Mathari's Children Fund

To help impoverished children succeed in life. We enable children to access schools and we help them to stay there, by paying fees, teaching life skills, providing counseling when problems arise, providing medical help when needed and making sure every child has at least one square meal every day. We provide both formal education and technical training for children who would otherwise suffer hunger, disease and permanent poverty.
Dec 6, 2010

Matching Funds through December 15th

Dear Friends,

I wanted to bring you some good news regarding our children's fund.  These are tough times, for charities and donors alike, and so we set ourselves the task of adding more value to each contribution that you decide to give.  We have 130 kids whose future depends on us making it through to better times, and as the project founder, I feel a particular responsibility to help make that happen.  So I and a very generous supporter who would rather not be named have decided that we will each match 100% of any donation you make before December 15th.  

What is the matching funds campaign all about?

 We will each match 100% of your donation if it comes in before December 15th.  So a donation that would keep a child in school for a year will keep three children in school for a year instead.  If you commit to a monthly amount, we will each match, up front, a full year's worth of your monthly commitment.  The only limits are that your donation must be made before December 15th, and that each of us will match up to $20,000, so $40,000 between the two of us. 

 What do we do?  We help children from the age of four up, who live in Mathari or the surrounding slums.  Many of them are orphans, and all of them live in squalour.  They don't have enough to eat and they can't afford to go to school, so they spend their time scavenging for food.  They face violence, hunger and disease and, without an education, they really have no way out.  We pay for school fees, medicine and food.  We have three social workers who find schools and technical training opportunities, and then work with the children to help them stay with the programme.   We’ve been doing this successfully for the past eleven years.

 What are the results? 

  • 110 kids in school right now, drug-free, healthy and learning every day.  Many of these would be dead by now if it weren’t for the programme. 20 more joining next month.
  • Over 300 children helped over the eleven-year life of the programme to date.
  • 15 have made it to university, colleges or technical training schools.  I don’t need to tell you that they weren’t going anywhere near university when we first saw them on the streets.
  • 64 have made it through to secondary schools, and are on their way to graduating.

What does it cost to change a life?   12 US Dollars per child per week on average.

Why should you support this programme?

  • Because we keep costs to a minimum so that your money goes further.  There are no landcruisers, no frills of any kind.  Keep a child alive, well and learning for a year – for about the cost of three cappuccinos per week!
  • Because I and my friends who run the project pay all the administrative expenses, so 100% of your donation goes to run the programme.  What other charity deducts zero percent of your money for administration?
  • Because we will match any donation you make between now and December 15th, up to a total of €$40,000.  You'll achieve three times as much with your donation as you could otherwise.
  • Because they're children facing unbelievable odds, and they deserve our active support.

 The best way to give

Any way is good, but if you pledge a monthly amount – say $30 per month – that enables us to be sure of what we can offer each child in terms of school fees, medicine, food and school books for a year.  Global Giving enables you to do that.

Where can you find out more?

  • Watch a ten-minute film about the project on YouTube: ctrl+click here
  • Watch a 2-minute film highlighting the matching funds campaign: ctrl+click here
  • Take a look at our new website:    
  • Let's keep in touch: 
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Thank you for all of your help for these children.


Nov 8, 2010

Update from Mathare

The new children
The new children's center

Dear Friends,

 Its that time again when you get an update of what we have been up to the last 2/3 months as we continue to serve our children who are the future of this beautiful world.

 We still continue to recruit the 20 children we talked about in the last update. We hope to finish this process by end of November so the children recruited join us during the Christmas holiday program to get to know each other individually.

 In the last update we reported that the building of the Children Center had stalled but as we report now, we do not know where to start due to excitement, but we finally did get the Center finished and just yesterday we moved in. A Malayan Proverb says “One can pay back the loan of gold, but one dies forever in debt to those who are kind” and indeed we the Board, Staff and more so our clients (Children and parents) are indebted to you forever, in fact the country where our kids are part of the future is indebted forever. All this is due to your continued regular support and deep faith you and our other friends have put in us for all these years. Please see photos attached. In the Center, we have a counseling room, a library, a multi-purpose hall and meeting space for our more than 120 kids and their families, a washing bay for the children to wash their clothes,a kitchen where the kids can receive a nourishing meal each day and a computer room where all our kids will train in basic computer skills. We also have two apartments which will be rented out to help us meet additional bills like electricity, water and internet.  You will remember that during the election violence some time back, there was a great deal of danger and violence in the slum.  We are delighted that the kids now have a secure place they know they can always come to, and where they can eat, talk and learn in safety.

