Nkong Hill Top Common Interest Group

We are a Cameroonian Community-based Organisation (CBO) dedicated to improving livelihoods of the rural and urban underprivileged and marginalized, especially women and youth. We provide access to micro-financing, capacity-building, agricultural resources through a participatory and partnership approach, with local, national and international organizations involved in community development projects.
Jun 13, 2014

June Showers for the Cameroon Widow's Project

Our recipients continue to knock our door for vaccinations and treatments. This project has assured us of the vast impact on their lives of our widows. The project has increased their self-esteem, provides security to them and their household; because the pigs behind their houses can be sold in case of any eventuality. Even some of them have developed strong fillings for their pig; the thought of selling the pig for meat is dreadful to them. Taking into consideration this sentiment, animal hygiene has been greatly improved with a spill over effect within the community. It is noticed, in some of the areas, that the project has encouraged more and more people to build pig pens for their pigs; thereby curbing illnesses that would and has killed many of the pigs.

Our optimism and interest drives us to continue selecting widows to benefit from the scheme in spite of our little resources to meet their demand. Our evaluation indicates that it is expensive to construct one pen after the other. In light of this adjustment, we have settled down with the option to construct at least three pens at a time for our next round of beneficiaries. However we have not started any construction because we want to allow the disease period to draw to a close.

It is great to belong to a family, a warmth relationship created by God in recognition of the inability of human self sufficiency. The abundance of one man somewhere is a scare resource in another place and people there are in dire need of. Nkong Hill Top and their widows shall always be indebted to GlobalGiving for mobilizing the widow’s capacity around the world to reach our widows in the most special of ways. We thank you for putting a simile on another’s person face far from you and your generous donations to savage poverty in our milieu.

Feb 26, 2014

Activity report of Cameroon widows pig project

A  beneficiary
A beneficiary's happy piglet

The start of the new year has ushered in a breath of fresh air and enriched confidence for the beneficiaries of the Cameroonian Widow Pig Project. There is an 80% percentage restocking effort surfacing from the second group of beneficiaries. The women have high spirits and hope for a fruitful future. Several widows are receiving outstanding profits, ranging from 150,000 to 240,000 francs as income, from their pig rearing efforts. Beneficiaries have been empowered socially and most importantly financially. Our recipients, for the first time in their lives, are capable of earning income and using their hard earned money to pay children’s school fees. Others can now afford housing repairs, medications to improve personal health, farming fungicides/pesticides and more piglets for future growth.

In light of their abundant success, widows are also ensuring the good condition of existing piglet pens. We continue to have an overflow of calls from other quarters, even as far off as the North West Region, for the project’s accessibility to other widows throughout Cameroon; but we have very limited resources. Through your noble global giving donations, we will have an opportunity to reach these women. 

In spite of this, on Wednesday, January 30th, a field team visited a current beneficiary who is unable to continue with the project due to unforeseen financial issues surrounding her housing and children‘s health. It is our wish to use the Global giving funds to support this woman’s restarting efforts for pig farming; while sourcing for other funds to help her refurbish her house.

Taking into account the above mention lapse, it is important to note that four of the five widows selected from the last survey are currently restocking and devoted to pig rearing. Ultimately, our organization  together with the widows of Cameroon are truly appreciative for your efforts and monetary support that empower w omen with pigs rearing activities as an income generation activity.

Thanks Aldous Lekeanyi and Erica Johnson

Nov 12, 2013

Cameroon widows pig project November report


On Tuesday 8th October a representative of the first widow’s group of beneficiaries in Ikata Mrs Frida Tanye visited our office following the call made by Mr. Aldous Lekeanyi  to find out about their pigs business. Her visit was to appeal to the veterinarian to help them get some piglets for three empty pens that have sold their second batch of pigs and where finding it difficult to get improve piglets to restock their farms. They got piglets three days after because her visit coincided with a confirmation of piglets that we have asked some days before. Her visit gave her the opportunity to meet with Mr. Vincent Anu the coordinator of Nkong Hill Top Association for Development for the first time. Her joy was clearly visible and she said that she has seen him before when she went to save money at the micro-finance institute (Nkong Credit for Developmen), but did not know he was the coordinator of this organization. This micro-finance was creatd by Nkong Hill Top to support women business initiative.

On the other hand, two beneficiaries in Tole have sold their pigs and restock while the other two are encourage by the price their friends have sold theirs to keep a little longer to make more money in December. With the disease period over, there is no serious treat on the pigs within this one month period apart from thieves. When we express this fear, Mrs Ange Annemarie told us that by Gods Grace nothing will happen.  It is worth noting that this batch of pigs in Tole have not suffer from any illness, hence we have suffer no lost this time.  Exited with this success, the board Chairman Mr. Nkemka George was quick to thank the staff working on the project for the initiative to construct suspended pens that cut communication with stray pigs which is one of the major rout of infection. He hoped more funds will enable us have an impact on many lives.

When this project began, we believe that we shall find the need in a community to assist some widows to start an income generating activity (IGA) that will help alleviate poverty. Instead the communities are now demanding for the project. We have many widows waiting but means really limited. It is for this reason that we are appealing for support to enable us assist these widows.