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YADA was established in 2005, by a group of social scientists and project managers. YADA aims to produce knowledge regarding the different aspects of social life and convert this knowledge into sustainable and applicable projects. YADA's basic mission is to design and carry out projects to bridge the gap between "theory" and "daily life". YADA designs and conducts research, implementation and monitoring-evaluation projects in diverse fields of activity including civil society, environment, youth, active living, development and agriculture, corporate social responsibility, etc. In all studies it conducts or takes part in, YADA adopts a comprehensive approach that takes i...
Aug 1, 2013

GlobalGiving Summer 2013 Report

Dear GlobalGiving Supporters,

With this summer report we have come to the end of our project. With your generous support, we as YADA Foundation and Nature Conservation Centre have progressed to fulfill our mission in Koycegiz to save the endemic Sweetgum Forest. However, it doesn’t mean that we are terminating our project. We will continue increasing our efforts to achieve our conservation targets. You can always participate to our work and witness the developments through our web sites: www.yasamadair.org/ and dkm.org.tr.

In the coming future we will concentrate our efforts on;

  • planting new trees and establishing corridors between existing Sweetgum forest patches;
  • establishing eco-tourism ideas on natural values of Koycegiz to strengthen the links between nature and economy of local people;
  • supporting the environmental education activities in the region;
  • developing a macro level approach to conservation and management of Sweetgums in the whole region;
  • increasing the participation of private sector to the conservation efforts;
  • continuing our efforts to determine the socio-economical and historical studies on Sweetgum based issues;
  • and continue integrating all efforts and maintain the participation of local stakeholders as well as local people.

As YADA Foundation and Nature Conservation Centre we are thankful to your support and we believe we made best use of your support.

Thank you.

May 2, 2013

Globalgiving Spring 2013 Report

As you know, YADA Foundation and our partner Nature Conservation Centre, have been achieving conservation results on saving the Sweetgum Forest in Koycegiz, Mugla region, with your support.

As you will remember we have been trying to gather support from corporate companies to the issue for the last year. We have been succeeding on this and during the last period we have gathered some funding from a company from Istanbul to plant 300 sweetgums in the region. Our efforts will continue to raise further funds.

Meanwhile, during the last reporting period local Forestry Department has executed maintenance work for the Sweetgum ecosystem. This is being done to achieve a healthier forest ecosystem for the Sweetgums.

One of the main constraints for restoring the Sweetgum habitat is not having enough lands in Koycegiz, Mugla region suitable for forestation. Due to human pressure almost all of the land other than existing forests is used for agricultural purposes. This year we will be working with local Forestry Department to obtain more lands by converting agricultural areas to forests. This will increase the boundaries of Sweetgum forests nearer to its natural borders.

We are thankful for your generous donation to our project to conserve the sweetgum forests in Turkey.

Thank you.

Jan 29, 2013

Sweet Gum 2013 Winter Report

Sweetgum Forests of Mugla Region has been our concern as this endemic forest has an important conservation value. As YADA Foundation and our partner Nature Conservation Centre we have been working towards this target with your generous support, now more than a year.

 Our key volunteer Okan Ürker, who is one of unique experts of the Sweetgums and Köycegiz region has been carrying out a historical research in the region aiming at the define the state of the forests throughout the last century. The research is focused on defining the use and importance of Sweetgum oil in trade and daily life of the people as well as the changes in the ownership of the forest lands. We believe, these in depth study will help identifying the historical patterns of forest shrinking. And moreover, deliver some tools for conservation today.  The key findings of the study will reveal in 2013.

 On the other hand, we are trying to get the attention of private sector to the Sweetgum Forest issue. Our aim is to obtain further support from corporations and to strengthen our current plantation and conservation efforts. 

 We are thankful for your generous donation to our project to conserve the sweetgum forests in Turkey.


Thank you.