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The mission of Develop Africa is to facilitate and establish meaningful and sustainable development in Africa through capacity building, empowerment and transformational education. Develop Africa was birthed out of the vision that human resource development is the key to improving nation-building capacity in Africa. Our focus is on impacting and changing lives.
May 14, 2012

Women are The Backbone of This Nation and Without Them This Nation Cannot Go Forward

Melena - beneficiary and empowerment advocate
Melena - beneficiary and empowerment advocate

Warm greetings|

It is with excitement that I share with you a video that gives some insight into the life of one of the girls we are together helping to educate.  In the video, Melena answers questions from an interviewer who is off camera.  The video provides a glimpse into the life of a girl in Sierra Leone and closes with a message on empowerment – that is dear to all of our hearts - as supporters of this project. 

Melena tells us that the most important thing for her is her education.  She likes reading novels.  She would like to be a lawyer.  Her favorite game is basketball.  She likes going to school because she can only be what she wants to be in the future - when she goes to school and is educated.  She wants an iPod, a laptop and a cell phone for Christmas. The number one thing she would like to see changed in this world is child trafficking.  She believes that women should be given the opportunity to take part in decision-making as they are the backbone of this nation and without them this nation cannot go forward.

Watch Video

It’s great to know that the children we are together educating are forward thinking and are already passionate about helping to make a difference and change their world.  At this tender age – she is already vocal and we are excited to see how she will help promote the safety of children and empowerment of women in the future.  What’s even more good news – is knowing that we are helping to make this happen and shape the future!

The school year is drawing to a close and we are looking forward to sharing some of the end-of-year progress reports of the children with you in the coming months.  So far the sponsored girls have been doing great.  We are hoping to increase the number of children sponsored in the coming academic year and welcome your support to make this happen.

Have you by any chance seen the movie Slum Dog millionaire?  Well, just this week, popular movie star, Freida Selena Pinto star actress in the movie, ‘Slumdog Millionaire made a visit to Sierra Leone.  As a guest of Plan International, she helped promote the value of education and how this can make the voices of women heard in society.

Upcoming Father's Day Gift Suggestion: In closing, we wanted to let you know of the on-going opportunity to make a donation in honor of the special person in your life.  A donation to this project is a fantastic (and easy) gift for Dad on Father’s Day!  You can make a donation as a gift to your Dad on this project by selecting the third giving option, “gift or in honor of,” under the orange donate button on the project page. GlobalGiving will then send your Dad or the gift recipient an email, print-at-home, or physical card. GlobalGiving offers several fun card designs and you will have the option of choosing a design customized for this project, using the project’s main photo (this option is available for email and print-at-home cards).

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Thanks again for all you do to further the education of girls!

Best wishes



May 14, 2012

Young Adults Benefit from Computer Skills Training

computer training beneficiaries
computer training beneficiaries

Warm greetings

Here are excerpts from the report provided by AIDSL after the computer training funded by donations from Develop Africa and GlobalGiving donors.

The computer literacy programme organized by the Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID–Sierra Leone) with funding support from Develop Africa (DA), took place at the Sulisha Institute of Management and Computer studies at Regent Road. It was a week programme, starting from the 26th to 30th March 2012 (Monday to Friday).  The training process was incredible and interesting, as the Sulisha institution provided the environment/ space, Tutors and training manual/ curriculum that covers all the three programmes (Windows, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel) and was distributed to each participant before the start of the process. These are the three basic Microsoft office applications required by every employee to understand and carry out their tasks no matter the individual’s designation.   The programme targeted seven (7) Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) with very low capacities in terms of staff number and technical strength, which includes representatives from Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID – Sierra Leone), Sierra Leone Union for Disability Issues (SLUDI), Peace- Links Sierra Leone, Youth Action International (YAI), FAKS Humanitarian Relief Organization and the Door of Hope.

The one week computer literacy/ skills training programme organized by the Advocacy Initiative for Development (AID–Sierra Leone) for seven Civil Society Organizations, with funds from Develop Africa (DA) was a success story. This was a deliberate attempt to contribute to national development and create opportunities for effective networking and collaborations for Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) in Sierra Leone.

The main aim or goal of the computer literacy programme is to capacitate Civil Society Organizations (CSO’s) in the three basic Microsoft office software applications to enhance administrative or operational effectiveness in their various organizations for better networking or collaborations.

At the end of the training, examinations were set up to assess the level of understanding of participants about the three programmes. The result proved that participants understood the parts, functions of the computer and the designed Microsoft office applications of the training programme. The training process ended in a certification ceremony for all participants on the last day that was done by a senior authority of the computer school.

Full report (PDF) is available here

Its exciting to read about young people being equipped with the vital skills needed for success in today's technology-driven society.  Thank you so much for helping to provide this training that was a huge success! 

We hope to share a video from the training in the next report. We are also planning to equip a center with relatively new computers that will make it much easier for us to offer training more frequently.   We welcome and appreciate your support that will help us provide training for many more youths and young adults.  



Young Adults Benefit from Computer Skills Training


May 11, 2012

Thank You a "Million, Million Times"

Girl recipient signing for scholarship funds
Girl recipient signing for scholarship funds

Its with joy that I share this poroject report with a link to a Youtube video.  The video includes 2 breif clips from 2 girlsa in Freetown who say 2 things that I would like to highlight

1.  Without the scholarships we are providing together - some of the beneficiaries would not be in school

2.  The support you are providing is deeply appreciated.  Saying thank you once or twice is inadequaite - Thank you a million, million times.

boy recipient signing for scholarship funds
boy recipient signing for scholarship funds
Some of beneficiaries
Some of beneficiaries


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