DAKTARI Bush School & Wildlife Orphanage

The mission of Daktari is to inspire, motivate, and educate underprivileged children to care for their environment through the medium of a wildlife orphanage.
Mar 13, 2014

Our educational impact in 2013

Children in a lesson
Children in a lesson

Dear supporters, is it really March already?!

The first quarter of the New Year is almost finished and it seems to have gone by in a flash. That's not to say we haven't been super busy at DAKTARI - time flies when you're having fun!

In this report I am going to share a summary of how DAKTARI's educational programme impacted the underpriviledged children in our surrounding villages during 2013.


  • In 2013 we gave 330 children 5 days of evironmental education at DAKTARI
  • 42 children were chosen as winners of their week and went on a day trip to Kruger National Park
  • We received 97 volunteers from all over the world who delivered our teaching programme

Survey results:

On Monday of every week, each child was asked the same set of questions in 5 areas of knowledge. On the Friday, after receiveing DAKTARI's educational sylabus, each child was asked the same set of questions again and the scores were recorded. 

The percentages shown below are the amount of correct answers given on Mondays and the amount of correct answers given on Fridays - with the percentage increase highlighted.

1. The importance of a good education:

Monday - 81.65% | Friday - 89.30% | Increase - 07.65%

2. The importance of the eco-tourism industry:

Monday - 09.79% | Friday - 45.57% | Increase - 35.78%

3. Awareness of job opportunities:

Monday - 13.76% | Friday - 81.65% | Increase - 67.89%

4. Environmental awareness:

Monday - 26.30% | Friday - 59.02% | Increase - 32.72%

5. Life skills - HIV awareness:

Monday - 18.04% | Friday - 37.31% | Increase - 19.27%

A message from the parent of a child:

"Thank you Daktari for choosing my child on January 2013. She experienced more things and she is now respecting people and caring for people, animals and trees. I want to give the organisation word of thanks from the mother of Tiisetso Patricia Maanaso of Ramatau High School. I wish you all the best."

Thank you

We are extremely proud of what we achieved last year and we want you to be proud of the amazing contributions that you made towards our work - for which we are more than grateful.

This year we are already off to a great start and with your continued support, this year will be even better! Don't forget to stay up to date with all our news throughout the year on our website and on facebook.

Many thanks and all the best, 

Amy Hulme - Marketing Manager.

Child with baby mongoose
Child with baby mongoose
Feeding a Duiker
Feeding a Duiker
End of the week, proudly holding certificates
End of the week, proudly holding certificates
Mar 3, 2014

News from the bush!

Kids from Ramatau
Kids from Ramatau

Dear friends,

We started the new year off with a bang! Our number of learners has noticeably increased and we got great results with the career guidance.

We still go to Ramatau school and to the Oaks village every week to teach some kids about nature conservation. We work at the moment with more than 60 students in the first school and 20 kids in the second one. Your donation has a huge impact on their education and we all know that it is the most powerful weapon to improve the world.

We organized a game-drive in December with 8 learners from Maahlamele. We were very spoiled as we saw more than twenty different species! The kids were delighted and had a really great time in the bush!

In our previous report, we told you that Portia wanted to work as a receptionist. Thanks to our network, we managed to find her a 3-month-placement in a lodge, for her to get more work experience. When we visited her, she was very happy and proud to tell us what she learnt and how great it is to work with tourists in a game reserve!

We are very proud as well to announce to you that Kutullo passed his FGASA assessment. He worked very hard for it. The next step now to become a field guide is his driving license and his PDP. Well done Kutullo!

For more info, don’t forget that you can still follow us on Facebook or on our website.

The Daktari team and the learners will never thank you enough for your support!


DAKTARI Outreach Programme Manager

Game drive
Game drive
Portia at the reception
Portia at the reception
Feb 12, 2014

Cleaning Shiloweni's Camp!

Shiloweni hiding in his tree
Shiloweni hiding in his tree

Hello to all you Leopard lovers!

Shiloweni is doing really well lately, it's Summer here in South Africa and although the weather is unbearably hot for us, Shilo is loving the long grass that has erupted in his enclosure! He is not the most sociable cat and we only really get to see the odd flick of his tail these days as he stays happily hidden amongst the foliage.

It's obvious that we love him more than he loves us! But, that also makes us very happy because in his head he is still very much a wild Leopard - and always will be.

In December, as a pre-Christmas treat we decided to give Shiloweni's camp a spring clean. This doesn't happen too often as we don't like to disturb him and leave our human scent around but it is quite a big task when it does! We secured him safely on the far side of his enclosure and got to work.

A team of 10 volunteers, kitted with gloves and buckets, combed the 2,500 square metre area and scooped up an aray of discarded bones in all shapes and sizes! Enough to almost fill the back of our pick up truck...we also found the remains of a Leopard Tortoise shell, sadly the two species are obviously not companions despite sharing the same name.

We always need more funding to ensure Shiloweni's health and happiness and our safety, if you could mention our project to your friends and family or perhaps share the link below on your facebook or twitter page that would really help us to spread the word!

Here is the link you need: http://www.globalgiving.org/projects/provide-food-and-care-for-our-leopard-for-one-year-1/

Thank you so much for your continued support of DAKTARI, our animals and particularly Shiloweni, we could not give him the happy life he deserves without you and we are forever grateful.

I hope you have enjoyed my little update and the pictures below,

All the best to you,

Amy Hulme - Marketing Manager

Email me: marketing@daktaribushschool.org

Two of the volunteers combing the camp!
Two of the volunteers combing the camp!
Bucket of bones! Yum!
Bucket of bones! Yum!
Poor left overs of a Leopard Tortoise
Poor left overs of a Leopard Tortoise
Our pick up truck filling up nicely!
Our pick up truck filling up nicely!


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