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The Dounia Project aims at creating a safe and nurturing space where students from different urban areas around the world can complete their homework and participate in a set of extracurricular activities during non-school hours, which will allow them to develop the necessary skills to compete in an increasingly globalized world. DP's overall goal is to create a global network of programs where young people can interconnect with each other, exchange their ideas and find ways to make their world a better place.
Jul 16, 2014

Congratulations Graduates!

Youth participants presentation in Morocco
Youth participants presentation in Morocco

During the past 3 months, participants in Casablanca, Morocco and the Bronx, NY focused their time in preparing for their final examinations and completing their college applications. Dounia Project in Casablanca became a space for only school curriculum review and baccalaureate preparation. Teachers, college professors and college students volunteered their time by providing high school seniors with academic assistance and support in Math, Arabic, French, English, History, Geography and Philosophy. In New York, we had wonderful news on a few college applications; actually one of our youth participants will be attending Baruch College at the City University of New York in the fall with a full scholarship.

We are now planning for the summer sessions in Casablanca and it seems that we will have a busy summer. The summer assignment for participants will be to develop different videos on the theme of Ramadan. Each group of three youth will be provided with a camera and will have to produce, record and edit a 5 min-video from July 1st to August 7th . Moreover, the great Moroccan visual artist Maria Karim will return during the second week of August to conduct a one-week intensive photography workshop with the participants.The goal will be to organize a screening of their videos and exhibition of their photos early September. 

Considering that all NY participants have graduated, we are currently in the process of seeking possible partnerships with local youth development organizations and enroll new participants to the program starting the fall 2014.

Finally, we are developing an online private platform to allow our youth participants to communicate, exchange and debate using a safe online space. We are still working on development specifics.

Mar 17, 2014

Youth Engagement and Financial Independence

Dounia Project president visits Casablanca site
Dounia Project president visits Casablanca site

The year 2014 started with great news and great results for our participants in both the United States and Morocco.

Our student leaders in the Bronx are increasingly developing their Web TV project by involving more young people in the production and the editorial phase of each episode. Their latest work was on coming up with ways to inform companies and other corporations on how to efficiently communicate with youth while advertising for their product as well as developing ways to demonstrate social and corporate responsibility in ads. Participants gathered and created a list of recommendations that they are planning on presenting for the April episode as a skit. 

I had the opportunity to visit Dounia Project in Morocco last weekend to participate in their activities, conduct the mid-term evaluations, and hear about participants' individual stories. I was struck by five participants who explained to me how they became financially independent and/or social activists thanks to the skills they have acquired while being part of the program. All five were part of the first cohort of the program in Casablanca and have now leadership roles within the organization including being co-facilitators. Some examples are:

Rachid has started a non-profit organization to provide safe access to water in his village of origin in the south of Morocco. His focus is also to start an adult literacy program for the women of the community. 

Asmaa created her own photography company. She is now hired to be the photographer in weddings, baptisms, and other social events in her community. She uses social media to advertise her work. 

Mohamed creates monthly videos depicting marginalized youth to help them overcome personal and social issues. He also uses his video production skills to record weddings and other social events. 

Mohssine is now a life coach. He sometimes works with Mohamed to provide support to at-risk young men and women in their community and to direct them to relevant institutions for further assistance.

Ghizlane is a social media specialist and have been working with E-Motion Productions a Morocco-based communications agency as a community manager.

All five participants transmit their skills to the new cohort of Dounia Project participants by facilitating sessions and also serve as positive role models.

Dec 2, 2013

Exciting news from Dounia Project Participants!

Exciting news from Dounia Project Participants both in NYC and Casablanca!

Participants in the Bronx started producing their web TV project called "What's Up with YouTH?" and decided to focus on themes and topics that would mainly interest and target high school seniors. The idea was to look at how seniors perceive their future and how to do they prepare for it during the last year of high school.

For each episodes, they develop a specific hashtag in order to link it with other social media platforms to engage a large group of young people locally with the prospect of scaling up their engagement strategy to other youth on the national and global level.

They are currently developing the opening of their show and they are looking at examples such as the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, the Colbert Report, and Saturday Night Live.

Finally, they are planning on adding for every episodes different trends of the week such as music, movie reviews, fashion, and a buzz story.

This is a rough draft of their first video report. They have received feedback and they are working on improving their video and editing skills.

In casablanca, our talented participants welcomed visitors in their space to present their work during open doors days on october 12th &13th 2013. Students were involved in all aspects of the event and assisted our volunteer staff all along the process: planning, space arrangement and staging, guest greeting and catering, outreach etc…

 Students helping and cleaning up their space for the event:

The +100 Visitors who joined were able to discover a unique and interesting photo exhibition evolving around portraits and self-perception and were thrilled to interact with the young artist in the making and inquire about their work and experience. They have also watched our students’ video documentaries in a beautiful space created by the students and dedicated to video production, editing and screenings. This space will also be used for the web radio and web tv projects that the students are working on.


Students presenting their work and interacting with visitors:


Our amazing Students were able to practice their outreach skills and succeeded in drawing interest of several organisation representatives who expressed willingness to collaborate and support our students’s work in the future.

We have also started recruiting new participants for the 2013/2014 program sessions. We have 6 new applicants, and can only accept 4 of them, given our budget, space and equipment restrictions. It is always a difficult process for us, and we are hoping to be able to welcome more participants to our programs soon. We will therefore have 20 participants enrolled this year, who will choose between any 2 of the following suggested workshops: english language workshop, french language workshop, office management and computer literacy, video production workshop, Photography workshop.


Student Facilitator helping another student register for the 2013/2014 program sessions online:

As soon as selections are closed, we will start a round of training sessions with our student facilitators, who will be responsible for assisting volunteer staff in the well conduct of the workshops as well as space and equipment maintenance. These student facilitators will also be responsible for the web tv and web radio projects supervision.

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