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The Kateri Tekakwitha Fund exists to empower Guatemalan women to break the cycle of poverty by having a positive impact on their lives, families, and communities through collaboration, educational scholarships, and support.
Oct 7, 2013

Gearing Up for a Big Push!

A Garden Kit
A Garden Kit

With the help of a grant from the Atkinson Fund, the Kateri Fund Promotor, Candalaria Sut has shown  the women in Chumanzana, Chichicastenango, Guatemala how to implement the ideas they have been receiving in workshops for about a year.  This grant will give the women the tools and capital they need.  

The first step was to provide each woman with the tools  to prepare and tend her garden.  There are pictures attached that show them with their new tools. Having these tools has given them a surge of energy which will animate their work. 

Here are some comments from the women.:

Manuela Velasquez Alba is new to the group.  She is very pleased with her participation.  She said that she was going to take care of each one of her gardens so it would always be green.

Maria Quino Velasquez thanks everyone who has sacrificed to give her the tools and materials to start her garden.  It will benefit her and her whole family.  She will take care of her garden to always be able to eat fresh vegetables.

Dona Catalina Quino will maintain her garden so that she won't need to buy vegetables in the market and can save money.

Sebastiana Och Morales is already benefiting from her garden as she has cilantro growing and doesn't need to buy it.  She will grow vegetables always in her garden and guard it so the chickens don't eat them.

On September 26th, the wmone built the first raised bed with Dona Isabela Morales.  The plan is to build two each week.   The women are working with renewed energy as they see the possibilities ahead! 

Sorting the Plastic Bottles
Sorting the Plastic Bottles
Chumanzana Group with their Garden Tools
Chumanzana Group with their Garden Tools
Another Happy Gardener
Another Happy Gardener
Sebastana Och Ready to Work
Sebastana Och Ready to Work
Catalina Quino With all her Materials
Catalina Quino With all her Materials
Aug 29, 2013

A Report from Mishel Cutzal

Mishel at Work in the Office
Mishel at Work in the Office

For me, this position with the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund has been a good experience.  I have learned many things that I did not know before. This experience has been very useful to me.  It will make it easier for me to secure a job.  In Guatemala, it is always necessary to arrive with experience when you apply for a job opportunity.

In the office of the Fund I have received various knowledge as I was able to help the bookkeeper to realize her activities.  For a bookkeeper, it is essential to know diffferent methods of keeping the accounts of an institution.  A bookkeeper also needs to know how to file adequately the documents that come in.

The course that the Fund provided for me was very useful.  It was very practical and I have applied it to various activities.  I also can add this workshop to my resume.

During my work experience in the Kateri Tekakwitha Fund, I realized the following activities for the benefit of the office. 

  • Filing- Organized all the files and put the documents in order under the direction of Juana Cun, the Bookkeeper.
  • Computer- Checked the email daily and advised the office staff that they had mail. Published birthday greetings on the Fund's Facebook page for the scholarship participants and staff. 
  • Photos- Organized annual photos of the scholarship young women.
  • Particimetro- In colaboration with the scholarship coordinator used the skills from the workshop to make the scholarship meeting more dynamic.

I am thankful to the Kateri Fund and to you the donors for the opportunity you give me to work in the Kateri office and have a half year of experience that will be a benefit to my work life.


Aug 12, 2013

Still Meeting and Learning

A Singing Sharing
A Singing Sharing

Many of the young women you supportrd last year are still meeting and learning.  Two new young women joined the continuing students in 2013.  The all still need your support.

 At our July meeting, we tried a new technique.  Mishel Cutzal, interning with the Kateri Fund to get some work experience, presented an entertainig way to share learning.  The theme was Personal Hygiene.  The young women were divided into groups.  Each group was given part of an article on Personal Hygiene to read. The group was asked to report on what they had read using their creativity.  Two groups reported with a song.  Another presented a  funny skit that was very entertaining. Mishel awarded points according to a scale that had been explained to the group at the beginning. They included smiles, level of participation, initiative, and creativity. There was a tie for first place with 95 points, so the two groups were declared the winners and will receive a prize at the meeting next month.  Everyone enjoyed participating in a new way.  In their individual interviews they shared the new things that  they learned about personal hygiene and its importance in daily life.

Francisca Sirin is finishing up her student teaching and will graduate in October.  She is very busy as she  does her student teaching in the morning and is attending her own classes in the afternoon.

Silvia Sian Quiej also will graduate this year as a teacher.  She is preparing her seminar presentation and then will do her student teaching.  The last year of studies is always very demanding, but she expects all to go well.

Blanca Surec, Aura Curruchiche,  Lily Garcia Alvarado, Reina Cuxil, Sandra Lopez Cotji, and Paula del Carmen Cali all have averages in the 80's.  They are good students working hard to succeed. 

Adela Surec is doing even better with an average of 91%.  She wants to keep it above 90%.  Her parents are very proud of her and are giving her the support that she needs to do well

Clara Ecomac To, Glenda Tum To, Barbara Tarton, and Marilena Patzan are all working hard to maintain their average of 70%.

The young women appreciate the confidence their  supporters show in them.  They often say that they do not want to let their supporters down and that it gives them an extra incentive to keep at their studies. Thank you for your past support. Think about giving again.

Another Sharing
Another Sharing
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