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Apr 3, 2014

Afghanistan Update

Afghanistan Programme Updates


“It is exciting to see clients flourish and become independent. It empowers other clients to make plans for themselves.”-Khatera, Programme Manager, EWEP



80 clients involved currently in theEWEP program

240 clients accessed basic education through EWEPS community models expansion

1 woman and her four children reintegrated to a new community. She was able to secure employment, find accommodation, purchase goods and is on her way to full independence

 With the launch of its Community Models project, EWEP services will extend to nine districts within Kabul. Through a carefully planned screening process, EWEP will register and take on clients to administer selected programming to fit each district’s needs.

Community Models is expected to bring in an additional 400 clients by the end of next year!·

TIPCAP’s last coalition meeting brought to light 13 new TIP investigations. The TIPCAP coalition is keeping a close eye on these investigations to see where they and their partners can step in to best support the TIP survivors.


Apr 3, 2014

Girls Update

Cambodia Highlights 

257 Clients received counseling services in January

8 women and 14 children are receiving care in recovery communities

85% of our students took their second term catch up exam and passed

Following the opening of Hagars Joma café in Phnom Penh, 3 of Hagar’s clients have been placed in jobs with Joma. Five other clients have also been placed in jobs – 4 at Hagar catering and 1 as a hair dresser


Marry’s Story

A 13 years old girl named Marry is in love with the Creative Arts programme. She is an outstanding student at Hagar’s Community Learning Centre.

Marry says she likes playing football very much and is always excited for football class. She says that football makes her stronger, healthier, and allows her to sweat out all the stress of school as well as her past experiences.

“I love the feeling of hitting the ball and many people come to cheer me on, and it makes me want to play nonstop,” she said.

Besides football, Marry enjoys hip-hop dancing. She likes watching and practicing hip-hop dancing to songs on TV. She would like to perform some day in the future.

But there is more to the Creative Arts programme than just fun and entertainment. Marry says she can use her beading skills to earn some money as well.

“I earn some money, about 3 USD, whenever I bead products,” she said.

The Creative Arts Programme provides a variety of arts opportunities to clients, including drawing, painting, sewing, designing, beading, etc. Clients are able to focus on what the skill they enjoy. Some students enjoy drawing while others enjoy sewing.

Creative arts plays an important role at Hagar, encouraging client productivity as well as creativity. Clients have the chance to show off their talent through different performances. Marry hopes to see all children at Hagar pay more attention in creative art classes. She wants them to stay away from trouble by being involved in creative arts.

Dec 2, 2013

Vietnam progress and Tams Story


Latest stats from the field:
32 Counselling sessions conducted each month
2 Training sessions for case managers
2 Self defense lessons consducted with clients
Tams Story
Tam is 25 years old and endured years of abuse by herfather and her husband. Due to the lack of aection andattention from the time she was young, Tam was extremely vulnerable. She married a man who professed his love forher without knowing much about his background and wassubsequently abused.
I come from a very traditional family. My father did not likeme because I was born a girl. I had a poor relationship withhim. He was very violent towards my mother and I. Manytimes, we left the house to stay with relatives when he hitus. One evening, he was so drunk and started hitting mymother and I. He drove both of us out of the house.
We decided that we couldn’t take it anymore and moved to Hanoi. That was in 2009.
In 2011, I met my husband in Hanoi. I knew him for several months and he proposed to me. I was verymoved as I thought I had found true love in this world. I borrowed money for our wedding because bothof us couldn’t aord it. I can still remember the day I was married. I was very happy and looking forwardto our beautiful life together.
Two days later, I learned by accident that he had already been married. He was separated from his wifebut he never told me that.
I was devastated. How could he have cheated me? But I forgave him. I was willing to be a submissivewife.
Things got worse. He lied to me and said he was looking for a job. But he never wanted to work. He wasalways hanging out with his friends. Whatever money I earned went into his pocket. When I refused togive him my salary, he hit me. After I gave birth to my daughter, the hitting became worse.
One day it got so bad that I had to run away from the house, leaving my daughter behind. I regretted mydecision of leaving her behind. But I had no choice because he stopped me and I did not have enoughstrength to ght back. When I came back, he told me that my daughter had been sent away to live withmy mother-in-law. When I called him to request to have my daughter, he wanted US$3000 from me.Where can I get the money to pay him? I still have not paid o the debt of another US$3000 owed for the wedding.
Thanks to Hagar, I have a place to stay, I receive training and I have a job at Joma.
My faith in God keeps me strong. I am trying to work very hard to save money to pay o my debts andto get my daughter back. I am not sure how long this will take and whether I can ever hold my daughteragain, as I earn only $150 a month. But I will continue to work hard, hope and pray.
For six months, Hagar has been supporting Tam with counseling, vocational training and employmentat Joma. She has shown commitment and diligence in her work at Joma. She is also receivingcounseling to help her manage her feelings of guilt over leaving her daughter. Hagar Vietnamhas referred Tam for legal advice on custody issues and is supporting her in being economicallyindependent.
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