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Jul 26, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Rescued Girl

Two Girls Playing on Hagar
Two Girls Playing on Hagar's Playground

Arriving at the Shelter

When a girl comes to Hagar’s Shelter for girls, they are often traumatized and terrified. Many have been conditioned by their traffickers not to trust organizations like ours. Others are still traumatized by their rescue.

The girls arrive at our shelter accompanied by Hagar case manager and a counselor. The girl is shown her room, the playground (pictured above), and her daily schedule is described. She is introduced to her house mother. To create as close to normal living situation as possible, the children’s shelters have house mothers, who act as primary caregivers for five to six girls each.

Sometimes, with serious trauma or very young girls, the housemothers have to help a girl get dressed, wash herself, brush her teeth and wash her clothes. Some clients have never done these things or are so traumatized they cannot.  In this case the housemother will help the girl until she is able to do it on her own.

The First Day of School

The first two to three days the girl is not expected to attend school, even though it is right next to the shelter. She decides when she feels ready.  In the meantime, she may relax, help her housemother around the house, and join in activities with the other girls.

When she does decide to go to school the housemother will go with her the first day and stay all day with her.  This helps each girl adjust to being at school and demonstrates that she is not alone. When she’s ready, the housemother will stop going to school with her.

Soon, the girl will begin following the same routine as the other girls in the shelter, who also attend school. She’ll share responsibilities with them, like cleaning after dinner and keeping her room tidy. Meeting other girls that have experienced similar abuse and making friends will help her heal. Counseling sessions will help her heal. And the love of a housemother will help her heal. We know that through your support, she’ll become a strong and confident young woman.


Jun 12, 2012

Postcard: Project Site Visit

Vocational Training with Hagar
Vocational Training with Hagar

Jacqueline Lee is an InTheField Traveler with GlobalGiving who is visiting our partners’ projects throughout Southeast Asia. Her “Postcard” from the visit in Vietnam:

On the morning of April 11, I visited Hagar International’s office in Hanoi, Vietnam and was hosted by Kelly, Program Development Manager, and staff. The day started off with visiting Hagar’s main office and meeting staff. We sat down to discuss the staff’s backgrounds, current work, and challenges.  I learned about the impact of Hagar, the spearheading of Hagar’s case management and social work within the field for future social workers, and goals for Hagar.

I asked the staff to share the most rewarding part of working at Hagar. One said working with the women, and when the survivor shares that it is the first time someone listens to her.  Another said that Hagar is a place people can be and can cultivate themselves - where one can be authentic. Working there makes them feel proud - where each person feels like they are making a difference.  Another staff member said being part of a learning organization. It’s not just about the numbers, but about each individual client.

Next we went to visit Joma Café, where Hagar survivors are able to receive on-the-job training in hospitality, and met some of the empowered women. I met with 2 women – one who had been with Hagar for about 1 year and half and another who was with Hagar for about 10 months.  Let’s say their names are Sara and Mary (to protect their identities).

I asked them both why Joma and hospitality?  Sara said she thought it was popular, easy to get a job and opportunity, and to meet people. Mary said she liked cooking. Before she cooked at the shelter and was good at it. I then asked if they would like to continue at Joma, and Mary said she hoped to work in her hometown to open a small business. Sara said she wanted to stay with Joma to increase experience and English. Finally, I asked if they weren’t with Hagar and Joma where would they be?  Mary said it would have been difficult to find a job because she lacked skill sets.  Sara said before she wasn’t able to learn life skills, vocational training, and not able to be recruited. It would have been way more challenging. Without support like this from Hagar, they don’t know where their future would be.

After, I asked if they had any questions for me, and both shrugged. Then Mary stopped, looked at me and said “I never thought I would have an opportunity like this. I want to thank GlobalGiving.”

Through protection, personal well-being, economic empowerment, and social capital women are able to not only survive trafficking but be empowered in their lives to move forward, create a positive and thriving life, and not be a victim.

Life Skills with Hagar
Life Skills with Hagar


May 1, 2012

April Update

A view of Kabul, Afghanistan
A view of Kabul, Afghanistan

April has been an exciting and challenging month. 

Violence in Afghanistan has been all over the news in April (see BBC article attached). Here's a message directly from our CEO Talmage Payne about how Hagar staff reacted to the recent violence:

"As the fighting of the last two days in Kabul quiets down, I spoke with Bronwyn Graham, Hagar Afghanistan's Country Director by phone. Hagar staff, clients and their families are all safe although a bit tired and shaken from a loud night of gunfire and rockets. One of Hagar's facilities was within one area of fighting but was unscathed. Government security was quick to check on the security of the location as fighting broke out yesterday and kept the surrounding streets clear. Hagar operations obviously change when the threat level increases but staff know what is expected and managed their roles well in keeping everyone safe. Now its time to debrief, rest and learn from how we managed under pressure. For those of you who support Hagar Afghanistan you can be very proud of the quality of the team getting " whatever it takes" done."

We are also excited to announce that Hagar Afghanistan's beautiful new transitional care center is complete. The counseling room was painted a soothing lavender earlier this month, and staff and clients are enjoying the winding stairway that leads to the top floor where there is a gorgeous view of the mountains. Despite the recent violence, this place is bringing comfort and healing to some of the most vulnerable women and girls in Afghanistan.


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