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Maranatha Care Children is a non-profit charity, established in 2009 and registered with the Charity Commission in the UK (Charity No: 1139344), aiming to help South African children by offering development in education and life skills, providing suitable home environments and safeguarding the futures of those in care. The objects of the organisation (as set out in our governing constitution) are as follows: 1. To promote social inclusion for the public benefit by preventing children and young people in care in South Africa from becoming socially excluded. 2. To relieve the needs of such children and young people who are socially excluded and assisting them to integrate into society. ...
Jan 29, 2014

New Year, New Schools, New Light!

Our boys standing PROUD in their new uniforms!
Our boys standing PROUD in their new uniforms!

The recent matric (A Level) results in the Eastern Cape show that work is still to be done to improve the attainment levels of learners in the province. Whilst there was a national pass rate of 64.9% – still the lowest in the country – of the 284,283 who entered Grade 1 in 2002 only 77,602 managed to reach Grade 12.  So even making it to the end of your school career still appears to be achievement for many young people in itself.

So we are embracing the opportunity we’ve had, thanks to our education project, to allow our Grade 11 & 12 learners to be transferred to an independent academy where classes are kept to convenient sizes and split in all subjects to ensure the learners obtain thorough tuition and personal attention. This has only been made possible through the financial support we have received but has been worth every cent to see how our older boys flourish in their new school environment…a far cry away from having 50 learners battling for the teachers attention in the classes they used to be in!

And as you will see this project also includes funds for our school uniform purchases. For all the children at the centre at the start of the year this alone came to over £500! But we believe that the kids we support are worth every penny to be able to have that most needed boost of self-esteem and be proud to be attending a school where they can wear their uniform with pride...the photos speak for themselves!  

At the youth centre we have been able to compliment these milestones by ensuring that all children are divided up into homework groups for a minimum of an hour each day with a dedicated homework assistant helping no more than 3 children. We have extra math’s sessions with a math’s tutor serving voluntarily, computer sessions for the high school children and dedicated time for study on weekend. Of course this is all combined with a recreational programme including sports to ensure all our children find the balance they need in lives. And so far we cannot be any more proud of these kids achievements! 

We are all SO PROUD of these young people and future role models for the next generation! Please continue to support this project...brighter futures are being made possible thanks to your contributions!

Celebrating results they will soon be achieving!!!
Celebrating results they will soon be achieving!!!


Oct 28, 2013

Dream. Believe. Achieve!

Diploma ceremony!
Diploma ceremony!

Dear supporters!

I am writing this report with the privleage of having just attended a diploma ceremony for one of our Grade 10 boys!

And with the help of this project all three of our Grade 11 & 12 learners for next year should be able to go to a private academy to maximize the opportunity for them to succeed and go on to further education!

Improvements were noted in all of our high school kids and as i'm one of the ones responsible for assisting in their homework and study programme I can certainly vouch for their hard-work and dedication! 

We have been so lucky to have the assistance of a maths & computer tutor every Saturday at the youth centre. A total of 11 children have benefitted from this so far! And how wonderful to see improvements in school marks - one our our Grade 6 boys DOUBLED his percentage score in maths from 35% to over 70% in the last term! AMAZING!

We continue to assist all children with their specialist educational needs - one of our boys was diagnosed with dyscalculia and dysgraphia and we are working with the school to make sure he can still ACHIEVE with the masses of potential he has! And I can guarentee you that he will...!

We are also very excited to announce that a number of 12 children are now recieving group occupational therapy at the centre every week! This has long been an initiative we were hoping for and it is just wonderful to see that it has now come to fruition! 

So PLEASE continue to support this project! As we go into 2014 I can tell you we are still looking for assistance to fund school fees of 23 children from age 5 (Grade R) to 19 (Grade 12) attending 5 different schools! Our end of year anniversary party fundraiser will also be taking place with a sole purpose to meet these goals!  

Dream. Believe. Achieve - anything is possible with YOUR SUPPORT!

Please give what you can today!

Standing with PRIDE!
Standing with PRIDE!


Jul 2, 2013

Help make a WORLD of difference!

Two siblings taking part in a beach clean-up!
Two siblings taking part in a beach clean-up!

As another Youth Month passes here in South Africa it is natural to focus on the biggest challenge facing the youth: education. At this time it also seems appropriate to emphasize Nelson Mandela’s philosophy on education; that it is a weapon that can be utilized to save the world.  

For this project we are seeking to support 33 children and young people from the ages of 5 to 19 receive the targeted support they need. Section 29 of the South African Constitution guarantees "everyone" the right to an education with an obligation to make sure all South Africans can receive the same quality of and access to education. Yet as recently pointed out by the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC) on Human Rights Day this year, "Much still has to be done to ensure not only access to education, but also the quality of education."

This is clearly seen in the 2013 World Economic Report that rated South Africa’s education system 140 out of 144 countries. The report placed the country’s maths and science performance at 143.

But with the right support…WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

And this was proven most recently with the school reports of children who have been supported by the funds raised through this project. One boy who missed out on years of schooling achieved a Grade 6 average this term of over I am fortunate enough myself to attend parents evenings I can tell you I BEAM when I hear teacher’s say such statements as “That child has the X factor…he has so much potential”.

It is the same such children who endured horrendous abuse, lived on the streets, overcome drug addiction…but came out the other side ready to achieve their potential.

And it is our supporters who help to make this a reality.

We are currently desperate to arrange more remedial tutoring for our children in High School or those soon to be making the transition and are currently staging meetings to see what remedial programs can be offered to us! And as we move towards 2014 we are still trying to ensure that we will have enough funds to send the children to the school where they need to go…!

So as I write this report now, after 18 months of this project, I am very proud to report that we have just 30% to go to reach our target! However to receive new donations at this stage would make a WORLD of please if you can make any donation you would truly be opening doors to a brighter future!


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