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The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund exists to empower Guatemalan women to break the cycle of poverty by having a positive impact on their lives, families, and communities through collaboration, educational scholarships, and support.
Jan 28, 2013

Nutrition Tips for the Women of Chumanzana

Isabela feeds her baby  herbal extract in atoll
Isabela feeds her baby herbal extract in atoll

The workshops in Chumanzana and Santa Clara continue.  This month the women in Chumanzan learned how to make a herbal extract from "hierba mora" that they grow in their patio gardens.  The extract contains vitamins that are lacking in the normal family diet.  They put the extract in "atoll" a corn drink which they enjoy.  It is an especially good way to improve the diet of the young children. 

In Santa Clara, the workshops concerning gardening continue.  The women are convinced that it would benefit them to have patio gardens and some have started on a limited basis.  We are now seeking grant money, so they will be able to expand the gardens - the practical part of the workshops.

Both of these groups are working enthusiasticly to learn new things.  If you have any friends or family who you think would be interested in investing in this project, pass this report on to them.  We need more support if it is to continue.  It is a direct benefit to the lives of these women and their families.

Eveything is possible with a little help from a friend!

Candelaria making the herbal extract.
Candelaria making the herbal extract.
Anastasia shares with her children
Anastasia shares with her children


Jan 28, 2013

2013 Off to a Good Start

2013 Kateri Scholars
2013 Kateri Scholars

On Jan. 13th, the Guatemalan Scholarship Team, Carmela Paz Bal and Emilsa Peren, met with the 2013 Kateri scholars in the first meeting of the new school year.  Carmela and Emilsa oriented them for the year, assigned their sponsors, and began the new workshop series.  The themes of the workshops for 2013 all relate to leadership and vocations in Guatemala.  For the first meeting, they presented ideas about how a leader makes decisions.  The young women also signed their committment statements for 2013.

Adela Surec and Aura Curruchiche joined the group this year.  Aldea is in the 10th grade studying to be a bookkeeper.   Aura is beginning junior high. 

Adela finished elementary school in 2007 and was unable to continue her studies. She was needed at home.  She dedicated herself to weaving and selling her products for a year.  Her parents then encouraged her to return to school. She continued to weave to support herself and with the help of her parents finished junior high and her first year of high school.  She comes highly recommended with an 86% average for 2012.  She had the honor of carrying the flag in the Independence Day parade, an honor given to outstanding students. 

Aura.  left school after 5th grade.  For six years, she worked to support herself and contribute to the family income.  At 18 years old, she returned to finish elementary school.  This year, she is continuing in junior high school.  Although she is older than the other students, because of her enthusiasm and lively personality, she is able to fit in. She continues to work in a bakery to support herself and her education.  She earned an average of 93% in 2012.  She was overjoyed to receive a scholarship.  It encourages her to continue and will mean she can dedicate herself more to her studies.

We would like to spread the word about these young women struggling to get an education.  Pass this report onto your friends and family.  Those who you think would be interested.  One of them may be interested in investing in these young women. 

Everything is possible with a little help from a friend!

Adela Surec
Adela Surec
Aura Leticia Curruchiche
Aura Leticia Curruchiche


Jan 19, 2013

Plans In Place to Start Work Experience Program

Juana Ixmata, Work Experience Graduate  2007
Juana Ixmata, Work Experience Graduate 2007

As we reported in November,  six young women graduated from our scholarship program ready to start work in their careers.  Their challenge now is to find a job.  Without experience they find this difficult.  Work is scarce in Guatemala and so there is much competition for a few positions. 

Carmela Paz Bal and Emilsa Peren, the scholarship staff,  have plans ready to go to provide work experience for these and other young women. There are possible placements available.  There are young women seeking this help.  We are, however, still short of the minimum of $1000 to fund at least one young woman. 

The young woman would receive a stipend of approximately $100 a month as she gains experience in her career.  In the past, we have placed young women in a school setting where they worked in the office, with parents, and organized a library.  Another young woman worked in the Kateri Fund office with our bookkeeper gaining experience in her career field. A third worked in an institution helping young children write letters to their sponsors in an aid program.  All these young women used this experience to find jobs after their work experience was finished.

We would like to be able to restart this program and are putting all the donations we receive in a separate account until we can grow it to $1000 minimum.  As you can see, as of this month, we have $253 toward the $1000.  We have 2 recurring donations of $20 a month, so the fund is growing slowly.  Please consider adding your donation so the fund can grow faster.  Let your friends and family know about the project and ask them to contribute.  A donations as small as $10 a month will keep the fund growing.  Invest in these young women.  They are willing workers, but need a little help from a friend!

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