United Friends of the Children

Mission: United Friends of the Children is a nonprofit organization dedicated to bettering the lives of foster children and to supporting former foster youth in their journey to become successful, independent adults. Through our programs, advocacy efforts, and direct involvement with youth, UFC seeks to be a catalyst for change. The overarching goal of UFC's programs is to inspire and support foster youth to realize their potential as individuals and to become self-sustaining, healthy members of our community. We believe that the way to have a deep and lasting impact in the lives of foster youth is to be with them over the long haul. By building relationships with youth over an exte...
Feb 20, 2013

A Happy Holiday for Foster Youth

The holidays are a particularly tough time for foster youth, often spent without a loving family, friends or home.  Every year during the month of December, United Friends of the Chidlren hosts a variety of celebrations for the foster youth in our Housing and Education Programs. 

This year, our College Readiness students came together with UFC staff, board members and family and friends at Rosa Mexicana in downtown Los Angeles.  Everyone enjoyed a tasty meal together as one big family, and awards were given to students excelling in the program.  College Sponsorship students also gathered together at Acapulco Mexican Restaurant for an evening of swapping college stories, karaoke and a delicious dinner.  Pathways residents celebrated throughout the month of December, tree trimming, caroling at convalescent homes, and enjoying a week full of fun outdoor activities during the week between Christmas and New Years.  On December 24th, UFC hosted its largest Pathways alumni holiday party to date, with over 250 current residents, alumni, staff, board members and volunteers in attendence. 

With your generous support through Global Giving we ensured that all of the foster youth in our housing and education programs receieved a special gift and continue to have a warm and welcoming family environment that they can call home.


Aug 16, 2012

Helping foster youth go to college

Students at Celebration Graduation event
Students at Celebration Graduation event

97% of our recent class of College Readiness students in our program four or more years graduated from high school and 67% were ready to enter 4-year colleges. We accepted a new class of close to 40 College Sponsorship students and have engaged them over the summer with orientation classes, and an overnight retreat with our college counselors to prepare them for their freshmen year of college. These students will receive four plus years of support from UFC including financial and emotional support.

We celebrated our students graduation from high school at our annual Celebration Graduation event. Over 135 graduating foster youth in Los Angeles who are all headed to college attended the event.