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Mercy in Action is a non-profit organization that focuses on the crisis in Maternal/Newborn/Child health care worldwide. We have been establishing and funding free birth centers for poor families in the Philippines since 1992, and to date more than 12,000 babies have been delivered free of charge for the poorest of the poor in Mercy In Action's Birth Centers, and literally tens of thousands of lives have been helped and healed in the medical outreaches. Mercy In Acton also teaches clinical internships, seminars and training retreats to prepare midwives, medics and nurses to meet the global shortage of skilled birth attendants, and to help primary health care workers prevent unnecessary chil...
Jan 6, 2014

Report from Ground Zero of the Disaster

Birth Tent
Birth Tent

Maricel went into labor on Christmas Eve. She came riding a motorcycle driven by her husband, from far out in the rice paddies surrounding the small town of Dulag. As she traveled on this uncomfortable mode of transportation, contractions wracking her tired body, she passed scene after scene of mass destruction; piles of rubble that used to be neighbor's homes, other houses with no roofs, make-shift tents and lean-to tarp shelters, twisted metal, cars upsidedown in trees, and other sights that reminded her of the horrible storm that passed by only 46 days before. For Maricel it seemed like a lifetime that she and her family had been deprived of food, clean water, shelter, and any comforts of home. Now she was in labor, heading out to find out if any health centers were open, and free of charge, for she had no money. What pesos they had stored away for a rainy day had literally blown away in the rain and wind of Typhoon Haiyan, known as Yolonda within the Philippines. And she and her husband had had no work since the storm. Maricel knew the health centers close to her home had been badly damaged in the storm, and were closed. Yet as they turned onto the highway and headed into the capital, they saw a sign that said "MERCY IN ACTION MATERNITY CENTER FREE DELIVERIES HERE. Almost not daring to hope, Maricel told her husband to pull into the school grounds, where they followed the signs to a broken down classroom. Inside it was bright with lights from a generator, and several cheerful women met her at the door. Yes, the midwives said, you can give birth here, in our safe and clean tent with all the equipment needed for any birth emergency. They lovingly guided her in, gave her a thorough exam, and told her that she and her baby were both handling labor well and birth would happen soon. A few hours later, Maricel, after a gentle and calm delivery, leaned forward off the birth stool and picked up her crying, squirming baby girl and gathered her into her arms. Putting the baby to her breast, she cried with joy and said "Thank you, thank you so much!" The midwives deferred, and murmered "Thanks be to God". And Christmas came once again, in the shattered land left behind by the largest storm to ever make landfall. 

Birth Tent with IV drip hanging
Birth Tent with IV drip hanging


Nov 8, 2013

Thanks and Merry Christmas to our Wonderful Donors

Gathering to say "Thanks, Global Giving!"
Gathering to say "Thanks, Global Giving!"

This attached video is to say a big Thank You to all who donated to Mercy In Action through GlobalGiving.

Many women in the Philippines where we live are unable to afford a skilled birth attendant. So just like Mary in the famous Christmas story, when they start labor they have no where to go and no one to help, because there is still "no room at the inn" for pregnant women who cannot afford to pay.

But because of your geneours giving to Mercy In Action through GlobalGiving, our kind and caring midwives have been able to help hundreds of women give birth safely this year, and help thousands more to get good quality prenatal and postnatal care, and regular check ups for their newborn babies, all totally free of cost to the patients.

Maria recently said "You are my angels", when referring to how Mercy In Action staff helped her when she experienced pregnancy complications last month. She is one of many women who expressed their heartfelt gratitude for the services of Mercy In Action's birthing home.

So to all our GlobalGiving donors, deepest gratitude from all of us here in the Philippines as we approach the Christmas season. Please remember us in your prayers!

And please enjoy the Thank you Video attached to this report!

In the words of another famous Christmas story, "God Bless us, everyone!"


Oct 2, 2013

Floods of babies during times of flooding

Marcie's little baby

This past week, our home in Olongapo, Philippines was in the world news headlines as we were hit by a typhoon and experienced the worse flooding in our recorded history. Now we are all digging out of this natural disaster that affected 18 of our 19 local communities in this region and flooded more than 90% of our city, including our own family home. Most significant for Mercy In Action, during and since the flooding began more pregnant women than ever are coming in to deliver in our birth center. We think the storm and the trauma of losing their homes and possessions triggered many women to go into labor. And they are staying longer after childbirth in our center, staying dry and warm and being fed while they wait for their homes to be cleaned and cleared of mud enough to return home.

As the only medical facility in our region of the Philippines to provide maternity care at no cost, Mercy In Action is proud to help poor and disenfranchised pregnant women by providing them a respectful, culturally sensitive and safe place to give birth in our modern yet home-like birthing center. Please join our project. With a gift of $150, we can help one woman deliver safely in our facility, including all necessary birthing supplies, tests, emergency medicines as needed, and transportation to the birth center in labor and transportation home again after delivery. At Mercy In Action, success is measured in excellent medical statistics, healthy breastfeeding babies, and happy parents who did not have to go into debt just to have a safe birth. 

One new mother, Marcie, who delivered just this morning at 2:30 am, said these words moments after the birth of her baby, as she cradled him in her arms: "Thank you all, thank God for Mercy!"
GlobalGiving Project of the Month:
Finally, we want to share with you the honor we received this month of October by being chosen as the featured GlobalGiving Project of the Month. Please join with others this October to fund the worthy work of Mercy In Action. Every newborn baby born here thanks you; after all, everyone needs a little "Mercy", especially in stormy and troubled times like these!


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