Green Care Assocation

Green Care Association(GCA) is a Cameroon-based non-governmental organization that, since its inception in 1998, has targeted the promotion of proper environmental management and sustainable agriculture in the region surrounding its base of operations in Shisong. GCA's focus is in proper environmental management through the nursing of indigenous tree species and fruits trees for out planting to protect water catchment sources and in degraded community forest sites. As well as demonstration sites for bee farming and non-conventional livestock farming of quails, cane rats and snails. As part of its mission to promote public understanding of environmental management and sustainable agriculture,...
Jul 23, 2014

Green Care gets "Climate Justice Ambassadors"

Green Care Association gets “Climate Justice Ambassadors”


Green Care Association(GCA) in partnership with Plant –for –Planet organisation recently organized an event with three Primary schools in Shisong. The schools include Catholic Primary School Shisong, Government primary School Shisong and Government Primary School Bamgam. Assistance was given to the event by Teachers of the these schools, GCA staff and some other community volunteers. A total of 70 pupils attended. Apart from planting 200 trees at the Ndzenshwai water catchment donated by GCA, lessons were presented on world distribution of wealth, Population and industrialization by the German volunteer Pauline attached to GCA who doubled as co-moderator of the Plant-for-Planet academy. Group work also featured during presentations in which each group was developed its plan of action.

At the end of the event participants received a book each on Climate Change and Certificate as” Climate Justice Ambassadors”

The event was graced with the presence of the Deputy Mayor for Kumbo Council, parents of Pupils and many German Volunteers in and around Kumbo. The pupils and their Teachers left the event very satisfied. The Deputy Mayor happily declared “Kumbo is privileged to host the event, and I remain very proud being part of the story”

The Plant-for-Planet is an international Children’s initiative to support the Billion –Tree- Campaign of the United Nations Environment Program with a goal of planting 1,000billion new trees by 2020, GCA is very proud of putting to use Global Giving funds to compensate for the trees planted  and other expenditures  even though there is still need to plant more.

Jul 9, 2014

Bee keeping Training at Viyon

Bee Farming Training At Viyon village May 2014


After working for some while in the domain of Bee farming Green Care Association (GCA)has taken the option of outreach trainings to benefit the very remote community dwellers. This time around it was the opportunity of Viyon family and village located some 20 kilometres away from GCA base in Shisong. Apart from applying for assistance in the training this village caught the admiration of GCA through the fact that they have been practicing conservation of their 12 hectare forest for decades without attaching any modern reason like carbon Sink or Climate Justice Ambassador.

It’s in consideration of some of these values that GCA decided to empower this big conservation family with training as a means to encourage and improve their sources of income. The Training which was attended by women, Students and Men of Viyon turn out to be the very first formal training to ever reached the village as an alternative source of income apart from traditional subsistent agricultural practices. When we interviewed Mathew one of the student who participated in the training session he declared ‘ Am sure bee farming is going to assist my family income to enable me complete my secondary school education’

At the end of the training the family head, remarkably said ‘ Forest is for all but bee farming training is for our private benefit, thank you GCA’ It should be made known clearly that it was thanks to GlobalGiving funds that GCA was able to organize this important and most appreciated training to this remote family

May 12, 2014

Lack of Collecting Tank results in Water scarcity

Lack of Collecting Tank results in Water Scarcity

For some while now the villagers of Shisong have been slow in realizing the final phase of their water project. A situation that is affecting the community so much that there is water scarcity. This was particularly noticed during peak dry season (February and March) Increased efforts to raise funds for the construction of water collecting tank  has been slow. The project which was started with a lot of enthusiasm is experiencing some difficulties due to poverty and donor fatigue. The villagers have been doing voluntary work, donating cash, food and drinks for the project. Its for these reasons that Mr Wanyu with determination said ‘Am very worried about this water project and do not know where to begin again, but we must do something to improve the situation.’

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