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May 11, 2012

Thank You a "Million, Million Times"

Girl recipient signing for scholarship funds
Girl recipient signing for scholarship funds

Its with joy that I share this poroject report with a link to a Youtube video.  The video includes 2 breif clips from 2 girlsa in Freetown who say 2 things that I would like to highlight

1.  Without the scholarships we are providing together - some of the beneficiaries would not be in school

2.  The support you are providing is deeply appreciated.  Saying thank you once or twice is inadequaite - Thank you a million, million times.

boy recipient signing for scholarship funds
boy recipient signing for scholarship funds
Some of beneficiaries
Some of beneficiaries


May 1, 2012

Stimulating Learning and Excellence Through Competition

First, second and third - Primary school
First, second and third - Primary school

Warm greetings-

Do you remember taking part in any competitions when growing up?  I loved to take part in competitions and I clearly remember a music quiz competition in high school.  The competition encouraged me to learn a lot about music history, notes, playing instruments etc. - and to this day I still remember most of what I learned when studying for the competition as a book-worm 12 year old.  It helped develop my studying abilities and the leader in me.  Clearly competitions are a great way to encourage children to learn, focus and excel. 

Well, on a regular basis we organize and hold competitions on various areas such as general knowledge quizzes, drawing etc.  It’s my pleasure to share with you a video clips and photos from a quiz that your donations supported. Here's a brief report on the competition from Joshua, the Director of Door of Hope:

"The spelling and quiz contest took place at the Door of Hope hillside community of Upper Beccle's Street and Mellon Street in The Wellington municipality. There were as many as 210 children and 30 parents present to grace the occasion. The program was title "The Making Of Me" spelling and quiz contest for primary and junior secondary school pupils age ranges from seven(7) years to (14) years. The program was conducted to help and motivate the children to become passionate about their school work as this will help them achieve their dream in life.  We want children in our community to pursue excellence not only in their school work but also in every other area of discipline they may find themselves

There were two categories of participants - 6 in the primary school category and 4 in the secondary school category.  Prize monies were given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd in both categories.  The competition included questions on uniqueness of plants and animals.  For example, the world's fastest animal runner is the Cheetah; the name of the largest crab is the Japanese spider crab."

We are deeply and continually grateful for your support that is helping to make these programs and much more possible.  Thanks so much for joining us in developing tomorrow's leaders.

In closing, we wanted to let you know of a unique opportunity for upcoming Mother's Day.  A donation to this project is a fantastic (and easy) gift for Mom on Mother’s Day!  You can make a donation as a gift to your mom on this project by selecting the third giving option, “gift or in honor of,” under the orange donate button on the project page. GlobalGiving will then send your Mom or the gift recipient an email, print-at-home, or physical card. GlobalGiving offers several fun card designs and you will have the option of choosing a design customized for this project, using the project’s main photo (this option is available for email and print-at-home cards).

Mothers - you can also request this as your Mother's day gift!

Additionally, we have the opportunity to win an extra $500 in spending money for your programs. That is great extra value for your donation - so make your donation today - deadline for this campaign is Sunday, May 13, 2012 at 11:59 pm EST.

Make your donation in Mother's honor and support a great cause today!

Best wishes and Happy Mother's day to all Mothers!


Children at competition
Children at competition
More Children at competition
More Children at competition
Christiana -  secondary school winner
Christiana - secondary school winner
Kadiatu - primary school winner
Kadiatu - primary school winner
Refreshment provided to all
Refreshment provided to all


Apr 24, 2012

You Are a Smile Maker, Report from Tutor and Thank you Message From 3 Gems

Just having fun!
Just having fun!

Warm greetings.

Here's an update on the classes: Classes are progressing well at the school.  This report includes an update from the Computer Class Tutor - Maada M. and 3 brief video thank you messages for the girls - true gems, expressing their appreciation for your support that has opened this door of opportunity for them.

Summary Report from Maada, Computer Tutor


Course Topics:

  1. Definition of a computer
  2. Parts of The Computer system (Keyboard, mouse, monitor, system unit)
  3. Classification of computers by Size (desktop, laptop, palm top etc)
  4. Characteristics of computers (speed, accuracy, size, storage)
  5. Advantages and of Disadvantages of computers
  6. Uses of computers (Home, Education, Government, Hospital etc.)
  7. Definition of software (Ubuntu)
  8. Desktop elements and their function (computer, document, trash)
  9. Creating folder, renaming and deleting folders.
  10. Changing background
  11. Changing date and time
  12. How to use (play)  utility games
  13. Working with Open Office Programs (Microsoft Office)
  14. Elements of the Open Office Program (title bar, menu bar tool bars, work environment)
  15. Creating a file in open office word processor
  16. Editing a documents in open office (use of spelling and grammar)
  17. Formatting a document in open office (use of Bold, italic, bullet & numbers, line space, underline etc.)
  18. Reproducing simple office documents like; letters, memos, invoice etc.
  19. Introduction to Excel (Spreadsheet)


General Performance:

From the assessment / test done, I am proud to say that the general performance of the pupils is good. A test was conducted on 23rd and 25th of January 2012 for the class 6 pupils. From the test results, 18 of the pupils scored 80%, 25 scored 50-79%, and 11 scored below 50%. It is hoped the pupils will improve on this record in the next assessment which will be done in April.

Concluding Remark
The whole exercise is very encouraging because the literacy in computer studies is allaying the fears of the pupils and because of the basic computer skills they have acquired they can now operate a computer. This will widen their horizon as they grow up and be able to appreciate the essence of computers not only in school but in other environments. It has also aroused their interest and got them to realize the importance of computer studies.

Here is a link to a Youtube Video where 3 of the Girls say "Thank you" for this opportunity"

What we are doing together is amazing and its heart-warming to see and hear the messages of appreciation from the girls.  W are truly changing mindsets together and opening a new world of opportunity for these girls.  All thanks to YOU!.  Thanks donors and friends for joining us in showing girls (as aptly said by Bintu in the video) that we love and care for them!  We deeply appreciate your support!

In closing, I would like to share a new phrase with you - "Smile Maker" : A "Smile Maker" by my definition is someone that makes others smile or helps to create an environment that results in smiles.  As you can see from the photos and video clips, the girls are smiling and very appreciative of your support. That makes you a "Smile Maker"!

We welcome your donation today that will help us provide on-going training, window curtains and ceiling fans or an air conditioner. 

Thanks again for your support and best wishes!

Joy - Thanks to you - "Smile Makers"
Joy - Thanks to you - "Smile Makers"
Delighted to be learning...
Delighted to be learning...
So very glad for this training!
So very glad for this training!


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