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Oct 8, 2013

Exam Day - The Proof of Learning is in The Sewing - Thanks For Your Support

learning steadily...
learning steadily...

Every 3 months, the ladies at the Tailoring School, that we support together, take a practical exam.  During this exam, they are asked to sew a specific, varying style that appropriately tests their skills.

This time around, the trainees were asked to sew sleeveless outfit with draw thread. In the photos, 8 of them are wearing what they sewed during the exam. Two of them are wearing a traditional style called "Tontohlah" (L-R 3rd and fourth standing). They ladies were so excited when they were doing the exams as this was just before a special holiday in Sierra Leone. They knew they would be able to use the outfits sewn on the special holiday.

The proof of learning is in the sewing!  As you can see the ladies excelled with beautiful styles sewn from the colorful local cotton fabric. 

The ladies extend their enthusiastic thanks to youas you help support their training.  Your donations help to pay staff salaries and provide training materials such as cloth, thread, coal for the coal iron etc.  YOUR support provides the essential, foundational support  - without which the ladies would not receive the training.  

Thanks for being there and making a difference!  

As the school forges ahead, we have been facing constraints and we need your help. Joshua, the Director of the school, has reported that the several of the sewing machines need repairs. We also need additional machines to sew other styles especially planting / designing / embroidery.  

We need to do the sewing machine repairs in the next month or so. Your donation of $50 today would take care of these repairs.  Can you make your best donation today towards this?   We would also love to purchase 2 new machines.  Can you help provide 1 Professional Singer machine?  Your donation of $650 will make this happen.  This would make the ladies jump for joy! 

Thanks for bringing cheer and joy!


Tailoring Trainee
Tailoring Trainee
group photo with items sewn
group photo with items sewn


Sep 28, 2013

Helping Paul Train - A Great Future Potential Marathon Athlete


Since the launch of this project we have identified several talented underprivileged young athletes who need support to achieve their running careers. Thanks to YOUR support, Paul Langat, one of the talented runners has received training shoes.  He is also now receiving on-going support towards his accommodation and food - as he trains with other runners. Paul had to relocate from the village where he lives to Kericho town, a place where he can access training facilities and coaching.

Paul has a desire to pursue his college education when he succeeds in his marathon running career. Paul has a personal best time of 27:52.36 in 10,000 meters event.  This is a competitive time and we anticipate that he will continue to improve in the coming year.

Through our on-going support, Paul will be able to train well and finally achieve his marathon running dream. He will be able to support his family as well as the community.  Thanks to your support we have taken the first step towards helping him achieve his goal. 

We hope to help Paul and several others like him whose great running talents would otherwise go to waste. Our long term goal is to be able to build a training camp for them where they can train under favorable conditions.  With your help, we can change the lives of these young underprivileged runners - helping them become productive members of their communities.  

We would love to hear from you and respond to any questions you may have about this project.  We also welcome your suggestions with regard to how we can best prepare and expose Paul to international running.  Please feel free to contact us with any suggestions you may have.  

We also welcome your best donation today - so we can expand to supporting other great, budding athletes.  Thanks for your support!

running shoes
running shoes
Sep 20, 2013

Sleep is Now Sweet - The Priceless Gift of a Good Night's Rest

Foday and Daniel
Foday and Daniel

What's the value of a good night's sleep?  It's priceless!  

Sleep as we know is essential for productivity and growth.  It recharges and renews us daily.  Not getting enough sleep is no fun - and the sleep industry is an industry worth billions of dollars.

For many children in Africa, the lack of adequate sleep is a different story.  It's simply a function of not having a comfortable bed to lie on.  Not medication, temperature or firmness.  Just no mattress.  Period.

Foday and Daniel in Freetown were in this situation - previously sleeping on a mat - on the cold floor.  Their parents could not afford to provide them with a mattress or a bed.  Sleeping on the mat was no fun and most nights they did not sleep too well.  This had an adverse effect on their schooling - as they would be tired at school - due to not having had a restful night.  At school, they were not focusing or paying attention as they should.  This is one of our concerns as we optimize the learning of children.

As this website states "
Getting enough sleep is important for people of any age, but it's especially crucial for children if they are going to perform well in school".

Then YOU intervened.  Through your donations we were able to provide a mattress.  They were delighted to hear that we had provided a quality mattress for them - pictured. The sign that they hold reads - "Sleep is now sweet - thank you"

Through a new mattress - we have provided the priceless gift of sweet sleep.  Simple by so very effective!

Thank YOU for helping to provide this mattress!

The simple things in life - like sleep - are truly priceless.

Foday and Daniel are already reaping the benefits such as better focus and increased learning at school.  We anticipate that this will continue to positively impact their education.

Thank you for helping to make a simple but transforming difference!  

We welcome your on-going support as there are hundreds of other kids sleeping on floor mats. Your donation of $25 or more today will help us continue to provide more mattresses.  Thanks for your support. 

Foday and Daniel with new mattress
Foday and Daniel with new mattress
Relaxing on new mattress
Relaxing on new mattress


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