Arts Education International

Our Vision is to provide high-quality, immersive, sustainable, community-based arts programs for orphaned and abandoned children all over the world. These programs provide: Emotional Rehabilitation Through the Arts The exploration of artistic outlets of expression provide children with the ability to confront trauma on their own terms. Participating in the arts restores the ability to play in children who suffer from post traumatic stress disorder. Connection to Indigenous Arts By connecting orphaned and abandoned children with the bearers of artistic tradition within their own communities, we offer children a connection to their own cultural heritage that would otherwise be mis...
AEI Training Center: Ward 20, Daru, Sierra Leone
Segbwema - Daru, Sierra Leone
(7.99076, -10.84056)
Kroo Bay Community Center
Lightfoot Boston St, Freetown, Sierra Leone
(8.48742, -13.24044)
Kroo Bay Daycare Center
Lightfoot Boston St, Freetown, Sierra Leone
(8.48814, -13.24053)
Total Graphic Design: 34 Liverpool Street
Liverpool St, Freetown, Sierra Leone
(8.48605, -13.23727)