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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
May 30, 2011

Free From Malaria

Free from Malaria - Thanks to a Net
Free from Malaria - Thanks to a Net

Warm greetings

I just returned from a field trip to Sierra Leone where I had the opportunity to visit with a number of families in the Wellington suburb of Freetown.  The community came out in full force to greet Phillip (my fellow traveler) and I.

A number of the children were holding up hand-written signs.  The words on one of the signs - "Free from Malaria" - grabbed my attention (see included photo).  This visual testimony was powerful.  Her simply testimony struck a deep chord within me.  It reminded me afresh that we making a life-preserving impact in many lives.  Being free from malaria is significant.  Saving someone's life from a killer disease is phenomenal and you are a part of making this happen.

Thanks to you and the nets you help provide, one more precious life was safe from the clutches of the killer disease, malaria.  The community also had a big sign saying "Thank You Develop Africa Donors".  We left with a sense of fulfillment... and a renewed desire to do much more.

Could you join us in doing more - saving more lives - by supporting this project on a monthly basis?  When you sign up for recurring donations, we can together make many more lives "free from malaria.  By signing up for recurring donations you would help us do so much more. Thanks for your on-going support!

Thank you donors
Thank you donors
May 23, 2011

Success: Funds Enhanced Catherine's Business and Improved The Standard of Living of Her Family

Catherine at her fish stall
Catherine at her fish stall

Meet Catherine: Catherine is a hardworking mother of one child, who is now in the university. Apart from her only child Catherine also has other mouths to feed. She is responsible for the maintenance of her household.

Catherine is a fishmonger (smoked fish) and has been in this business for over 15 years. She gets her commodity from the fishing communities in the Bo environs. The sale of her business is slow and she makes a profit of about $36 per month, which is not sufficient to expand her business and take care of her home.  Catherine needed microfinance funds to expand and diversify her business to maximise profit, which she can plough back into the business for sustainability as well as being able to take good care of her children.  

Catherine is very grateful to Develop Africa and GlobalGiving for supporting her with microfinance to enhance her business and improve the standard of living of her family.  Through providing micro-credit or micro finance funds, we are together improving the standard of living of families, one family at a time.

 We would also be deeply grateful if you could consider signing up for a recurring donation of $10.00 or more monthly.  This would be a tremendous support as we invest into the lives of these families in Africa. Thanks friends for your on-going support!

Dried fish anyone?
Dried fish anyone?
Catherine receives her microfinance funds
Catherine receives her microfinance funds
Apr 18, 2011

Storm Leaves School Without a Roof - Appeal for School Roof Restoration

without a roof...
without a roof...

Dear friends

We regret to inform you 2 weeks ago, the roof of the school was torn away by violent winds and a storm that swept through the area.  Thankfully no one was hurt. However as you can see from the photos, the classrooms do not have a roof and are exposed to the wind, rain and elements.  This situation as you will realize is not appropriate for the learning of the children. 

Restoration: We are acting as quickly as we can to remedy this situation and restore the roof. 

How You Can Help: We would appreciate your support at this time as re-roof the building and get the kids back into school.  Could you make a special donation today that would help us get a roof back on the school?

Recurring Donation: We would also be deeply grateful if you could consider signing up for a recurring donation of $10.00 or more monthly.  This would be a tremendous support as we invest into the lives of these children - preparing them for leadership and meaningful contribution to Cameroon.

best wishes

Help us replace roof
Help us replace roof
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