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Mission: Bridge to Turkiye Fund is devoted to mobilizing and generating philanthropic resources benefiting the socio-economically disadvantaged segments of Turkish society, with emphasis in children's education and health care. Our vision: To unite individuals through capacity building and to promote fellowship by establishing a trusted bridge between those with aspirations without the means; and those with the means to be their dream partners. To contribute to the development of under-served segments of the Turkish society, where they too can realize their full potential To promote the principles of good citizenship and to build an organization that is credible, transparent and acco...
Aug 26, 2014

Global Giving Community - August 2014 Report


Educating Girls is Smart for All of Us!


Dear Supporter and Friend:

We are pleased to share with you our latest update on the Bridge to Türkiye Fund’s (BTF) Girls’ Empowerment Scholarship Program.

In our last update, we reported that, in 2013-14 academic year, BTF provided scholarships for 85 bright, deserving young women and girls from rural Turkey. Of the girls we supported, three students graduated from high school who are now university bound. And, six students graduated from college with degrees in law, business administration, and mathematics.

Thanks to your generosity, these young women are staying in school, graduating, and becoming productive members of the Turkish society!

Your continued support enables us to invest in the future of these young women who otherwise don’t have the economic means to continue their education. Through your support, these young women and girls will have a chance to live better lives and promote a Turkish society where women have a voice and role in their communities.

This academic year, our aim is to expand our program to reach 100 young women. Exact number of students will be provided in the next status report. We are hopeful that you will continue with your support to help us reach our goal. We believe that with every student we educate, we get one step closer to the day where a person’s birthplace, economic background, or gender no longer determines their future.

Thank you again for joining us in our quest to provide educational opportunities to deserving young women in rural regions of Turkey. And thank you for believing that the world can be better place, for supporting the BTF Girls’ Empowerment Scholarships Program, and for transforming these girls’ lives.

Best regards,

Bridge to Türkiye Fund

May 27, 2014

Getting Ready to Get Ready for Winter

Children from Mardin, Turkey
Children from Mardin, Turkey

Dear Friend,

I must admit 2013 was an amazing year for our project... As I mentioned on my previous email, in 2013 we delivered 1,819 pairs of boots and socks to 24 schools. And, when we ended our project for last year we had a great sense of accomplishment! Here is the real truth behind this accomplishment: you've made it happen! We've successfully completed last year's project as a result of your generous contributions to our cause and your endless support to our organization. So, we thank you once again for letting us reaching out to the rural areas in Turkey and helping the children in need.

Summer time offers an amazing opportunity for us and for our project to get ready for the coming winter. We have much bigger plans for this year! Having freezing cold feet while walking to shool or playing outside is something no child should have to endure. Therefore, our plan for this year's project is to reach out to more than 2000 children; and deliver their boots before December, 31st as a New Year's gift.

We have numerous foundraising events going on both here in the United States and also back in our home country, Turkey... As we ask you to support our cause here by spreading the word and by donating as small or as big as you can, our friends in Turkey will bike to raise funds for this year's campaign! Like us they only have one thing in mind: to reach out as many kids as possible this year and offer them a warmer season. So, today, once again, we remind you the valuable impact of your donation on a child's life... So, next time when you put on your shoes and go out for running, for biking or for hiking; remember last year your donation of a $15 dollars allowed a child to run, to bike and to hike to his school. All kids deserve to have warm feet in the cold season. Let's make it happen, together!


Hande Uzun

BTF Boots4Kids Project Leader

May 5, 2014

BTF Sponsors Girls' Education in Turkey

May 2014 Update

“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” – African Proverb

Dilek, a 6th grader from Erzurum, Turkey, is just another young girl who hopes to become a teacher someday. Unfortunately, if she doesn’t receive financial support, she will not be able to fulfill her dream, and what is worse is that she may be forced by her family to get married before she reaches 18 due to economic hardship.

Deniz is a senior journalism student in college who aspires to earn a doctorate degree in communication & jourmalism and educate new generations of journalists to high standards of quality in journalism while working towards achieving an independent, objective, free press in Turkey. 

Bahar is a second year law student in Istanbul who wants to make a difference in establishing judicial systems that would build a Turkish society free from gender, ethnic, and religious discrimination, and achieving freedom of speech and expression in her country.

Duygu, a senior student, studying business administration at the Istanbul University whose dream is to be a world-renowned economist and win the Nobel Prize in economics some day. Duygu realizes that this is a challenging goal to achieve; however, she believes that everything begins with believing in yourself and following your dreams. And all significant, so-called impossible achievements in this world were accomplished by those who followed their dreams, took courageous strides, and believed that they would could happen.

These are just a few of the 85 bright young women supported through the BTF’s Girls’ Empowerment Scholarships Program in 2014.

The illiteracy rate among young women in the eastern and southeastern Turkey is estimated at 45 percent. For many years, the Turkish government and various NGOs have worked to improve the situation. But the economic hardship, restrictive traditions, distance to schools, and insufficient number of dormitories prevented many girls from access to education.

According to CNNTurk’s special report on 4/23/14, the rate of girls attending school after primary school sharply declined in Turkey. For example, unschooled girls after primary school in eastern Anatolia are estimated at 74% and 82.7% in the southeastern Anatolia.

Despite the difficulties they face, these girls have high hopes for a better future just like any young girl growing up in developed countries.  We know that educating girls has enormous social and economic benefits and has been identified as a primary means toward national development. This is why the BTF’s Girls’ Empowerment Program focuses on providing financial support to bright young women from poor families and who show the most potential for success.

Next academic year, we wish to expand the scholarship program to support 100 deserving young women and girls to help them get an education so that they can be productive members of their communities.

We greatly appreciate your continued support, generosity, and contributions to this important cause and enabling us to make a real difference in the lives of these young women and girls. Please continue to support this program so that we can help more young women to rise out of poverty and give them their future by visiting:

We are counting on your continued support. Future generations are counting on you.


The BTF Team

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$45 covers Esin's monthly educational expenses
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