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The mission of Daktari is to inspire, motivate, and educate underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage.
Dec 17, 2014

Dear Santa... Thank you for our wonderful donors!

Baby Timon and baby Pumbaa
Baby Timon and baby Pumbaa

Dear Donors,

How are you doing since the last report? Here at DAKTARI, days are full of joy and we go from one surprise to another! The end of the year is around the corner, so let’s finish 2014 off with a bang! :)

For Christmas, join DAKTARI in offering the animals a special festive season! They have been soooo good this year, with many families being raised, so trust me, they really diserve it!

Ohhh, you didn’t know about the new babies? Well, they are SO adorable!

  • We were given a little warthog in November, that was only 2 weeks old. Her mom had been killed and so she left behind her baby that DAKTARI rescued. It has taken a lot of care, attention and food for this piglet to not only grow, but to thrive. We had to take her to the vet because she was very fragile and, after some special baby milk, Piggy now starts to gobble everything in her way!
  • Our marmosets have had 2 new babies! We have 5 Marmosets now! Princess Leila, King Kong, Moogli and the 2 babies. What a happy and beautiful family!
  • Remember that I told you about the arrival of Madonna, a female meerkat. Since that day, Gaspar and Tikki, our two other male meerkats, have had some “fun” with her. Result: 3 addorable babies meerkats ever!!! Look at the picture, you can only love them!

DAKTARI’s animal familly is getting bigger and we are so proud of that. But it also means more fees to provide healthy food and good care for them. 2014 has been such a great year and we are proud of all the rescues, releases, new babies, which all happened thanks to your on-going support! We are so grateful for that.

DAKTARI relies on your generosity during Christmas, so we can continue spoiling all these orphaned animals for 2015! Please donate to our project, share the link on your social media or via email, speak about it to your friends and encourage them to join our cause.

For a memorable Christmas, you can also make a donation on behalf of someone special, and DAKTARI will send you a virtual gift recipient via email to give to them. Don’t miss this great last-minute gift idea and hit the following link: http://www.globalgiving.org/microprojects/christmas-gift-sponsor-an-animal/ ! :)

A warm and huge THANK YOU,

DAKTARI wishes you a wonderful Christmas and a joyous New Year.

2 adorable baby meerkats
2 adorable baby meerkats


Nov 19, 2014

It's getting to the end of a great year!

Dear DAKTARI supporters,

Is it really November already? The end of 2014 is almost here and we are so glad and grateful for your continued precious support. I really hope you will still be involved with us for all of the great projects planned for 2015!! :) But today, let's talk about the latest news of the children at DAKTARI; because I guess that this is what you want to know about!

We have welcomed many international volunteers these last few months to teach the children and take care of the animals. Thus, the local underprivileged students were so happy to receive personal attention in their education. Indeed, our goal is to provide them with a one-to-one teaching experience to increase our impact on them and develop their self-confidence. "It is easier to participate in the classroom at DAKTARI because we are only 8 and the volunteers take the time to listen to us" (Precious, 13). The teachers also came to DAKTARI to express their opinion about our impact on their schoolchildren. Please take 4 minutes to listen to what they have to say; this is so heart warming and a proof of our impact! VIDEO HERE

During the first 3 weeks of November the students were in exams and then on school holidays for a while. During this time, the volunteers went to a neighboring village, the Oaks, to help the community by cleaning all the rubbish and teaching the residents and the children, about the importance of keeping their environment clean. You can read all about this experience by clicking here.

To date, our project has raised an impressive $35,337 out of our $40,000 target. So far, with this money, we have educated 265 children about the importance of their environment through our Wildlife Orphanage. The objective is to fund this project by the end of the year, finding the remaining $4,663, and be able to support 35 more students in our program. I am sure that, together, we can take advantage of the GIVING SEASON and do this! Let's take up the challenge for the children! :)


  • Please, share the link of our project via email or on your social media to spread the word about our very important cause. You can also talk about it with your loved ones and engage them in our cause, just like you are! :)
  • Take advantage of GIVING TUESDAY on December 2nd to make a donation! Have you ever heard about this national giving day? Well, people all around the world are encouraged to think about the organizations they value and to support them with a donation. What a wonderful giving day! :) Be ready!
  • You can also support our children through our Christmas Campaign. I think you already know the concept: Sponsor a child for Christmas on behalf of a loved one and you will receive a thank-you picture and personalized certificate!

There are so many easy ways to help during this giving season! :)

THANK YOU again for your on-going support. We definitely couldn't do it without you.

Stay Tuned!

PS: Read our latest Newsletter HERE.

Arnaud, volunteer, teaching the children
Arnaud, volunteer, teaching the children
Christmas Campaign - Sponsor A Child
Christmas Campaign - Sponsor A Child
Volunteers, children, community cleanning the Oaks
Volunteers, children, community cleanning the Oaks


Nov 18, 2014

New Project with the Eco Club Kids at the Oaks!

Machlamele Eco Club children and I
Machlamele Eco Club children and I

Dear DAKTARI Supporters,

My name is Nathalie and I have been volunteering at the Eco Club for the past 3 months and I must say that it has been a wonderful experience for me… :)

This experience is so rewarding and as you know….the eco club program could not be possible without your donation and continuous support!

A good news at Machlamele School is that we now have our own Eco Club Room. This classroom is dedicated to the Eco club and the children and I are very happy to have our own space to learn. We have started to furnish it…bought tables and chairs, some curtains, and have been donated some cushions to make a nice living room space in it! We have also planted trees and flowers to decorate the room and also to teach the kids to care for them…

Francois one of DAKTARI volunteer has also made a wooden filling cabinet for the children to keep their folders.

Slowly but surely we want to decorate this room and make it a confortable space for the eco club kids to enjoy coming and learning in it. 

But one of big project we have run with the children in the last month is the preparation of a big event in their village, The Oaks. Part of our Outreach program we are currently working on is a long term project to make the village a “eco friendly village” to be able to attract and welcome tourists. Therefore we must gather the population and educate them on the importance of having a clean village and taking care of the environment. Our best ambassadors being the children of the village, we decided to make a speech and a show event in order to motivate the population.

The children have written a song about the importance of having a clean village, and they have prepared the show by singing and dancing. It was really great fun but also very educational..

Last week we started the project and it was very nice to see the community participating but also the children coming to show the example…this project is on going and we look forward to tell you more about it in our next report.

Beside that big project, we have been caring on our lessons about animals care and environment and watched videos and learn about subjects as wide as pollution, reptiles, anti poaching or global warning ;)

The children also decided to write some beautiful letters to the anti poachers to thanks them for caring of the animals and stopping the poachers.

As I said this past 3 months have been very exciting and rewarding…its so rewarding to see the children becoming more and more confident and curious about their environment.

At the present they are all in exams period until the end of November. We wish them good luck and we all look forward to restart the Eco Club in about 3 weeks time.

As you know, your donation is more than precious and means the world to us. We still have many ideas and so much more we would like to accomplish! We are still looking for funds to be able to take the children to the Reptile Park and cover the cost of petrol, entrance and lunch for about 20 of them. We also would like to continue furnishing our eco club room and by the end of the year, if possible, take them on another game drive for them to Makalali Game Reserve.

We will never thank you enough for your support and look forward to give you more news in a bit :) 

Nathalie, Eco Club Teacher

The new Eco Club classrom :)
The new Eco Club classrom :)
Thank you Francois for the wooden filling cabinet
Thank you Francois for the wooden filling cabinet
Planting trees for the classroom
Planting trees for the classroom
Cleaning the Oaks Village Project !
Cleaning the Oaks Village Project !


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