Enterprise for Vocational Development

ENVODEV is a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization whose purpose is to provide economic relief in Chad through culturally and geographically relevant projects which focus on vocational training and job creation. Our mission is to create networks in Chad, harness local community resources and develop new skills while alleviating the serious public health and energy crises there. Ultimately, the vision of ENVODEV is to significantly increase the diversity and availability of occupations in Chad.
Badei, sesame chaff pyrolysis site
Dodje, Tchad
(8.51149, 15.76188)
Belaba (Moundou) - APRO-ECO station
Djamena-Moundou, Moundou, Chad
(8.57824, 16.02167)
Central rice-straw charcoal production site
Doba, Chad
(8.65772, 16.85311)
ENVODEV headquarters, central rice-straw charcoal production site.
Djamena-Moundou, Moundou, Chad
(8.56617, 16.08527)
Moundou, Chad
Djamena-Moundou, Moundou, Chad
(8.56671, 16.06489)
Nya, Chad
La Pende, Chad
(8.69027, 16.75206)
Nya, rice-straw pyrolysis site
La Pende, Chad
(8.68707, 16.76085)
Tilo (KOSGUELBE group)
Lac Wey, Tchad
(8.68161, 16.20009)
Tilo, rice-straw pyrolysis site
Lac Wey, Tchad
(8.68402, 16.20222)