Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna

Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna, in Oaxaca, Mexico, houses children of single mothers who work at night. Many of these mothers are in the sexual service industry. A registered non-profit in Mexico, Casa Hogar has given shelter to these children for over 9 years. They now find themselves with 44 children in 2 bedrooms. They are in need of $50,000 US to build a second floor so they can continue to house the children as they grow older. Without added space, many of these children will have to return to their mothers. For them, that means returning to brothels or strip clubs where their mothers work. Expand Casa Hogar's mission is to raise this $50,000 to allow for the expansion of the home a...
Oct 15, 2013

Thank You for Making Our Wildest Dreams Come True!

Dear Generous Friends,

My sister Ariana began raising funds for Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna in 2011. At the time, her goal was to raise $50,000 to help expand the wonderful home which Casa Hogar provides for so many children in their community. Since Ariana began raising funds through Expand Casa Hogar, amazing support from people like Ana who held benefit dinners and concerts in her native Switzerland, Julia who climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro to benefit Casa Hogar and supporters like yourselves have enabled us to pass the $50,000 goal by more than $20,000, far more than we could ever have hoped for. 

Many thanks go out to you for all the love you have showered open Casa Hogar! The new house is nearly purchased, but most importantly, Dona Coco and her sons and helpers continue to love and care for 50 indescribably wonderful children, providing them with food, love, education and a place to stay, every single day that they might need them.

Expand Casa Hogar is taking a nap from web presence for the time being. To stay in touch with Casa Hogar, please visit them in Oaxaca or at their website Please feel free to email us at or with any questions, or ask Casa Hogar directly at 

Love and thanks,



Jun 19, 2013

Kilimanjaro Climbers for Los Hijos de la Luna!

Los Hijos de la Luna are receiving support from all corners of the globe!

Julia and Emma, former Casa Hogar volunteers, will be climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on Wednesday, July 3rd, 2013. They are dedicating this athletic feat to Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna.

"The aim of this project is to raise funds so that Casa Hogar can continue supporting the many children in the home, allowing them to develop in a safe environment until they are ready for independence. Casa Hogar is working on several projects for the future that desperately need funding, such as building a sturdier, safer, and larger home for the children."

Take a look at their exciting fundraising efforts here!

Mar 27, 2013

Only $4,050 Left to Raise!

Green house is current, blue to purchase
Green house is current, blue to purchase

Greetings from Expand Casa Hogar!

As stated in the previous report, the total funds raised to date by Expand Casa Hogar have now been sent to Oaxaca (with the exception of recent donations within the last few weeks). We are excited to announce that after raising $65,000 US dollars towards the purchase of the two-story house next to Casa Hogar, only $4,050 of the total price are missing!

This feels like such a small amount when compared to the total, yet it will enable Casa Hogar Hijos de la Luna to close the gap on purchasing the two-story house and property adjacent to their original building.

This two-story home provides housing for twenty children on ten beds. This is a large percentage of the 52 children currently residing at Casa Hogar! The bottom floor of the house shelters their water purifier and provides much-needed storage space.

Casa Hogar currently rents the house they would like to buy at about $120 per month, so the purchase would relieve substantial stress on their budget every month.

The lot on which the house sits also contains a play area and basketball court. In the ideal future, Casa Hogar would add on to this building over the cement basketball court.

As our final days of fund raising for this large and exciting purchase coincide with tax time, many of you may find it helpful to donate to Expand Casa Hogar through Global Giving.

With your support, Casa Hogar can continue to provide safety, shelter, education, nourishment and a loving family environment to 52 of the most deserving, bright, hopeful and charming children I have been blessed with the opportunity to spend time around.

Thank you for your support.


View of the new house from the original house
View of the new house from the original house
The new room houses 20 children.
The new room houses 20 children.