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Burbank Temporary Aid Center Mission Statement BTAC is dedicated to providing the poor, working poor, and homeless of the local community with basic services they need to live with dignity, and to serve citizens of the city in times of emergency and disaster. As a conduit between the generous donors of the community, foundations and government resources, BTAC works to provide clients with help such as food, utility assistance, transportation assistance, emergency shelter (off-site and short-term), medical assistance, referrals to other community resources, and holiday outreach. Vision Statement BTAC strives to help create a community where the poor and working poor are able to access t...
Jun 17, 2013

Homeless lunches are vital!

Have you ever wondered what you would do for food if you were to become homeless.  Like me, you might imagine yourself having to dig through trash cans or panhandle at the freeway entrance for spare change.  One day, you might be lucky enough to find enought to fill your stomach.  But other days, it could be a very different story.  

This is what the homeless face every day.  Fortunatly, each day homeless can visit Burbank Temporary Aid Center to pick up a sack lunch.  Each day around 10:30 a.m., motorists driving along Burbank Blvd. will notice a line forming in front of Burbank Temporary Aid Center (BTAC).  Over the next 30 minutes, the line will grow to stretch around the corner.  But by 12:00 Noon, it will be gone. 

In addition to the nourishment of the lunch, they have come to appreciate the warm smile and friendly 'hello' from the volunteer distributing the lunches.  Some are down-on-thier-luck veterans, others are mothers who are living in their car with thier young children, but all are homeless and would go hungry without this sack lunch.

Most often, the lunches are made by volunteers.  But with the growing number of homeless, BTAC often runs short.  Rather than send someone away empty-handed, BTAC keeps a supply of lunch items on hand, so lunches can be made very quickly.  The most expensive and and difficult item to provide is the sandwich or protein item.  Our Pantry Manager watches the sales.  When he sees the tuna or chicken salad kits on sale, he buys several because he knows he will need them down the road. 

Without your support of this lunch program, when the other lunches were all distributed, homeless would be sent away hungry.  But because of you, we can maintain back up stock for those times when we run short of lunches.  Thank you for helping BTAC meet this need.   

Thank you for your kind and generous support.

Jun 17, 2013

Homeless Families Appreciate Your Help

Over the past few weeks, BTAC has seen a rise in the number of requests for emergency shelter.  This isn't  for our regular homeless clients, but for mothers with small children. 

Imagine begin a homeless mother, trying to take care of your children.  You are on a waiting list for a family shelter, so you have to live in your car.  But the past months have been some of the most hot and humid the area has experienced.  You've been running your air conditioning so much, that it finally gives out.  The shelter calls, and you have a space in a few days.  But without the air conditioning, your kids are really going to suffer.

This is just one of the many hearwrenching stories we heard from too many mothers during the hottest weeks of the year.  Fortunately, BTAC had funds to provide emergency shelter for these families.  Imagine the relief, beiing out of the blistering heat; being able to shower; having a bed in which to sleep.  Without your support of BTAC's emergency shelter program, it would not have happened. 

Thank you for helping provide these mothers a safe, clean and cool place to stay with thier children.

Mar 29, 2013

No one went hungry!

In the months following the Holiday Season, BTAC's donations decrease dramatically.  Whether busy with New Years' resolutions, worrying about paying for the holiday gifts, preparing for taxes, etc., people don't think about donating food until a few months into the New Year.

Although we appreciate the slow-down of activity after a VERY busy holiday season, BTAC never stops providing food for those who are in need.  Through donations made this past quarter, coupled with residual food from the holidays, BTAC's shelves have been well stocked.  In fact, just yesterday, our Pantry Manager, Edward told the staff he was in an unusual place.  In previous years, in April, he would have to cut back on the amount of food given out in grocery orders.  Not so for 2013! 

What a relief!  And it wouldn't have happened without your generous support. 

Thank you very much!

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