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Feb 6, 2013

Greetings from Nicaragua-Project Update

Dear supporters of CO2 Bambu’s amphibious housing project:

Thanks to your generous contributions, along with the outstanding dedication and support from our team, we have made some significant progress on our project over the past few months.

- We established several key relationships for project development, including partners for both the research & development stage and pilot project of 20 amphibious houses. These relationships include key players in disaster response such as Hilti Foundation and the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC)

- We were selected as a semester long case study as part of the Global Social Enterprise Club (GSE) at Yale School of Management and Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies. A group of 5 students from the club will be offering pro-bono consulting services for our Amphibious Housing project throughout the spring semester and will be visiting Nicaragua and our offices the week of March 4th, 2013.

- We have continued to refine the existing model of our amphibious houses, guided by an experienced team of architects in amphibious construction, according to local conditions and in coordination with our team of engineers. We have also researched an additional urban site for a potential pilot project in Tipitapa, Nicaragua.

We are grateful to have continued support for our Amphibious Housing project. As our project progresses, we are open to and in need of additional funding in order to successfully execute the R&D and pilot project phase for Amphibious Housing. We hope to secure enough funding in the next quarter to begin R&D construction and engage key players in pilot project planning.

We count on your support and please do not hesitate to spread the word among your networks. Together we can change the lives of hundreds of families affected by flooding every year in Nicaragua.

Jan 19, 2013

December 2012 Project Update

Dear Donor, 

Thanks to the donations, through the website global giving, our boxing ring and equipment are due to be released by customs soon.  After a long waiting period, we can finally deliver a boxing program to the youth of Muelle De Los Bueyes, run by non other than Olympic Hero, Osmar Bravo.  The boxing ring will provide the chance to teach the youth not only the sport of boxing, but also the values that come with it, such as responsibility, hard work and resilience. Your donation will make a big positive difference in the lives of many young people in Nicaragua who do not have the opportunity to learn boxing. We are sincerely grateful for making a donation to our project. While we only giving the youth of Muelle De Los Bueyes a boxing ring and boxing materials, the results will be much greater than that. With a boxing program to keep the youth occupied, they will be substantially less likely to use drugs and more likely to live a healthy life style. 

Again, many thanks to all and there will be updated pictures to come soon.

Dec 19, 2012

Project Update from Communities of the Earth

One of the project beneficiaries, Julia Gomez
One of the project beneficiaries, Julia Gomez

Dear Global Giving Friends,

Since our last report, one thing has changed!!  And that is the number of rural women in the Village of Pastores who want to be able to buy a filter and a stove for their homes, in partnership with people from the world.


They are seeing how the women who already bought theirs, have access to clean water and have smokeless environments, and also want that for themselves.


The situation with water is so critical, that women sometimes say the can “eat the water”.  This is because their village is by a river, and when the waters “go up”, clean water gets mixed up with sewage water.


That is why we say that filters and stoves go a long way in these communities.  They guarantee two basic things for families:  clean water and clean homes – key for children’s health.


We only have about $500 to complete this project!!!  During this holiday season, these filter’s and stoves make a beautiful gift, allowing you to go into a rural home in Guatemala.


Once again, thank you for the support you have give us.  24 families have filters and 15 families have stoves!!!