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Critter Camp's Mission is to provide a safe, healthy, happy forever home to unadoptable small exotic and unusual pets. These animals are unadoptable due to advanced age, chronic illness, aggression and/or excessive fearfulness, generally from abuse or neglect. Many come to us from other shelters where they were to be euthanized. Our main goal is to provide care for as many of these forgotten pets as possible. Critter Camp's secondary goal is to educate the public on the needs of these pets for two outcomes. One is to help current pet owners provide better care of their pets, the second is to prevent impulse buying of these types of pets by creating educated potential pet owners. Critter C...
Feb 12, 2013

Adoptable Parakeets! New Contest! Cute Pics!

Alice & Mrs. Horton want you to vote
Alice & Mrs. Horton want you to vote

Everyone here at Critter Camp exotic Pet Sanctuary hopes that our wonderful supporters are having a great new year so far!
We just took in 3 adorable adoptable young male parakeets! We hope to find them a great home soon! They are lsited here on Petfinder:

One of our awesome supporters made a cute hedgehog piggy bank for us to sell on ebay too- see it here:

Critter Camp is in a new contest too- it only takes 1 one-time vote! Click here:

And we are still in The Animal Rescue Site Contest too- that takes one vote every day- please vote for Critter Camp in IL :

We bought land a year ago with money we won in the Pepsi contest and now we hope to build soon! To follow our prgress you can click here to our Building Page:

Thank you so much for your support and interest in our cause- saving the lives of homeless small pets!!!

Handcrafted hedgehog Bank
Handcrafted hedgehog Bank
Wiley the fennec fox & Rambo the tortoise
Wiley the fennec fox & Rambo the tortoise
Alberta the western box turtle
Alberta the western box turtle


Jan 25, 2013

Critter Camp saved 223 animals in 2012!


Yes that's right, Critter Camp saved 223 small pets , many  would have been euthanized at 'kill' shelters had we not stepped up to take them in.

Critter Camp gives sanctuary to the elderly, chronically ill, aggressive and fearful small pets other than cats and dogs that are considered unadoptable by other rescues. 

We could not have accomplished this without your help! Thank you!!

And we start off 2013 saving more animals!

Welcome Dahlia & Precious- two rabbits in a kill shelter 'on the list' to go. 

Be sure to visit our website,

our Facebook page for Bunday Mondays, Weasel Wednesdays & Fennec Fox Fridays and other up to the minute pics and info on Critter Camp,

and our Youtube channel for the latest adorable videos of the critters! 

Thank you for your continued support!!

Jan 2, 2013

Thank You! New hedgehog Lucky!

Lucky the hedgehog
Lucky the hedgehog

Thank you to EVERYONE for making it a wonderful Holiday for all 350 rescued critters at Critter Camp!!

Thank you for the Gifts, Donations and treats!

We are fortunate to have so many wonderful supporters!!

Here's Looking forward to a Great 2013!!

With your support we will be able to rescue Hundreds more small pets!

Critter Camp Exotic Pet Sanctuary's  newest Rescue: 

 Lucky the hedgehog


Lucky came in severely malnourished from being fed chinchilla food. 
Hedgehogs are insectivores and need a high protein diet, chinchillas are herbivores and eat a very low protein diet. We are getting Lucky back on his tiny little feet.


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