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Apr 20, 2012

Bamboo Shelter New Focus

The building of the Casa de la Mujer shelter is, again, on hold.  Some 80 local women have organized formally as an association and as a result, have rethought their program priorities.  No longer looking for a shelter, but rather a communal space that can be multi-purpose to support not only a shelter, but also a training facility for local women and a meeting space to sell their products.  The project will now require completion of the initial estimate of $11K to meet the Casa de la Mujer objectives.  We invite all prior donors to "double up" and help us make this possible for the women of Muelle de los Buyes.

Mar 12, 2012

Guatemalan Filters and Stoves

Carla Ines
Carla Ines

Dear Partners,

We really want to thank you for your donations, in partnering with rural Guatemalan families to improve their homes dramatically, with the eco filters and stoves.

Our first donations are currently being transferred, so the initial investments have been planned. 

The first filters and stoves will be set in two  leaders’ homes to serve as pilots, where other people in the community can experience the products.  This will happen  march 15th and 16th

The pilots will be set in:


she is a 19 year old woman, who was raised and lives with her grandparents in the Village of Despoblado, Jocotan.  Through the Asociacion Ajpatnar Chorti, she was able to complete high school in her village, being the first and only woman from Despoblado to graduate from the local high school.  Clara Ines is also a leader in the Girls Clubs Program, empowering 50 girls in her community.  Clara Ines is also a member of the SEMBRANDO SONRISAS company, that produce the Earth bracelets for the brand Wakami ( , allowing her to have a source of income and pay for her college studies.  She is a role model in her community, and through the filter and stove in her house a demand will be created from other women.  In this pilot, we are also setting up a rain water collecting unit, an organic garden, and there already exists a solar energy kit in her home, turning it into a great DEMOSTRATION HOME for sustainable products and services that save lives, trees and money!!!



Victor Hugo is also one of the first graduating from high school in his village, Guapinol, Jocotan.  Together with his wife, they have a 5 year old girl.  Like Clara Ines, he is studying PEDAGOGIA (to become a teacher)  at the Panamerican University. He gets his income from being the leader of the SEMBRANDO SONRISAS (Planting Smiles) COMPANY in Jocotan.  His dream is not only to have a source of income, but to be a change agent in his community, planting trees, setting up waste management programs, and bringing prosperity and happiness to all, therefore, the name for his company!  He was chosen for the pilot because of his enthusiasm and ability to be a change agent.  Victor Hugo will also have a solar energy kit, rain water collection unit and organic garden set in his home.

Both Clara Ines and Victor Hugo have agreed to have their homes open to women interested in seeing the products being used.  Because they are group leaders, gatherings happen in their homes. 

With these pilots, we hope to inform you in our next report, how many filters and stoves were installed in partnership with you!!

Once again, thank you for being part of Wakami Villages, and being part of a process where people of the world come together to create new ways of life!!!   And thank you Global Giving and Agora Partnerships for creating platforms where people can connect!!

We will also be posting progress at our facebook page at Communities of the Earth


Maria Pacheco


Communities of the Earth

Clara Ines - Only woman in 1st High school Class
Clara Ines - Only woman in 1st High school Class
Victor Hugo on graduation day
Victor Hugo on graduation day
House in Jocotan
House in Jocotan
Jan 12, 2012

Update on CO2 Bambu

The Casa de la Mujer project in the community of Muelle de los Buyes has passed a critical milestone with the formal creation of a Casa del los Mujeres association in the community.  As a result of CO2 Bambu's involvement in this organization, we were able to orchestrate formal recognition and adoption by the national organization Casa de las Mujeres, of a newly constituted MdlB entity.  Now that this legal step has been taken and a formal board constituted, the next step is to present the organization's credentials to the Municipality, in order to get access to a specific property owned by the municipality, next to the local school.  There are many reasons for doing this, including the fact that all the principals of this association work at the school as Director and instructors.  In parallel, a process has started between the newly constituted Casa de las Mujeres and the national organization, to prioritize the program offering (i.e. counseling versus training, assembly versus emergency shelter etc), which in turn will impact the final construction.  The leadership of this Casa de la Mujer have asked CO2 Bambu to hold back on construction of the initially proposed home, in order to consider modifications to the design, to meet operational priorities.  Current estimate is that construction will start by end of February 2012