MicroLoan Foundation USA

The MicroLoan Foundation USA is an international development organization whose mission is to to reduce poverty and inequality by providing microfinance services to impoverished women in remote rural areas in sub-Saharan African countries. Our founding principles and values are as follows: Attentive: To respect and listen to others, especially the individuals we try to help. They probably know best what they need. Far reaching: To find people stuck in poverty who would otherwise struggle to support themselves and their families. We will help them build a sustainable life. Consistent: To do what is right with conviction, sensitivity, enthusiasm, and inventiveness. Small: To discover the poi...
Branch Office
T357, Salima, Malawi
(-13.76706, 34.47731)
Chambo Office
M9, Malawi
(-9.74526, 33.29078)
Liwonde National Park
Sanga, Mozambique
(-12.45160, 35.50781)
MLF Head Quarters and Training Center located in Kasungu, Central Region
M18, Kasungu, Malawi
(-13.04034, 33.48854)
M5, Malawi
From report: May 2014 Update
(-13.21428, 34.36523)
Mchinji office
D173, Malawi
(-13.83107, 32.93922)
Mulanje Branch Office. Starting point for the Malawi Challenge trek up and around Mount Mulanje
D374, Malawi
(-16.05999, 35.53199)
Mzimba office
D62, Malawi
(-11.92479, 33.62037)
Mzuzu Branch office, Northern Region
M11, Malawi
(-11.40834, 34.10377)
Nkopola office
M10, Malawi
(-14.27868, 35.13649)
Nkototakota. First branch office founded her in 2002
M5, Malawi
(-12.84761, 34.30153)
The project will take place on the boundary of the Liwonde National Park, 800 meters from the Shire River, at Chikolongo.
S132, Liwonde National Park, Malawi
(-14.73239, 35.33203)
Zomba Branch Office, Southern Region
S144, Malawi
(-15.40436, 35.37819)