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The objective of Meet Kate is to support needy children and their families in the area of Gomoa and Agona district (Ghana) in their basic needs and rights. Among them are education, housing, food and fun. We also strive to achieve two subgoals. First, we want the families and community but especially the parents of needy children to take and keep responsibility for the welfare of their children. Meet Kate does not want to be a quick fix, we want to help figure out what the best solution is for the child, through thorough research and in consultation with the parents. We believe parents should play a big part in this process. Second, Meet Kate makes sure that at the start of every project, ...
Dec 5, 2013

Have a very merry challenge!


Dear friend,

Last month we presented you with our brand new websites. Unfortunately, a technical error prevented you from actually seeing the websites. For that we apologize. Once again, we would like to invite you to visit our website. A little tip: check our beautiful infographic, which tells the Meet Kate story in a nutshell. 
But, there is more! November has been a very productive month in Ghana, The Netherlands and the UK! Read all about our UK-activities in this month's newsletter. 

Wishing you warmth and happiness!
Naa Akle Dromo Okantey & Myrthe Oostenbach
Presidents of Meet Kate UK and The Netherlands


Tis the season to be jolly, and at Meet Kate, we are overflowing with joy this season! This summer, a Global Giving UK representative came to Ghana to evaluate our projects and we embarked on what was to become a beautiful partnership. Global Giving UK is an online fundraising platform that works with small not-for-profit organizations to raise money for their projects. To make sure that the charities they invest in are motivated, they set us a challenge: Raise £2000 in 30 days. Completing the challenge will give us access to one of the biggest online-fundraising platforms out there, training, big corporate partnerships and so much more! This challenge has given our team the new burst of energy we needed to propel us from raising awareness into fundraising.
Our followers have overwhelmed us with their support and it warms my heart to see that we are really beginning to build a Meet Kate family in the UK too! Do you want to help us reach our target of £2000 by the 23rd of December? Click here!



Four medical students did something special for us last month. They decided that they were going to challenge themselves to spend £1 a day on food, for 5 days in solidarity with the 2.4 billion people worldwide who are living in poverty. They have raised £800 and counting for Meet Kate. We are thankful that they are raising awareness of an important global issue as well as the positive message of Africa that Meet Kate wants to show the world.
Have you got any ideas of something fun or challenging that you can do to raise money for us? We would love to hear from you. Get in touch:



Any occasion is an excuse for a party, so it was no surprise when everyone came out in their best Halloween outfit for Meet Kate night! If you look closely, you will see that they are wearing Meet Kate bracelets on their wrists. These were handmade by a craftsman in Ghana and were used as tickets to enter the club. Everyone loved having a little piece of Ghana to keep with them forever and all proceeds from the night, went to Meet Kate! Thank you to Medsoc for organizing it. 





Dec 4, 2013


FrankEve Foundation s yet to graduate a good number of trainees on the 7th of December, 2013 as we do annually. As we graduated 158 trainees in the year 2012 Sepember and December, FrankEve is yet to give 52 trainees the chance to graduate and go out there to make an impart. These girls have undertake different programmes in Fashion Designing, Clothing Constructions, Millinery, Beading Jewellery, Shoe covering with fabrics and bags making.

Some of these trainess also offered programme in Food Production and Technology, Event, Balloon and Floral Decoration and  Cake Decoration and Sugarcraft.

Meanwhile the wooden classrooms that these students learnt under it is fastly deterioting and is posing a treat to the beneficiary. This structure was supposed to be in existence for only three years yet it almost ten years and the school is trying its best to raise some money in other to put up a permanent block to help train more Girls and give them a better future and a livilihood.

 Aside this the Foundation now two vounteere]s shing to have from Germany and is still wi

Nov 12, 2013

The little voice saying: "I'll try again tomorrow"

Mavis (in red) with the other new students.
Mavis (in red) with the other new students.

Dear followers...

The cold weather seems to have returned with a vengeance and my time in Ghana visting our prjects this summer seems like it was a long time ago. The people I met are never very far from my mind though, and as I sit to write this I feel very humbled to be a part of Meet Kate Foundation. Did you know, we are in the habit of making dreams come true?

What is your dream? What really gets your heart racing and butterflies stomping in your stomach? It takes courage to chase your dream. Not the kind of courage that roars like a lion, but the quiet confidence at the end of a hard day that whispers “I’ll try again tomorrow.” This is what we love to invest in at Meet Kate! I want to introduce you to two people, who demonstrate just that.

Meet Mavis 

Mavis is an intelligent young woman, with a dream of becoming a nurse. When she was young, she saw a neighbour’s child die and vowed to be part of the change to stop needless deaths in her community. 

Mavis finished junior high school in 2009. She is now 19 years old. For 4 years, she sold oranges on the streets of her town. Her father has been a single parent since his wife died and with four children to take care of, money simply wasn’t available for Mavis to go to school. Day after day, she would get up in the morning and carry a tray of oranges on her head: walking endlessly in the hot sun, trailing countless streets, making a profit of just 6 pence per sale. To keep her dream alive, believing that one day it would come true is testament to Mavis’s incredible spirit.

At Meet Kate Foundation, we do not see hopelessness when we look at Africa. But in each unique, seemingly desolate situation, we see hope, and that is because of people like Mavis! We are privileged to be part of her journey. This scholarship means that she will finish high school in three years and will be on her way to becoming a nurse. She will touch people’s lives in her own small way. 

Meet Romeo

Romeo is now in his second year and when I met him, something about him struck me as different. He loves to learn! He has a genuine love for education that goes beyond his visions for employment. He is one of the smartest young men in his community. His test scores at the end of Junior High School was one of the highest in his catchment area, yet he is an endearing young man with a quiet, sweet nature. He wants to be a mathematical physicist, because he likes the idea of combining science and mathematics: his two biggest loves. Romeo is an example of our vision to enable these young people to follow their dreams. Recently, he made us extra proud when we received his end of year report: out of the 62 people in his class, he came 1st! Who knows, maybe one day Romeo will be the one who invents a way to convert the growing pile of waste in Africa’s landfill to something that will generate an income for the continent. However, at Meet Kate Foundation, we will be just as happy if he grows up to be a warm, caring man contributing in his own way to his community. 

We can only help young people like these because of your help. Mavis is one of four young people who recieved a scholarship from us this summer. They have just started Senior High School and are on their way to a brighter future. We will be by their side supporting them all the way.

Preperations have already started though, for the next group of students who will pour in with their applications next summer. Your continued support is the only way we can change their lives. So on their behalf: Thank You.

warm wishes,


Romeo's report. We are so proud!
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