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The objective of Meet Kate is to support needy children and their families in the area of Gomoa and Agona district (Ghana) in their basic needs and rights. Among them are education, housing, food and fun. We also strive to achieve two subgoals. First, we want the families and community but especially the parents of needy children to take and keep responsibility for the welfare of their children. Meet Kate does not want to be a quick fix, we want to help figure out what the best solution is for the child, through thorough research and in consultation with the parents. We believe parents should play a big part in this process. Second, Meet Kate makes sure that at the start of every project, ...
Nov 12, 2013

The little voice saying: "I'll try again tomorrow"

Mavis (in red) with the other new students.
Mavis (in red) with the other new students.

Dear followers...

The cold weather seems to have returned with a vengeance and my time in Ghana visting our prjects this summer seems like it was a long time ago. The people I met are never very far from my mind though, and as I sit to write this I feel very humbled to be a part of Meet Kate Foundation. Did you know, we are in the habit of making dreams come true?

What is your dream? What really gets your heart racing and butterflies stomping in your stomach? It takes courage to chase your dream. Not the kind of courage that roars like a lion, but the quiet confidence at the end of a hard day that whispers “I’ll try again tomorrow.” This is what we love to invest in at Meet Kate! I want to introduce you to two people, who demonstrate just that.

Meet Mavis 

Mavis is an intelligent young woman, with a dream of becoming a nurse. When she was young, she saw a neighbour’s child die and vowed to be part of the change to stop needless deaths in her community. 

Mavis finished junior high school in 2009. She is now 19 years old. For 4 years, she sold oranges on the streets of her town. Her father has been a single parent since his wife died and with four children to take care of, money simply wasn’t available for Mavis to go to school. Day after day, she would get up in the morning and carry a tray of oranges on her head: walking endlessly in the hot sun, trailing countless streets, making a profit of just 6 pence per sale. To keep her dream alive, believing that one day it would come true is testament to Mavis’s incredible spirit.

At Meet Kate Foundation, we do not see hopelessness when we look at Africa. But in each unique, seemingly desolate situation, we see hope, and that is because of people like Mavis! We are privileged to be part of her journey. This scholarship means that she will finish high school in three years and will be on her way to becoming a nurse. She will touch people’s lives in her own small way. 

Meet Romeo

Romeo is now in his second year and when I met him, something about him struck me as different. He loves to learn! He has a genuine love for education that goes beyond his visions for employment. He is one of the smartest young men in his community. His test scores at the end of Junior High School was one of the highest in his catchment area, yet he is an endearing young man with a quiet, sweet nature. He wants to be a mathematical physicist, because he likes the idea of combining science and mathematics: his two biggest loves. Romeo is an example of our vision to enable these young people to follow their dreams. Recently, he made us extra proud when we received his end of year report: out of the 62 people in his class, he came 1st! Who knows, maybe one day Romeo will be the one who invents a way to convert the growing pile of waste in Africa’s landfill to something that will generate an income for the continent. However, at Meet Kate Foundation, we will be just as happy if he grows up to be a warm, caring man contributing in his own way to his community. 

We can only help young people like these because of your help. Mavis is one of four young people who recieved a scholarship from us this summer. They have just started Senior High School and are on their way to a brighter future. We will be by their side supporting them all the way.

Preperations have already started though, for the next group of students who will pour in with their applications next summer. Your continued support is the only way we can change their lives. So on their behalf: Thank You.

warm wishes,


Romeo's report. We are so proud!
Oct 1, 2013

Is it true that Africa used to be poor?


Dear follower,
It is high season in the world of developmental work. Last week, the Millennium Goals of 2015 were discussed during the General Assembly of the UN. The first goal - halving the number of people living in poverty and with hunger - is achieved. Furtermore, there are more girls going to primary school, child and maternal mortality rates have been reduced and there are less people dying of Aids. A good start. 
"Is it true that Africa used to be poor?" It is UN secretary Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka's dream that a 7-year-old boy from her native South Africa will one day utter those words.
In our own country international developmental work is again point of discussion, partially due to the economic crisis. The new National Budget states that in 2014, 986 million euros will be cut from the developmental budget. For now, The Netherlands take a step back from the 0.7% norm (of the GDP). 
We think it's time to show you what developmental work brings. This month, we would like to go back to how we see Africa: a continent filled with strength and positivity, where good investments can make any dream come true.  
                                                                        See more videos
Kind regards,
Myrthe Oostenbach
Chair Meet Kate Foundation

'We Africans want the same things that you want'. This movie proves that. These Ugandan women lipdub in style to the hit Price Tag by Jessie J: an initiative by Microbanker. In this movie, 500 women show the enterprises they were able to start with bankloans. 
Huge market opportunities, upcoming mobile services and a fifth of the government expenses go to education. This infographic shows seven reasons why Africa's time is now. 


Sep 3, 2013


Back of the classroom
Back of the classroom

FrankEve School resettlement at its permanent campus early 2005, was a miraculous and historical experience.
It began with 4 temporal wooden classroom shed ,catering for all the various courses offered at the center namely Cookery, Fashion Designing,Beading, Cake and Events Decoration.The wooden structures were to serve for maximum of 4 years and till date, hanging for usage due to lack of funds.

Truly, the structure is in the deplorable and dilapidated  state. This pose a lot of threat to trainee beneficiaries and staff. As we believe your generous supports and contributions over the period. Again we know of your passionate love shown in the time past.

Folks, you could go through the photos and look at the structure and send a donation to help the situation on the ground.You and I are alive, because, we are the solution for somebody some where.

Nothing is too small or big to donate.

Yea! go ahead and join other concerned people like you for the worthy course. When you do this,will keep your name in the historic records book for memorial on the school wall of fame. The project will need Ghc8,674.00 for completion.

Click on the donation bottom and support now!
We appreciate what you did.


One side of the classroom
One side of the classroom
Front view of the wooden structure
Front view of the wooden structure


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