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We work with children and young adults from Moscow orphanages. Our mission is to help every child to learn and develop as a person, overcoming the negatives of an institutionalized past. Step Up is the first organization in Russia which, since 1999, has worked to provide orphans with a quality education, to motivate them to learn. We help graduates of orphanages to complete school, find jobs, pass college/university entrance exams. We provide specific help necessary to overcome the psychological complexes that plague orphans. We enable institutionalized orphans and orphanage graduates to make wise, mature and healthy decisions for their own live. We also work surmount and eventually change...
Feb 27, 2012

You supported 127 Step Up students this year


Dear friends,

Hope you are well. Thank you for your continuing support. We are very grateful to you donations and inputs.

I would like to share some facts from our half-yearly progress report of the program you are supporting - "Giving Russian Orphans an Equal Start in Life". We have 127 students this year. All these teenagers and young adults are trying to realize their dreams of quality education. In September-December, 2011 we had 2,851 classes taught, including 296 classes taught by volunteers. Volunteers mostly come to teach English.

In this report I would like to tell you about one of the most spectacular events of this half of the year. On December, 19 we held a project conference for our students which had as its theme the history of inventions. It took place in the main hall of the Pokrovskie Vorota Cultural Centre, which made things even more serious!

The preparations for this event were very lively — each of our teaching groups chose a subject they were interested in and then prepared a report and a presentation. Our students presented the history of clocks, candles, pens, bicycles, rucksacks, photography, the history of the building of the Coliseum and so on. In total there were presentations by nine groups.

The first presentation was by students from psycho-neurological orphanages, who recounted to us an animated history of clocks. Dima (on the photo) shared the experience of telling the time using his own shadow. He didn’t only tell us about different types of clocks, but also showed them!

Sasha and Lyuba gave an exciting presentation on the history of planes and bicycles. The audience greatly enjoyed these presentations as the students showed them the things they were talking about and gave them various conundrums to chew on, forcing them to actively participate in the show.

We learnt many new facts: a stone was used as a first candle, that the Coliseum's arena was once flooded for sea battles, that phantom metro stations still exist, that heavy items should be packed at the bottom of your rucksack, and many other things.

The most memorable presentation was the one about Archimedes' life. From the conference hall our young actors transported us to Ancient Greece where Archimedes himself told us about his great inventions.


I also attach a Step Up Newsletter for January 2012 for your kind attention. 


Thank you very much for all your support.

With warm regards,



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