and BTF will leverage your support to transform the futures of rural young women and girls and strengthen communities in Türkiye.

Thanks for believing that each of us can really make a difference at the grassroots level…



Bridge to Türkiye Fund

Jun 21, 2013

Boots4Kids June 2013 Project Update

Erzurum Hns Ortakoy
Erzurum Hns Ortakoy

Dear Friend,

Do you know that for just $15 you could give a pair of boots for a kid in need?

As we are getting closer to winter, kids in the rural areas of Turkey need your support more than ever! Last year, with the donations we received through the GlobalGiving campaign, we sent 114 boots to children who live in the rural areas of Turkey and have so little. 

Last year 228 little warm feet, grateful for the education they were receiving, walked miles to school wearing the boots you donated. This year, with you by our side, we hope to do more! With your support, this year 456 little warm feet could feel the cold a little less and could go to school in their new pair of boots.

More boots mean a warmer winter for more children. And, this means a whole a lot of more happiness! So, we invite you to support our commitment to Boots4Kids project and to continue to be a part of Bridge to Turkey community…

In BTF we never stop dreaming and never stop working for our dreams! And, your donations make everything possible!

Thank you very much for your continuous support to Boots4Kids.

May 14, 2013

May Update for GlobalGiving Community

Transform a marginalized adolescent girl’s life through the gift of education in rural Turkey!

Dear Supporter:

Chapter IV paragraph 4.2 of the Program of Action of the International Conference on Population and Development states: "Education is one of the most important means of empowering women with the knowledge, skills and self-confidence necessary to participate fully in the development process. Despite notable efforts by many countries around the globe that have appreciably expanded access to basic education, there are approximately 960 million illiterate adults in the world, of whom two-thirds are women. There are 130 million children who are not enrolled in primary school and 70 per cent of them are girls.”  

As in many parts of the world, girls in Turkey still face obstacles to education that boys do not. Girls comprise approximately 72 percent of all unschooled children in Turkey.  Your support helps Bridge to Turkiye Fund (BTF) in contributing to the progress of bridging the gender gap by providing scholarships for marginalized young girls from rural regions of Turkey. Access to education is a basic human right. Education is a significant factor in reducing poverty and a key to improving quality of life for girls and young women, communities, and countries.

Did you know that for just $45 per month, you can give the gift of education to a child in secondary education in Turkey?

In this update, we are happy to share with you a personal letter we received from one of BTF’s scholarship recipients, Dilek who is a 5th grade student from Erzurum. The letter below is roughly translated as follows:

To My Dear Second Family Who Supports Me!

Although I have never met anyone of you, I love you dearly. Your support has really made me very happy. 

My seven siblings and I have spent difficult days since my mom passed away. We are just recovering. Your support came right after those gloomy days. That's why I feel so lucky and happy. I am able to meet my basic needs and buy tests and books with the scholarship you have given me. I feel less of a burden on my father, because I can buy the books I need on my own. Now, I am also more interested in reading books. I have more interest in getting an education. I will do my best to work hard not to waste the support of my father, my siblings, my elderly sisters, and yours. With your support, I'm trying harder each new day because I know I have two families. I am proud of them both. With the strength from God and your support, I will try not to waste your efforts. As I conclude my letter, I hope that you will never forget that I love you all…I hope the day will come and you will see me as a proud teacher. When that day arrives you will have a daughter who will always love and who will never forget you. You have a daughter in Erzurum Karacoban who remembers you in her every prayer. May God's love be with you!


Your Loving Daughter, 



Please continue to help support the work of BTF and make a difference in the life of a young girl.

Thanks, as always, for your support!

A Letter from one of BTF
A Letter from one of BTF's Scholars from Erzurum
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