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Maranatha Care Children is a non-profit charity, established in 2009 and registered with the Charity Commission in the UK (Charity No: 1139344), aiming to help South African children by offering development in education and life skills, providing suitable home environments and safeguarding the futures of those in care. The objects of the organisation (as set out in our governing constitution) are as follows: 1. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing children and young people in care in South Africa from becoming socially excluded. 2. To relieve the needs of such children and young people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society. ...
Dec 20, 2012

GlobalGiving Visits Maranatha!

Playing in the Playground
Playing in the Playground

Earlier this summer, I visited Maranatha Children Care's beautiful foster home facility in Port Elizabeth.

As most of the children were at school when I visited, we enjoyed a leisurely tour of the facilitites, which included a very large playground for children to play in, beautiful gardens (with a plot the children use to learn how to grow vegetables), and even a mini farm in the back!

I met their resident pigs, chickens, turkey, monkeys who've decided to make Maranatha their home (and occasionally steal fruit and deworming medicine -- hilarious), and a very sweet dog. The children of Maranatha are very fortunate indeed.

The children and youth here come from really disadvangtage backgrounds, often still dealing with past trauma, but you would never know from speaking to Harrison, or the rest of the staff for that matter; hope and positivity sing through the halls, through the gardens, and the vast open space of the children's playgrounds. Everyone was friendly and contributed to the very warm, welcoming atmosphere of the home.

In addition to seeing the foster home, I also learned about Maranatha's partnership with Protea primary school, which provides education to orphan children who have been referred to them through social services (and are often dealing with trauma). Harrison himself volunteers as a teacher here on some days; the synergy between Maranatha and Protea really benefits the children, as it offers a safe space for them to learn while in foster care.

What I'll most remember and cherish about this visit was meeting Harrison, Maranatha's project leader. Watching him interact with the young people in his care, seeing first-hand the personal commitment he has to improving their livelihoods was so endearing and inspiring.

There are so many amazing non-profits and social impact projects in the world, but the ones that really make a difference are the ones with the biggest hearts behind them; Harrison is one of those hearts.

A Beautiful Home for Maranatha
A Beautiful Home for Maranatha's Children
Nov 14, 2012

Access to education they need...and deserve!

SO PROUD of our boys at their school prize giving!
SO PROUD of our boys at their school prize giving!

In my last report, I emphasized the goal of our charity, Maranatha Care Children, in empowering children and young people to fulfill their potential…

How thrilling it is for us to now report such POSITIVE news on the education progress of our children –

One of our Grade 9 boys achieved a top diploma for passing three of his subjects with over 70%...this was whilst contending with the loss of his father having recently been orphaned by the tragic effects of long-term illness…

He was also chosen to represent the locality at the district Children’s Parliament event!

Imagine what he could achieve if he receives the support YOU can help provide him as he moves forward to his sixth form “Matric” years (Grade 11/12) and on towards University….

Furthermore, our oldest boy (currently in Grade 10) has pushed himself to achieve one of the top English Language marks (over 90%!) and was elected to the Eastern Cape NACCW (National Association of Child Care Workers) Youth Executive…one INCREDIBLE achievement!

It remains true that South African youth cannot find jobs because the education they do receive does not provide them with adequate skills to get jobs…but if we know the problem, NOW is the time to do something about it.

As you know, we continue to look for specialist school fees for the children who need this support…I was THRILLED this month to attend an awards ceremony where three of our boys at one such school received prizes on stage and gleamed with pride! Such a way to mark their transition on to High School in 2013!

We are now desperately seeking to raise funds to send a number of additional children this school (located closest to our centre!) with a vision “ develop pupil skills and talents to maximum potential in order to reach the highest achievements”… IF we get the financial support we need we can make this a reality but now is the time for positive action!

As I have emphasized before the centre provides a lifeline to over 30 children…the love and support is unquestionable; including dedicated homework assistance for each child and a comprehensive educational, therapeutic and recreational program that truly allow all the children to flourish.

One of the remedial schools which assists with primary schooling (Grade 1 to 3) for four of our children, recently revealed how one of the young boys is now meeting his academic targets, having read over 50 books over the year and surpassing all expectations in the national exams…a boy who at the age of 6 years old came to the centre having been on the streets with no one to take care of him. How different his life could have been…

With all the challenges we continue to face in South Africa, we have to admit that a privileged background provides one with a huge advantage in life, as does family who are involved in their children’s education. Yet, we remain determined that the children we support will get the opportunities they deserve to overcome adversity, and guarantee you that all donations to our project are complimented with a genuine desire to meet the unique needs of each and every child we support!.  

The vision of the Department of Basic Education in South Africa is one of all South Africans having "...access to lifelong learning, education and training opportunities, which will, in turn, contribute towards improving the quality of life and building a peaceful, prosperous and democratic South Africa."

Let’s help our children have the access to education they need…and deserve!

Please do your bit to spread the word; email, facebook, twitter and just word of mouth…we BELIEVE in this cause and hope you do too!  

Kindest Regards,

Harrison Nash (Charity Director – Maranatha Care Children)



Aug 17, 2012

A Brighter Future IS Possible

Very proud boys in their school uniform!
Very proud boys in their school uniform!

Thank you for the on-going interest in this project!

As I write this I remain blessed to be based in the field and giving you a project update direct from where this valuable initiative is taking such positive effect,

It is worth noting that the name of our project is “Educational Support for Children in South Africa”.

In looking at education in a legal context, under the South African Schools Act of 1996, education is compulsory for all South Africans from the age of seven (grade 1) to age 15, or the completion of grade 9. The Eastern Cape, where we function, is home to 16% of the total school learners nationwide.

However the reality is we continue to battle with children having missed out on vital schooling and struggling to overcome severe educational backlogs. This is in a country where the average number of formal schooling completed by adults is just 6 years, and 40% of secondary school aged learners are out of school, with almost six hundred thousand learners missing out on Primary School and not gaining the educational grounding they desperately need.

Our project is not just about getting children into school; it’s about getting them the necessary, individual, targeted support they require. As a charity, Maranatha Care Children seeks to empower children and young people to fulfill their potential – but the sad reality is that this is not possible without financial support.

Our oldest children are going on to their sixth form “Matric” years (Grade 11/12) IF we can give them the support they require to achieve this goal; in 2011 in the Eastern Cape, whilst almost one hundred and fifty thousand learners were in Grade 10, only seventy thousand made it to Grade 12…such statistics can only be overturned if we take positive action.

In 1995 Nelson Mandela said; “I am confident that South Africa’s youth is more than ready to meet the challenge of freedom. Wherever you are…be assured that we love you all and you shall always remain in our hearts. We are firm in our conviction that you deserve a brighter future”.

Today in 2012, we stand by this vision; a brighter future IS possible.

Thank you for reading this and thank you for your precious support. Please spread the word – the more exposure we receive the more hopeful we are of achieving our goals. As a small charity, every donation helps us just so much!

Kindest Regards,

Harrison Nash (Charity Director – Maranatha Care Children)