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Fair Haven Center for Women, Inc was founded by survivors for survivors and exists to provide a safe recovery recovery program for hurting women who have experienced sexual abuse and violence. Our vision is to create a caring, safe, nurturing community with a zero tolerance of abuse of women. Fair Haven Center for Women is supported through grants, individual donations, fundraising events and local community organizations and businesses.
May 12, 2014

Celebrating Success

the complex journey of recovery
the complex journey of recovery

We are happy to report on Thursday, May 8, 2014 we had 4 Project Anchor program participants complete their full 32 week cohort!  This is an enormous accomplishment for adolescents to WILLINGLY attend weekly meetings and continue to participate clear through the end!  Join us in congratulating them and celebrating in their success!  

To inspire our participants to continue along the path of education and personal growth, we conculde the cohort with an essay contest.  Participants are to answer the question: How has Project Anchor helped you and your recovery?"  Here are a few excerpts from the current participants:

"After I finally got out of my abusive situation I had so many feelings and I was so confused I shut myself out of the world and out of my own mind.  I became abusive to myself....I didn't know how to function in every day life and I didn't trust anyone.  I ended up comint to the anchor program.  I decided it is better to talk about it instead of running away.  I never thought it would be this hard because nothing comes easy it's up to me to work towards haveing a healthy life.  The group topics at time were hard and sent me home feeling upset, but I realized that it's better to be upset for a couple hours instead of not get the help and continue being fearful and not trust anyone and blame myselff for the rest of my life. I am really thankful to have had this opportunity to be in the Anchor program.  So, I want to say THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who helped me through this."  Eassy winner #1

"Project Anchor was my first willing step into my recovery journey it was the first thing I decided to do on my own, and because it was my own choice I put as much effort as I possibly could into it.  At first I was very apprehensive...The fact that Project Anchor was so hands on really help me open up more and it eventually became the only place I felt safe.  I let out my anger, sadness, hurt and everything else I was feeling in a safe way.  Before Project Anchor, I felt alone and trusted no one.  I felt disconnected from not only the world but also from myself.  Project Anchor taught me how to express my emotions in a safe and positive way."  Eassy winner #2

Each essay winner was awarded a $250 scholarship to any continuing education course of their choice!  It is our hope and desire to support them as they continue to grow and thrive!

Project Anchor is now open for new enrollment!  Our next cohort will begin August 2014.  

Thank you for your continued support of this import work!  

Feb 10, 2014

Challenging thinking patterns

state of Indiana SA Ranking
state of Indiana SA Ranking

Thank you to all who continue to support Fair Haven Center for Women's Project Anchor.  Our program has been a huge success!  We would not be where we are today without the continued support of donors from Global Giving!  

Project Anchor is such a need!  Recently the CDC rated Indiana #2 in the Nation for the highest rate of adolescent sexual assault in the Country.  (Attached are a few pics of the stats)  We can change our statistics if we change our tactics!  Thank you for joining with us as we work to eradicate sexual violence from our community!

Project Anchor has started session two and we are working with adolescent clients to recognize and challenge their thought patterns.  Tough for any teenager no doubt.  However, if they can master even a few of these recovery tools, their lives can experience radical change.

We have added fun games to strengthen their congnitive development.  We also have our participants working with Luminosity!  This is a fun and interactive way to:

  • Build and strengthen memory- recalling placement of objects, remembering names, learning new subjects quickly and accurately and keeping track of several ideas at the same time.
  • Build and strengthen Attention: maintaining focus, improving productivity, concentration and avoiding distractions.
  • Build and strengthen Speed: decision making, speeding up cognitive processes, adapting to changing enviroments, and increasing reaction responses.
  • Build and strengthen Flexibility: communicating clearly, thinking outside the box, avoiding errors, multi-tasking quickly and efficiently.
  • Build and strengthen Problem Solving: dissecting complex arguements, making quick and accurate estimations, calculating figures in ones head, determining the best course of action.

Your donations have allowed us to supply each client with their own subscription to Luminosity.  This investment will increase the more they interact with the program.

Your donations have also allowed us to increase our space!  We now have a large group area!  With all the games and art projects, the space is very needed!

Again, thank you for your continued support of our project.  We are grateful for your investment in the success of our young clients.

Reality of Sexual Assault
Reality of Sexual Assault
Nov 12, 2013

Amazing Progress

inner child letter
inner child letter

The participants of Project Anchor are off to a great start.  A new set of participants began the program in September of 2013.  They are making so much progress.  Our facilitators have seen such a growth within each participant.  They have begune to tell their stories and process through difficult emotions using our many art expression techniques.  

This session, we added a piece to the program for parents.  Once a month, parents meet with their own counselor to discuss their observations of their childs progress.  

Additionally, we have added a pre test that was given to each client before the begining of the program.  Each participant will take the test again at the end of the program.  This will give us evidence based information on how the program is progressing.  

The funds collected from Global Giving are used to purchase supplies for the art projects and pay for services.  Most of our participants in the program come from low-income families that do not have the means to provide these necessary and healing services for their child.  Your doantions make that possible.  

As we move into the Christmas season, we will provide each Anchor participant with Christmas gifts.  For most of them, it will be the only gifts they will receive this year.  Your generosity is what makes this program possible and we are so grateful for your support.  

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