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Nov 7, 2011

Its undisputed - Girls and women are making a phenomenal impact!

Girls rule
Girls rule

Warm greetings. 

We are more than halfway through the term / semester and we are happy to report that all the girls are making steady progress in school.  We consistently keep an eye on their progress and this is a requirement for provision of a scholarship / support.  The most recent distribution took place in September and the parents were so appreciative to receive the support.

The photos show some of the girls that are being sponsored by this and other projects.  In one of the photos, the girls are holding "thank you GlobalGiving" signs.  In the other photo, the 3 girls are wearing t-shirts donated by Plastic Jungle, a company that got in touch with us through GlobalGiving. 

Study after study confirms the essential role of a girl and woman in her family, community and nation.  Everywhere, in the news, we hear more and more about their influence.  Significant progress has been made over the past years and momentum is building in the consciousness of people worldwide that girls and women need to be given their right place and opportunity.  We are so very excited for the opportunity to help transform lives.  You are helping to make this happen and we continue to be grateful for your support.

Education, as you know is a game-changer and an enabler.  In each of our personal lives we can attest to the doors that education opened and the opportunities it provided access to.  Well, we are helping to provide access to opportunities for these future leaders.  We have a truly influential role - simple but effective.

One of our other projects here on GlobalGiving that similarly focuses on girls is taking part in a special challenge.  The project focuses on providing enhanced educational opportunities to girls through a computer lab at an all-girls school.  We would be so grateful if you could help us win this challenge by making a donation here.

Super-size your donation: Tomorrow Tuesday, November 8th is Bonus Day. Starting at 12:01AM EST November 8, GlobalGiving will be matching all donations (up to $1,000 per donor, per project) at 30%. $5,000 is available in matching funds. Matching will last until funds run out (or until 11:59PM EST).

Thanks for your on-going support and best wishes

Girls wearing donated t-shirts
Girls wearing donated t-shirts


Nov 4, 2011

Thanks For Helping to Raise the Future Leaders of The World

Group of children - Thank You GlobalGiving Signs
Group of children - Thank You GlobalGiving Signs

Warm greetings

The word "influence" has been on my mind the past few days.  Influence as defined by is the capacity or power of persons or things to be a compelling force on or produce effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of others.  Your support has definitely been of significant influence in ensuring that these children stay in school.  In these days of economic pressures, this means a whole lot to them.  It means much more than you would realize - and we deeply appreciate your investment.

The photo included in this report shows some children that are being supported by this and other GlobalGiving projects.  As you can see the kids are holding "Thank You" messages.  Our investment into the education of these children is helping to build them up and prepare them for their future as leaders of Sierra Leone and potentially the world.  By helping to ensure they are educated, we are helping to end poverty.   Education continues to be a sure path to empowerment - helping families to break from the cycle of poverty.  This is influence at its best - helping to transform the destiny of others. 

New scholarships were awarded in September and the children are all happily back in school.  They are making steady progress and we continue to encourage them to do well in school - a condition of on-going support.  The parents were reminded again to be very supportive and to spend time providing moral support and helping to coach with homework etc.

The lives of these children will never be the same again.  We are deeply grateful for your support that is helping to raise these future leaders. 

Thanks again and the best of wishes


Oct 31, 2011

Your Donations Have Taken Us To Another Level.. THANK YOU!!!

Thanks GlobalGiving Donors!
Thanks GlobalGiving Donors!

Dear Donors and friends of CAPEC,

The school academic year, 2011/2012 is off to a great start for the kids of the Bitame Lucia school and the Nkolfoulou Community as a whole.  Your constant donation, support and encouragement have taken us to another level.  For this we say, “A Big THANK YOU.” 

This year, we were able to admit 60 more orphan kids and two refugee kids from Rwanda. The children had bright and shinning new uniforms, new sandals, new books, and a lot of school materials and toys.  Our teachers are very eager to work and continue to be very punctual at school.  This is because they also had their stipend provided on time - and that encourages them.  All this is possible because of your constant support. 

This academic year, we have three energetic, dynamic and committed volunteers - Katie Richards from UK, (who is teaching Class 2), Katharina Herger from Germany, (who is teaching Nursery II and also helping at the office), Carolin Laubree from Estonia (who is teaching Nursery 1 and also help to make some postcards for Christmas).  Each and everyone of you who support our project on GlobalGiving are a blessing to us. 

We’re somebody today because you care to share what you have with us.  We pray that, as we go through the struggle and challenges of this academic year, you will constantly be by our side to support and encourage us.  As the children increases, the challenges becomes bigger, the demand becomes more.  But we know with your support, we are going to reach the peak.

Thank you for investing in CAPEC School. The kids are inspired and the teachers feel deeply encouraged. Please continue helping us, support them, and give them a way to achieve their dreams.  Your donations are making real change happen. Thanks again for your continual support! 

Very cute...and full of potential
Very cute...and full of potential
Group photo
Group photo
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