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The Mossy Foot Project was founded to take the word of Christ to unreached peoples and to treat and to eradicate mossy foot (podoconiosis) disease.
Apr 28, 2014

Project Update - April 2014

Dear Project Partners,

We so appreciate your hearts to come alongside us and be a part of the team that ministers to the people in Ethiopia who suffer from mossy foot disease. You also play a crucial role in helping to prevent and eradicate mossy foot disease and bring healing for eternity through faith in Jesus Christ. You are instruments in transforming lives. Thank you ever so much!

Shoes for Children

Recently Samaritan’s Feet International blessed Mossy Foot Project with a contribution of 13,000 pairs of good quality shoes for children.

Two weeks ago, Bruce Bodman, the Director of Logistics and Supply Chain for Samaritan’s Feet, visited Mossy Foot Project headquarters in Soddo to participate in some shoe distributions. Bruce was very excited to be part of God's plan for preventing mossy foot disease. Some of Bruce’s comments were: “Wow what a visit! Mossy Foot ministry is awesome!" Some press and radio people are going to be there!” Bruce expressed that his organization would like to continue to partner with the Mossy Foot ministry in supplying shoes for children. Yeah!  You can read more of his experience in the blog post on the Samaritan's Feet website.

Visit to Sterling College

In April 2013, Chaplain Christian Dashiell Sterling College, Kansas, brought a team of students to Ethiopia to help at Mossy Foot. Recently, I was invited to speak to the Sterling College student body about the Mossy Foot Project ministry and to share about missions in a special chapel service held March 26.

It was a privilege to address the students and to challenge them to be on service wherever they are called. Also, I enjoyed seeing team members again and catching up on what is happening in their lives.

Thank You for Your Support

The schedule for the Operation Change video series has now been confirmed to begin on Monday June 23 on the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN). The video featuring Mossy Foot Project will be third in the series. 
Please continue to share what Mossy Foot Project is doing with your friends and invite them to visit our website

With much gratitude,

Sharon Daly, Project President

Jan 23, 2014

January 2014 Update on Mossy Foot Project

Mossy Foot Project Leadership Meeting
Mossy Foot Project Leadership Meeting

In November and December of 2013, Sharon Daly, Mossy Foot Project President, spent five weeks in Ethiopia. During this time, much progress and important decisions were made. You can read full details in our attached newsletter on our website. Here are some of the key events of the last few months:

  • A QuickBooks consultant worked with the Mossy Foot accountant to convert the accounting system to QuickBooks, which is the same system used in the US. This will streamline the accounting process.
  • A new Ethiopian Executive Director and Country Representative was brought into the organization. Yoseph Menna brings many years of experience in non-profit management and will be a great asset to the leadership team. Sharon was able to spend quality time with Yoseph refining the ministry vision and goals for the coming year.
  • Yoseph and Sharon Daly attended a Federal Ministry of Health workshop in Addis Ababa and had the opportunity to present the work of Mossy Foot Project to several hundred health workers in Soddo.
  • Photographers from Starkey Hearing Foundation came to follow up on stories they filmed earlier on the changed lives of patients treated by the Mossy Foot Project.  
  • Work has been completed on the first phase of construction on property the Ethiopian government has provided for new Mossy Foot Project headquarters. The wall, guard house, and out house are all completed. Phase 2 will begin as soon as funds are available.
  • The Ethiopian government renewed Mossy Foot Project’s status as a Foreign Charity on January 10th. The government supports the project and wants the project to expand into other provinces.
  • Because of a generous donation, we have been able to offer cataract surgery to mossy foot patients experiencing loss of sight. The first group of patients have received surgery and restored sight, improving their ability to care for themselves. 
  • Due to the collaboration of several other non-profit organizations, Mossy Foot Project received a large shipment of donated shoes, enough for 13,736 children. This is a key component to our prevention strategy, as wearing shoes practically guarantees the elimination of mossy foot disease. 
Completed wall and Gate for new Headquarters
Completed wall and Gate for new Headquarters
Cataract Surgery Brings Joy
Cataract Surgery Brings Joy
Joseph Menna and Sharon Daly Share the Vision
Joseph Menna and Sharon Daly Share the Vision


Oct 21, 2013

September Report from Ethiopia

Ethiopian child leading two blind adults
Ethiopian child leading two blind adults

Monday, September 16, 2013

Sight is Coming to Blind Eyes

In Ethiopia, blindness is common in the rural villages because of poverty and lack of medical care. You will often see an adult being led from place to place by a young child. Because of The consequence of blindness for the adult is of course devastating for there is little work available for someone without eyesight. But the consequences for the child can also be drastic, eliminating any opportunity to attend school or enjoy free time with other children. Blindness for Zenebech, one Ethiopian widow with mossy foot disease, forced her to giving her youngest child away since she could not care for him.

This need recently drew the attention of a friend of the Mossy Foot Project, who has generously offered a financial gift that will allow for 100 mossy foot patients to receive cataract repair surgery. Medical Missions International has an eye clinic affiliated with Soddo Christian Hospital where the surgery will be performed. They have offered to train 3 staff members of Mossy Foot Project to identify patients that qualify for this surgery. The three Mossy Foot staff will in turn train the health care workers at the 16 Mossy Foot Project clinics. The gift covers the expense of surgery for 100 eyes as well as overnight lodging in Soddo and food for each patient identified as in need.

We are very grateful for the way God has moved to make this possible. Our approach has always been to treat our patients holistically, and this gift enables us do so in an even more complete way. And how wonderful to think that restoring sight to the blind will also restore childhood and the possibility of school to a boy or girl.


Monday, June 3, 2013

Sharon in Ethiopia: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Here is the latest update from Sharon reporting on development progress at the Mossy Foot Project property in Soddo, Ethiopia:

“I am really excited that we are starting to build on the Mossy Foot property! It will be a blessing not to have to rent property in town.  Also, we will be able to install the right electrical wiring so that we can use all of our shoe making equipment. That will enable us to produce more shoes for the mossy foot patients at the clinics.

This past week we got estimates on all the things we will need to build the rock wall, the guard house, and "shint bate" (out house).  On Friday, materials were being delivered and by Monday a lot of work had already been done.

It is such a blessing to have Mark Launder here overseeing the building, expediting the progress, and ensuring good quality.  Since he is well acquainted with the culture and how things operate, he is able to navigate challenges that might stop someone else.

The work is labor intensive--with capstones being hand-hewn out of rock, cement mixed by hand, and large rocks being chipped by hand to go in the base for the wall.  I tried breaking the rock with a mallet for about 20 seconds and that was enough for me."

Mark Launder and Workmen
Mark Launder and Workmen
Sharon literally between a rock and a hard place
Sharon literally between a rock and a hard place
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