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To support and empower the most disadvantaged children, women and men in India to meet their needs, access their legal rights and participate fully in society.
Jan 16, 2013

Report regarding the progress of children

New Computer and Furniture for the center
New Computer and Furniture for the center

Respected Donors,

Firstly I express my New Year Greetings to you from HEARDS - India! Thank you for all the support you have given during the last year. I wish all the supporters and your family a very Happy and Prosperous New Year 2013 and wish all the success in your future endeavor. During this quarter the we are trying to provide easy based learning methodology to children and the children were also very eagerly attending the rehabilitation center regularly. During this quarter we have added another component along with the education which is computer training to children which is already proven to be successful. Computer Training for Children It was happy that there was an additional educational component for the children. Two Computers were purchased along with the computer table and stools. The children were started to give training on computers and all the children were very much happy to learn computers. We have a teacher who has undergone six months training on computer operation, word, excel, power point, drawings and painting and other general function of computer. At present this teacher were teaching basics of computers to the children. This programme has created more enthusiasm among children to learn more in education and also in computers. I assure you that this programme will help the children to be a computer literate and they can able to perform basic operations in computers before leaving this rehabilitation center. I will be coming you with more detailed report in the coming days and we can see this program a much worth while because of all your esteemed support towards the empowerment of this poor children. Please kindly continue to provide the same cooperation and support to make this program successful.

Thanking you, With best wishes and fond regards,

HEARDS Chairman distributing books to children
HEARDS Chairman distributing books to children
Oct 14, 2012

developments happened during this quarter

Dear Donors,

First of all let me thank you for supporting the best and the inevitable project on rehabilitaiton of child laborers which is carried out by HEARDS.  The developments during this quarter are as hereunder:

Education Programme

HEARDS Rehabilitation Centre for child laborers is following "Non-formal system of education" where students and teachers live together and work to gain new knowledge and experience.  At the primary level children have many difficulties in reading and writing in their languages correctly, in understanding math concepts, and in writing math steps.  As different students studying use different cards at one time, learning difficulties encountered by them is immediately noted and appropriate remedial activity is given either immediately or within the next week.  Only after the mistake is remedied does the student move to the next card.  In the context of learning any subject, the students learn a lot from fellow students.  This aspect plays a considerable part in the removal of their learning difficulties encountered in that topic.  Fellow students find out the mistakes committed by the student and remedy them immediately.


Playing Indoor Games

To cope up with the environment at the center we have purchased carom board, snake and ladder, ludo, skipping and other few interesting games.  This is purely to make them feel relaxed from the day’s education.  They are also feeling very happy to come to the center as they can play while studying.  Slowly we are diverting them into studies at this moment.  Even the children are also started to cooperate with the teachers.

 Mid-Day Meal

 Children of Prashant Nagar Colony Center are provided with a mid-day meal program with good nutritious food. Both the centers are given full Mid-day meal that consists of rice, pulses, vegetables, leafy vegetables etc. Once in a month we provide eggs to the children.


Children in HEARDS child labor rehabilitation center are happy with the non formal education which they receive in their life. In fact some of them are not seen the school in their life time. Now they are able to read and right. So they are very grateful to the people who are supporting them directly and indirectly. 

Jul 13, 2012

Quarterly Progress Report

Children actively involved with teachers
Children actively involved with teachers

July 13, 2012

Dear Donors,

Greetings to you from HEARDS – India!

HEARDS has been trying to bring up these working children who have been neglected through out the years by incorporating many activities and programs.  We are trying to convey the message that every child is important and they have to be handled with utmost care, love and concern. To attain a good result we need to provide an unfailing and constant support to the children and the society.  In this circumstance, HEARDS has organized many activities, especially in this reporting period for the children in the center and for the community.

The main objective of the project is to provide education facilities for the rescued child laborers from Prashant Nagar Colony, Chittoor district. At present 30 children are studying in the rehabilitation center. We are giving proper care, guidance and education to the children through various activities and programs.   We have good and committed staff, who takes care to address the needs of the children especially the educational improvement in them.  Besides this HEARDS reaches out to the community with well designed plan and activities for empowering the community to prevent child labor and school drop outs.


HEARDS follows the play-way method in order to facilitate learning in the child labor rehabilitation center.  The education program follows a child-centered activity method. The HEARDS methodology of teaching is oriented towards the teachers acting as facilitators and guides to the students. Our staff is putting their maximum effort to mainstream all the children to formal schools after they have successfully completed their early primary education.   

To ensure that the children remain attentive and to make the class-work interesting, activities like singing, dancing, story telling and flash cards are used.  It is our endeavor to create a liberal and child-friendly environment in the rehabilitation center and to make the school a non-authoritarian place. The children sit in semi circles while studying.  For their singing and dance classes they sit in a circular formation. Hand-made educational materials are used. 



Children were provided with the education materials like school bags, note books, slates, pens, pencils, copywriting books, mathematics table books etc. for the children.  They are also provided with the sports materials like ring, skipping ropes etc.  This year we have further purchased maps, educational charts, folding boards for the rehabilitation center.


HEARDS conducted three parents meeting in this reporting period. The meeting had the focus on mainstreaming and admitting the children to regular schools after their programme in the project. So the discussions were to motivate the parents adequately for taking up the responsibility for supporting their children’s education. We conducted the meeting in both the centers.

The meeting had the following structure.

Orientation for the parents conducted in the meeting for parents. It highlighted the value of education and role of parents in educating the children.

Discussion session was held with the parents. In this session, we asked the parents about the cause of child labour and the measures they could do to eradicate this evil from the society. It was surprising to note that many parents accepted the responsibility for sending their children to work. Majority of the parents accepted that their attitudes and bad habits are the cause of child labour.

Provided information about various schemes existing in the Government for the education of children

The action plan of education for each child was discussed with the parents and the child, and thus together the course of future education for the child was planned.  Participation of the child and the parent was ensured in the meeting.

Cultural Activities performed by the children thrilled the parents and they were impressed by their performance and the remarkable improvement in them. This is also a motivating factor for the parents to support their child.



  •  Parents understood the value of education.
  • Parents and children were involved and participated in the decision making process of the child’s education.
  • Motivated and encouraged the parents to support the child’s education.

I request you to kindly share your ideas and comments about this project! Also, please tell your friends, family and colleagues about HEARDS accomplishments!  I am hereby sending you a few pictures for your kind perusal.

Thanking you,

With fond regards,

Children with bag and books
Children with bag and books
children interacting with teacher
children interacting with teacher
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