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A Global Friendship (AGF) is a non-profit that empowers women around the world living on under $10 a day, helping them to break the cycle of poverty. We work to improve the standard of living in developing communities. We create sustainable businesses for women around the world by providing them with small business training and market access.
Jul 7, 2014

Keep the Sage Braid in Production

Tamara and Katie preparing the Sage for braids
Tamara and Katie preparing the Sage for braids

We just returned from a phenomally succesful trip to the Pine Ridge Reservation. The production of the Sage Braid has made tremendous progress, but A Global Friendship still has a long way to go in our efforts in South Dakota. A large contirbuting factor to this process is face-to-face interaction with our Sioux artisans on the reservation. In order to keep the production process of the Sage Braid streamlined, it is essential for AGF to make at least two more trips out to the Reservation by September. Based on the past relationships between the Lakota Sioux and Americans, the artisans on the reservation are a little hestitant to truly commit to the production process, as they cannot believe an outsider is a making such a concentrated effort to pull them out of their rut.  While we have made a extended commitment to them, they are concerned with our the consistency our of short term presence on the reservation and constantly ask, "When are you coming back?" Being there in-person to interact with them while they work allows us to break down the confidence barriers that prevent our women on the reservation from achieving their potential.

To achieve the optimal appearance of the Sage, we only have 2 more months of harvesting time as it is a seasonal crop in South Dakota. When present in-person, we can motivate the women and help them see through small issues that cause them great duress, but are small in the grand scheme of the production.

Tamara and her daughter, Katie, are our current project leaders on the Pine Ridge Reservation. Tamara frequently goes without meals so her 3 children may have two meals a day. She expressed her endless gratitude to AGF for providing her with an income to afford more consistent food supply for her family. As she continues to earn an income from A Global Friendship, she can provide more nutrious food, supplemental and much needed clothing for her family, as well as gas in her car so she can get to the market. 

Katie, Tamara's daughter, is 17, and is saving her money to go to college. She would be her first one in her family to go. While Tamara is hesitant to let her daughter leave the reservation, she wants Katie to have the opportunities to improve her life, and she can do so through working with AGF. 

Rhiannon is another of our artisans on the reservation. She's a 19 year old single mother with an 11 month old baby. She recieves no help from the child's father and had to drop out of high school to support and care for her baby. She wants to go back to recieve her GED and eventually pursue a degree from a university. Another hope she has is to start a service on the reservation that would provide Native Americans with rehab and counseling services for drug and alcohol abuse. 

Given that so little is known about the conditions on Pine Ridge Reservation, we ask you to share our message with your social networks, so more people may become aware of the conditions within America's own borders.  

We also ask you to today, reach into your hearts and make another pledge.  We need to fulfill this campaign within the next 30 days to keep our commitment to the women we serve.

Thanks for your continued help.  Together we can give a small glimpse of hope to a people who most desperately need it.

Rhiannon and baby Benjamin
Rhiannon and baby Benjamin
Jun 26, 2014

Sage Braid Launch!

Sage Braids just out of production
Sage Braids just out of production
It's been a long winter and icy spring on Pine Ridge Reservation. But alas, our artisans are ready with fresh sage in tow to start production of The Sage Braid. Thanks to the help of ten additional Sioux families this year, the production team in South Dakota was able to meet the pre-order demand. 

Given the spiritual significance of sage to the Lakota, the artisans wanted to relay their gratitude for the opportunity to share a piece of their culture and hope each bracelet brings  blessings.

A Global Friendship would like to thank you for your continued support of our collaboration with Pine Ridge Reservation. With your help we can continue to fuel the local economy by providing artisans with materials and production knowledge. In turn, changing the narrative for generations to come. 



Apr 10, 2014

The Sage Braid: A Global Friendship Bracelet

AGF is proud to say that the development of our newest item from Pine Ridge Reservation, The Sage Braid: A Global Friendship Bracelet, is underway! Despite the hard winter we all experienced, the ice has started to melt away allowing the growth of the white sage to flourish. Our women partners in South Dakota are organizing their materials to fulfill the orders for this fragrant and meaningful new bracelet! 

White sage smoke has been used in Native American culture to purify people, places and objects. As you wear this bracelet, the sage will fall out and you can take part in the Native American ritual of burning the sage, and feel good about giving back to these women. 
During this first quarter of 2014 we continue to reach our goal of enrolling 10 more families and reducing the community's unemployment rate. 
The Sage Braid: A Global Friendship Bracelet is available for pre-order on our website, or donate right here on GlobalGiving to help with necessary supplies! We thank you for your continued support, and hope that together we can continue to empower the women on Pine Ridge Reservation!


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