Ippan Shadan Hojin DSIA

The Durable Social Innovation Alliance (DSIA) stimulates sustainable Japanese-style social innovations through entre- and intra-preneurial activities, which are enhanced by alliances among diverse partners including companies, governments and NPOs. DSIA's goal is to create new social values and knowledge, but still path-dependently based on Japanese traditional and corporate culture, technology, socio-economic behavior and past experiences. The DSIA contributes to developing human resources who will tackle social issues, as "opportunities of changes" (Drucker), with a strong mind of social innovation and entrepreneurship. By doing so, we hope to re-generate and re-activ...
Fukko Temporary Shopping Center
(38.71706, 141.52060)
Isatomae Fukko Shotengai (Redevelopment Arcade)
(38.71766, 141.52115)
Isatomae Fukko Temporary Shops
(38.71741, 141.52072)
Isatomae Kofuku Shotengai
(38.71758, 141.52124)
Isatomae Tento Shop Location
(38.72002, 141.52261)
It was a beautiful small coastal town with a traditional formation of shops, very rare to be found in Japan now. But it is all gone. Town people are dreaming to recreate shops in a mountain side.
(38.71688, 141.52249)
Kirarin Kids in Rikuzen Takata City, Iwate Prefecture
(39.02987, 141.63348)
Kirarin Kids in Takata Osumi Tsudoi no Oka Archade
(39.03030, 141.63342)
Kirarin Kids operating in a temporary coffee shop in Rikuzen Takada
(39.02526, 141.62897)
Kirarin Kids' present location (Rikuzen Takada)
(39.02687, 141.63000)
(39.02586, 141.63040)
Takata Osumi Shopping Archade
(39.03000, 141.63341)
Takata Osumi Tsudoino Oka Shopping Complex
(39.03048, 141.63405)
The location of CafeFood Bar Wai Wai
(39.02636, 141.62836)
This is a small community, trying to start its rebuilding by opening shops and factories in a large-sized tent.
(38.71719, 141.52211)
Tsudoi no Oka Shopping Archade
(39.02422, 141.63051)
Utatsu Aza Isatomae, Minami-sanrikucho, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
(38.71715, 141.52274)
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