 The last months also saw 4 children get admitted to various hospitals across the country depending on where they go to school. Two of them had Cerebral Malaria but have recovered and gone back to school.  One one got Typhoid and is still recuperating at home while one is still hospitalized after it was found that he had a hole in his heart which needs surgery. This boy might not be attending school this term but we hope he will recover soon to be able to attend school next year. Except for the normal colds and flu and malaria here and there all our kids are doing fine health wise.

 In Kenya every end of year, children in their last year of Primary education sit for the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education Exams while those in Secondary Schools sit for the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Examinations. We currently have 8 of our children sit for the different exams and wish them good luck in their endeavors.

In the next couple of weeks we will be launching a new website and will be sending short videos and other materials to our donors, as part of our annual fundraising campaign.  Please send us an email to if you would like to be included in this.

Many, many thanks once again to all of you, we do indeed find it very fortunate to have you with us on this important journey.

With warm regards,

(Asanteni Sana.)

Titus Mwangi
Team Leader

The new children
The new children's center 2
Aug 11, 2010

Update from Mathare

Celebration photo 1
Celebration photo 1

Dear Friends,

(Hamjambo)…Greetings from Mathare, Nairobi

With this letter, we are very happy to share with you some news and updates about the program you have been supporting. This project first appeared on Global Giving in November 2007 and since then we have received a lot of support for it from people like you. Every one of us here is truly grateful to all your support over the past two years and we hope to receive your continued help for this project in the years to come. So many, many thanks for your generous support.

In April we held our tenth anniversary celebrations in which both the founders, Cathal and Susi joined us with the children and their parents/guardians to celebrate this auspicious occasion. With the founders were a group of donors from England who are helping us to build a children center in the slum. Children and parents were the main participants in the celebration and all of them had the opportunity to express their dreams, hope and gratitude. Some children expressed their messages through performing a play. About 7 girls performed a play, explaining street children sufferings.

The play also illustrated the need of the street children for basic child rights. The play aimed to raise children's awareness about their rights, as well as the process they go through when joining the project to when they go to school. They also approached this through songs, and 5 girls preformed songs calling for a better life and gratitude for the project’s involvement in uplifting their life. Antonina, 12 years old, recited a poem on her school life after being on the streets and the message was strong enough to touch the feelings of all the audience. Youth participation was a big part of the celebration event in which youth discussed issues affecting their wellbeing; they called for nondiscrimination against youth (regardless of gender, ethnicity, color or nationality). The call was for better skills development opportunities for youth to improve their lives. This focused on such things as how youth can play a main role in their community, especially when they find support from NGOs like Mathare Children’s Fund Panairobi and other sources. Parents /guardians also performed for the crowd and invited the guests to join them and gave a thrilling show to the children. Attached you can see some photos of the celebration.

Following the entertainment, the founders, one of the donors, staff, a parent and a child gave speeches. Cathal had this to say why he felt compelled to start the organization, "These kids blew me away the first time I saw them. They had nothing and yet managed to smile all through. In my own personal experiences I have seen what can happen when children are given the love and support they need to reach their potential. I was excited to be a part of a mission of helping excluded and impoverished children around the slums in Mathare,” he said. After the talks, a meal for all was served.

As many of you know, we have been working on building a children centre in the slum, where our daily feeding, educational and counseling activities can take place. I have to report that, following the dissolution of the contractor responsible for the project, it has come to a temporary halt. We have embarked on getting a new contractor to finish the building, which should be hopefully by the end of September. What this means is that we will continue hiring Bethany college grounds and rooms for the month of August when the children leave school for holidays.

From September, we will be recruiting some 20 more children from rehabilitation programs within Mathare. They will be between 7 and 13 years and include both girls and boys. Children who finished high school and started training in basic computers are through and some will be joining different colleges between now and January.

It is also very encouraging to observe that our project staff/parents/children quarterly meetings have improved and helped in further strengthening the relationship between us. This has provided a platform for mutual learning for the parents, staff and the kids about how to make the most of the opportunities offered by the programme. With the regular support and deep faith you and our other friends have put in us for all these years, the project has ensured education for the children - together we have been able to invest in transforming hundreds of lives. We hope to keep building on this foundation and continue to transform lives and expand the dialogue around the issue of education. It would be an absolute pleasure for us to answer any questions you might have.

Many, many thanks once again to all of you. We are very fortunate to have you with us on this important journey. With warm regards, (Asanteni Sana.) Titus

Celebration photo 2
Celebration photo 2
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