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Formula Smiles Foundation is a 501(C)(3) not-for profit organization legally constituted in the United States, by Colombian racecar driver Juan Pablo Montoya and his wife Connie Freydell-Montoya. Our goal is through sports and sportsmanship to improve the quality of life of thousands of children in Colombia, who have been overwhelmed by poverty and violence . Formula Smiles is providing tools and life skills that will help these children strive for brighter futures and become important positive agents of change for Colombia and the world. Formula Smiles Foundation supports more than 5,000 children in five different Colombian communities. Each community has its own story, its own idiosyn...
Feb 27, 2014

Once again we had a year of success!!

Founders Visit - Ibague
Founders Visit - Ibague

We are privileged to share with you, our partners, the success we had last year, when we set TWO main objectives:


1. Implement SPARK methodology in the Educational Area:

Our beneficiaries were part of Physical Education lessons through an American Program (USA), which was adapted not only to Our country but also to each place, region, and culture where it was implemented. For example, when we taught about music, the participants had the opportunity to connect with their our music, like Dancing “Vallenatos” in Cartagena, “Reggae" in San Andrés and “Joropo” in Villavicencio.

The methodology caused great impact on children's attention and their participation in each class was growing. The teachers were very happy and totally satisfied seeing the progress of the beneficiaries in their discipline, commitment, punctuality and their fitness.


2. Strengthen each of our areas (Educational, Sports and Recreational) through the Values Program:

- Educational Area: SPARK handles many activities that develop social skills in children. These activities and the work of our psychologists and social workers were fundamental to result in better performance in our beneficiaries.

- Sports Area: through the methodology “Sport for Peace and Education” our children didn’t fight when they were in the field. They didn’t argue violently about mistakes the other’s made. "They shared the ball" to girls and younger kids, they didn´t said bad words, they helped others in diferents occasions when necessary. The Beneficiaries of Formula Smiles play fair!

- Recreational Area: recruiting social workers allowed the children found a new best friend and in addittion to the recreational activities they had with their families and the community, they received an specialized care to solve their family problems so they could improve their relationships.


This year objective was not to grow in the number of beneficiaries while we improved our programs but despite that, our coverage did not decrease and instead of that we had more children interested in being part of our Foundation which shows us the great impact we has made in the community so more people want to improve their quality of life through sports

Joropo - Villavicencio
Joropo - Villavicencio
Dancing - Riohacha
Dancing - Riohacha
Recreational Activity - Cartagena
Recreational Activity - Cartagena
Aug 5, 2013

Doing PRETTY GOOD during 2013


We cannot be doing better during this year. That is why we are very proud to share with you some highlights which reflects how have we are making more than 5000 Colombian children smile.


  • In order to improve the quality of life of our children, our beneficiaries started to work in their physical education classes through the new Foundation´s program named “SPARK”. This program has been helping them to develop physical and social abilities using an innovative methodology. This new program improves their health and behavior.



  • Working Breakfast in Cartagena

When: The 14th

Where: at the Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel

Why: to discuss the best ways to showcase the results our project has achieved over the years to our donors and partners.

Who: Staff of the Governor’s and Mayor’s
offices, members of the “Loma Fresca” community action board and other special
guests who have supported and followed our work in Cartagena.

Thanks to the participation of all of those present and the unconditional support the Sofitel Santa Clara Hotel has always offered to us, the breakfast resulted in a number of agreements and ideas for furthering our projects’ growth.

  • Mock Newscast

As you may know, for the Formula Smiles Foundation it is fundamental to work on the formation of values through its sports program. For that reason, in Cartagena’s project we held a workshop named “Seamos Solidarios” (Let’s Show Solidarity) that consisted on a mock newscast in which our boys and girls used anecdotes and experiences to explain the importance of solidarity to their peers.

This activity allowed the organizers to evaluate how much the children learned about solidarity and the importance of putting this value into practice in their daily lives.

The result was a truly memorable experience for the kids, who had the opportunity to laugh and share stories as they tried out different roles as cameramen, reporters and directors. In addition to being an exciting and enriching activity, the mock newscast offered a chance for the children to learn the true meaning of solidarity by working together.


  • Triathlon San Andrés

Within the framework of our new alliance with the Colombian Triathlon Federation, whose objective is to help improve the wellbeing and education of Colombia’s children through the practice of sports, the Colombian Triathlon Cup was held in San Andres Island during the past 26 through 28 of April. More than 600 athletes from Colombia, Ecuador, Panamá and Venezuela competed in Olympic swimming over a distance of 1.5 Km of open sea, 40 Km of cycling and 10 km of running to finally finish the beautiful route designed around the Island.


  • FSF in “Supérate intercolegiados” Program

The “Supérate” Program was conceived within the government proposal of the former presidential candidate Juan Manuel Santos. Aiming at inclusion, sports and academic competences, and complementary school days, this initiative seeks to create opportunities for children between 7 and 17 to practice sports; by fomenting through physical and recreational activities, and a proper use of free time, the improvement in educational quality and permanence as well as the development of citizen competences within the boys and girls in Colombia.

How committed are we to this project? The Foundation plays a very active role in this program and we hope for its evolution and permanence for many years to come; this kind of project shows the results of our work and motivates us to keep on going. For more information about “Supérate”, go to the link below.

About our last Project Report

  • Implementation of the Methodology “Sport for Peace and Education”

During the month of April we started the implementation of the methodology “Sport for Peace and Education”, a wonderfully creative method in which rules of sports and conduct converge harmoniously. The method consists on a series of pre-established agreements in which the final score of the game is determined by the fulfillment of the technical rules of each sport and those of conduct, agreed upon previously by the children involved. The coach serves a supervising and moderating roll, but those who determine faults and scores are the children

Teams are gender-mixed and score points are smiles! What better way to inculcate and promote in our children values such as tolerance, respect and equality?

Working breakfast in Cartagena
Working breakfast in Cartagena
Mock Newscast
Mock Newscast
Triathlon San Andres Island
Triathlon San Andres Island
"Superate Intercolegiados"
"Superate Intercolegiados"
"Sport for Peace and Education"
"Sport for Peace and Education"


May 6, 2013

Sharing our Good Results during 2012

We cannot start letting you know the Formula Smiles good news during 2012 without thanking to all of you, our donors, for supporting our job for the vulnerable Children in Colombia.


The most important develop we made in our methodology was the strengthening of the Values Program within the recruitment of psychologists and social workers who have been improving the methods of teaching values through sports, educational and recreational activities.

We are very proud to say that our beneficiaries are more Honest, Tolerant, Respectful, Solidarity, Responsible and Humble according with the results of the measurement process.


Additionally, thanks to The World Bank, we could achieve the systematization of “Sport for Peace and Education” methodology in order to develop and create new tools to strength this practice. It is important to mention that we received this consultation thanks to the “Peace and Soccer Alliance”.


At last but not least, as notice has being given in previous reports, our children were distinguished because of their excellent performance in all the different competitions and tournaments they participated in during the year.


We invite you to take a view of our 2012 Management Report in the link below.


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