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God's Littlest Angels is dedicated to helping the children and families of Haiti by providing intensive nursery care for premature, malnourished, and abandoned children. We will assist in seeking outside help for children needing surgical or medical treatment not available in Haiti. We will also assist in placing abandoned children with adoptive families. We will provide education to children who cannot afford to go to school through a sponsorship program. We will provide teachers and schooling for the children in the orphanage so that they also will receive an education. Our purpose is to help the children of Haiti in any way we can and to spread the word of God to each person we serve.
Jan 2, 2014

How You Made a Difference for Little Love

Love has a future
Love has a future

Britany Smith, our head nurse, tells the story of little Love and how you made a difference for him:

On October 17, we had another organization, who goes to remote areas of Haiti, calling us requesting help for a young boy who they had seen in their week-long medical clinic. Just under a year old Little Love, as I liked to call him, was just 11 lbs. He was severely malnourished and was treated for three days prior to coming to us with naso-gastric feeds but still was not doing well and the short-term team was looking for continued care for him.

     For the first few days, he was touch and go. He was not tolerating any food by mouth and only small amounts through is NG tube; he was very sad and withdrawn. His mother stayed here with him for his first few weeks and the staff helped to teach her what her son needed and how to prepare it, for his eventual discharge. Little Love would cry and cry when his mother wasn't in an arms distance or holding him and it was very evident that his mother truly wanted to care and provide for him, she just need some education and help.

     After having an IV for a few days and a naso-gastric tube for about two weeks, his body starting changing, the swelling had diminished and his thin, frail body was starting to become strong again. Little Love stayed here with us until December 9th, just under two months. His mother had gone home for a few weeks to see her family and help take care of her other son, when she returned she was so surprised and happy to see the transformation in her youngest son. On discharge, he had gained just under 7lbs in 2 months and was the happiest boy around! He has a laugh that can take over the room! 

     Little Love is back in his families care; we continue to pray that he continues to grow and be healthy while with his family. His story is not over and we hope that he can continue to thrive in the environment and care that he is currently in.

Thank you for making a difference for the children we care for in Haiti.

Love has a future because of you.


Aug 29, 2013

Water - We All Need It!

The school with the 60,000 gallon cistern below it
The school with the 60,000 gallon cistern below it

Thank you for your support of our ongoing effort to provide our kids and staff with clean water!    We continue to make efforts to find clean drinking water and dig a well at Ft. Jacques (our new facility) but all the while we must continue to filter the water we do collect and truck in so that we can keep our kids healthy.

A couple of things that have happened lately:

1. We broke ground on the new school building.    The school building will have a 60,000 gallon cistern underneath it and will be able to collect and store the rain water that comes off our big kid houses and off the school.   This will save us significant costs in having water brought in by truck.   However it will still need to be filtered.

2. We just obtained a donation of literally thousands of prepackaged bottles of formula.   Why is that important to clean water?   Because it is ready to serve, we won't have to use up precious clean water to mix the formula.   That will save us probably 3,000 gallons of clean water over the next few months.


Thank you for your support of our kids.    The need for clean water remains a very important and life saving priority!



Aug 29, 2013

Baby Formula!

We still have 145 kids to feed every day, but yesterday we got a big boost to that.   Mead Johnson donated a LOT of baby formula that is going to a number of organizations.   We currently have 75 kids who are drinking at least some formula, so this is a big thing for us.

How much did they donate?  Enough to fill four containers.   A container is 40 ft long by 8 ft wide by 8 ft tall.    That's a lot of formula - 7,700 cases of it.

But guess what, it  will all be used by the organizations who are getting it by November 1.   That's right, between 2 hospitals, an orphanage (us) and a rescue clinic, we'll have it all gone by November 1 - which is the expiration date of the formula.

It's a huge help - but it is not a long term answer to prayer - we still have day to day challenges of feeding our 145 kids - while 75 of them do use formula - 70 of them don't and some of those on formula also eat solid food - so that's a big expense.

Thank you for anything you have done and can do to help us continue to feed the kids!

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