Build an ambulatory community health care center in a town ravaged by the Mount Pinatubo eruption to provide immediate and accessible health care services to families who were affected and displaced by the catastrophe and are now returning and rebuilding their homes and families in their respective communities. Serve impoverished communities in surrounding areas with compassionate healthcare.
Mar 31, 2011

Current projects at the JADMC

The Jesus A. Datu Medical Center continues to serve the community in a variety of ways.

1. Resource mobilization

The rotary clubs of Pampanga will participate in a matching grant program to fund the following:

  • harelip and cleft palate surgery
  • cataract surgery
  • Mother Child Charity Clinic
  • Birthing Clinic
  • mobile clinic
  • Prosthetics lab

The total amount we are requesting is 5M pesos for each project.

2. Projects at JADMC

  • there is now a full-time midwife. Within a month, we will be fully accredited as a Birthing Clinic
  • we are advertising for a full-time opthalmologist. We are still awaiting the donation of equipment necessary to make the Eye Center complete
  • 200 pterygium cases will be performed April 31-May 1
  • screening and measuring of prosthetics will take place April 16. The goal is to provide fifteen prosthetics every month
  • everyday we offer prenatal exams, blood pressure checks, and EKGs
  • free circumcisions take place once a week
  • a mobile clinic will work with municipal health officers and various NGO's to provide medical consultations to the surrounding communities

3. Renovations

  • we need to install a wire mesh on the entrance ramp to make it safer
  • a shed needs to be built in the back to house the generator
  • two scrub tubs need to be installed as required by code
  • almost every room has an air conditioning unit
Dec 30, 2010

JADMC Progress Report

The Jesus A. Datu Medical Center has been the hub of many projects simultaneously over the past few months.

On December 11 we had a cataract screening of 376 patients. With the help of 4 volunteer opthalmologists and 3 optometrists, 123 of these patients were found eligible for surgery. The other cases consisted of glaucoma patients and those who needed glasses. 170 eyeglasses were distributed to the latter group. Patients arrived as early as 5 a.m.! 10 tents had to be borrowed from the City Mayor's office to accommodate them.

A 3 day pterygium mission for more than 300 cases is planned in January, 2011. The cataract surgeries will also be done in January once we obtain the ambulatory clinic permit for the JADMC which is expected in January or February, 2011.

The weekly Mother Child Charity clinic continues every Friday with volunteer physicians (internal medicine, pediatrics, and OB/GYN). The Arellano research on Maternal and Infant Mortality for the town of Bacolor is ongoing, with 12 full time nurses supervised by a clinical nurse. Their research will establish the benchmark for the Zero Maternal and Infant Mortality Program for the entire province of Pampanga. In other words, for the Pampanga Province Zero Maternal and Infant Mortality Program, we have started with Bacolor because this is where the JADMC is located. The Mother Child Charity Clinic has so far treated more than 1,100 children and pregnant mothers in Bacolor and neighboring towns. This includes free medicines, volunteer doctors, and referrals for difficult pregnancies.

The World Medical Relief will assist us with providing more equipment for the eye clinic, laboratory, radiology, and operating tables.

We have 2 prosthetics technicians undergoing their final months of training. They will be based at the JADMC, where the prosthetics laboratory will be based.

Sep 30, 2010

Mother Child Charity Clinic

The Mother Child Charity Clinic takes place every Friday at the Jesus A. Datu Medical Center. Each Friday is assigned to various organizations, such as the Rotary Club, Lions' Club, Soroptimists, Kapampangan Development Foundation, and Datu Angeles David Foundation, among other volunteers. Obstetricians, Gynecologist, Pediatricians, and Internal Medicine physicians all volunteer their time to staff the clinic. At the most recent clinic, 238 pediatric, 65 OB/GYN, and 123 medical cases for a total of 426 patients were served.

We are close to obtaining our Level 1 License to Operate General Services. This will allow us to operate an ambulatory cataract surgical unit with Philhealth reimbursement. Also upcoming is the transfer of a Prosthetics Lab from its present location at Clark Airfield to the Jesus A. Datu Medical Center.

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