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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
Feb 8, 2012

Why the Smile? School Drop Out is Back in School

Yay! I am back in school
Yay! I am back in school

Warm Greetings-

The chances are very high that you - the reader of this report - finished a basic level of education.  You probably hold and Associates, Bachelor's, Masters or even a PhD degree or equivalent.  Your education has helped to open up doors of opportunity.  It possibly contributed in one way or the other to helping you securing your current job or level of income.  Education can be very valuable.

Well ... imagine what your life could be like without this education.  Imagine how your lifestyle would be different....  Even further - can you imagine dropping entirely out of school because your family simply is unable to pay the associated school expenses - such as uniforms and the miscellaneous charges levied by the schools.  This is certainly not a desirable situation to be in.

Dropping out of school: Unfortunately this is the situation that Dolly (see photos) found herself in.  Dolly did not attend school for the whole of first term (Fall semester 2011) "due to lack of fees from her grandfather". So she has missed out on her education - except for the training and coaching provided at the after school classes that Develop Africa helps support.  What made it worse is that the family at the start of January still was not in a position to put her back in school - which meant that she would lose the entire academic year!  It saddens me that in this day and age children are still missing opportunities to develop and get a decent education. 

Back in School:  This was brought to Develop Africa's attention.  We were disturbed as no child should be left behind.  As we all know the contributing and empowering value of education, we immediately restored the situation and she is back in school.   Dolly and her family breathed a sign of relief when they heard the news that we were going to support her.  We are so joyful that she is back in school.  You can see the broad smile on Dolly's face as she heads off to school.

Thank You: I just breathed a sigh or relief and gratitude as I typed these words.  Thank you donors for helping to put Dolly back in school.  Together we have helped to restore her and truly raise her up higher.   We have given her the priceless gift of education!

Imagine: Imagine a world where everyone had the opportunity to achieve their dreams and whatever level of education they desired.  Then, imagine a world where you are one of the change agents - helping make this happen.  Just imagine what you would do if nothing was impossible to you and you had all resources available.

Now - let's do this together.  Let's start with what we have.  Let's unite forces.  Share with us your imagination and plans to make this happen.  We would love to hear from you.

Committed to a better world and imagining this daily.


Dolly is happy and thankful
Dolly is happy and thankful
Feb 6, 2012

Budding Leader - Watch Video and See How We are Connected

Warm Greetings-

Have you ever desired to get to know more about the children that we are supporting in Africa?  Well, you are certainly not alone.  As a Project Leader, I love to see the photos of the children and in particular to listen to videos of the children.  This helps me to better understand their needs, desires, aspirations and to stay connected. 

Here's a link to video of a girl called Richlyn.  Richlyn is interviewed in this camera by the Director of Door of Hope (off camera) who asks her a number of questions.  Richlyn is 10 years old and tells us what her favorite games are - and the school she attends - the Annie Walsh Memorial School (one of the top schools in Sierra Leone). Richlyn has a beautiful smile and dreams of becoming a doctor.  

Towards the end of the interview she answers 2 questions that tugged my heart : 

Q: What is the number one thing you would like to see changed in this world?
Richlyn: I will like to see poverty changed in this world

Q: Do you think that women should be given the opportunity to take part in decision making?
Richlyn: Yes!

I connected with her - right here.  Real and warm!  Richlyn and I - we together share a common dream.  Similar thinking.  I would imagine for many of you that support this project - you are saying as you read this: "Me too!"

At this early age, she is clearly conscious about these two crucial issues that are on our minds and the minds of leaders everywhere.  Richlyn is a budding leader and we are so very thankful for the opportunity and privilege we together share - that of helping to educate the next generation of leaders.  With this united consciousness and our on-going action, we know for a certainty that these issues will become history and a thing of the past in the coming years.  Thanks for helping make this happen.

We have a question for You: Do you have any questions you would like to hear answered by the children in Africa that we work with?  Feel free to let us know.  In the coming months we will put together a video with your responses and share it here.  You can submit your question through the contact us form on our website

Go ahead - watch the video again.

Thanks for staying connected and warm!

With every good wish...



Jan 24, 2012


Girls dancing
Girls dancing

Dear Friends,

The month of December was very exciting for children at the Bitame Lucia School who shared their holiday together for meals. We had a total of four volunteers from UK, Estonia, Germany and Sweden. They all introduced to us different skills from their different countries. We receive letters from pen pal friends from United Kingdom and also some Christmas gifts from our linking schools in Kenya and United Kingdom.

This party helped to motivate and encourage the students to do even better.  Rainer, who was our Santa Claus, gave us a lot of sweets and chocolate. We all had a tremendous time together with the school administration and some parents who joined us for the Christmas party. We were also privileged to welcome Mignon Turner and Mrs. Viban Gladys both from the US Embassy in Cameroon at our Christmas party. 

January 2012 - The new semester is off to a great start and it's great to see the children all back in school.  They are making steady progress with their studies.  The children are all so eager to learn. Thanks to your support, we are providing this opportunity for them in their community.  We are truly helping to shape not their destinies, but also that of the nation of Cameroon and this is truly significant.

Thanks for your on-going support in helping to make change happen.  We wish you the very best for 2012

presents for the kids
presents for the kids
distribution of presents
distribution of presents
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas
More presents
More presents
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