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Oct 14, 2013

Progress Report on Child Labor Rehabilitation

Providing bag and books for a girl child
Providing bag and books for a girl child

Dear Donors,

Greetings to you from Health Education Adoption Rehabilitation Development Society (HEARDS) - India!

I hope this letter finds you that you are all well.

We recently completed the second year of the new, expanded version of this project. I am really happy to have the opportunity to share some of the key achievements with you.

Progress towards overall aim of project.

The project aims to help 85 children to escape the prospect of child labour by getting an education. All the project partner like you have given us a great strength has always been successfully and creatively engaging all stakeholder groups, so that entire communities are involved in these new educational initiatives. 

Recently we have mainstreamed more than 20children successfully into the regular Government schools with the help of the Village Education Committees and Parent-Teacher Associations came into being and worked with local leaders to rally around a school enrolment drive and support the project generally. As a result, over 20 children have entered education, and around 300 have been supported in remaining in school in a number of different ways.

Women’s self-help groups meant that women could access loans, with almost 30 already generating their own income as a result. Vocational training meant that young people who had either finished school, or dropped out too early, had better prospects than following their parents into employment.

All of these activities serve to create communities which no longer depend on the noxious work of the various hazardous industry, and are aware of the importance of education. This means there is more hope for the children of the target area than there ever has been to escape the grinding poverty they are in.

Thank you for funding this life changing work. 

We are now into the third year of activities, and I will soon be updating you as before, with stories from the ground.

The difference that is being made to these children's lives, and the communities they are in, could scarcely be more profound. 

Thank you, as always for continuing to give your hard earned money to this life changing work. 

Jul 15, 2013

Progress Report of Prashant Nagar Colony Center

Dear Donors,

Greetings to you from HEARDS!

Thank you for your valuable support towards HEARDS Child Labor Rehabilitation programme in Prashant Nagar Colony, Chittoor.  I am hereby enclosing the progress happened during this quarter:-

Children Status and Child Labor Rehabilitation Center Routine

The regular routine activities of our child labor rehabilitation center have strengthened by implementation of quality aspects in educational support.  The basic reason behind this rehabilitation center is to provide with a hand holding mechanism to cope up with the school curriculum. The newly enrolled children have a high risk of dropping out after enrollment. The reasons are varied, namely, overcrowded classes and teacher is unable to give personalized attention. The children who have no knowledge start finding it uninteresting to merely sit in the class room and tend to drop out. But once they are enrolled in HEARDS child labor rehabilitation centers it is ensured that they are given the basic knowledge and they are able to easily follow what the teacher teaches in the center.  We also have noticed that the children who have been with us in the rehabilitation center have not only been regular to our center but also have been doing well in academics. This has been confirmed with their respective teachers in our rehabilitation center.

Monthly once our rehabilitation center teachers conduct monthly test in order to assess the performance of each children. During the period 3 monthly tests have held followed by question paper contained series of question according to class wise in related to subject matter through which children appeared confidently with pre-preparation and scored good marks. After test, answer sheets of each child were evaluated, verified and obtained marks details have informed to respective children and tracked at the center. Some students secured fewer marks that are much focused during the special coaching classes to improve their performance whereas monthly test updates have been tracked and maintained by teachers at respective center.

Staff Orientation Program

At HEARDS, we have a well defined and structured orientation program of introducing project goals and objectives to the staff and especially to the new staff making them aware of the value that HEARDS provided to its staff.  Staff orientation program is done every month.  Our Project coordinator has started this orientation program by appealing to all the staff regarding their roles and responsibilities.  Childhood must be spent at schools and not at work to grow into a healthy and dignified life. These children are precious for development of any country. Development without taking care of children will not be termed as “development with justice”. Rehabilitating these children is very tough but not impossible. A collective and sustained effort to combat child labor would yield good results. Let’s vow to fight against child labor to eliminate it completely.

Parents/Community Meetings

During this period we have conducted 3 parents/community meetings successfully.  Involvement of community members, and especially parents, is a key factor of success to ensure the protection of child rights in the community. The objective of these meetings is to promote community responsibility for child welfare issues, which will help create a protective environment and will reduce vulnerabilities of children. During these meetings, parents and other community members are provided with adequate counseling and information on all issues related to children rights, which helps them better prevent, identify and respond to cases of child rights violations. Some of the recurrent topics discussed during community meetings are: issue of out-of-school children, seasonal migrations, child labour, learning levels in the schools, prevention of child marriages. During these meetings, parents are been made to realize the importance of sending their children to school and asked to make whatever sacrifice required for the cause.

English coaching classes

Spoken English classes have been taught every Saturday of the week with the assistance of Mr.Sajan, Chairman. General English usage and making English sentences, conversations, basic English grammar, making small stories methods and techniques were taught by the teachers of the rehabilitation centre.  Coaching class are not only assisting the children to get very good hold on English subjects but also improving general knowledge of the children by effective use of English Grammar and other techniques of reading and writing. 

Educating the children with personnel hygiene 

During the evening hours of the day the teachers were started to educate and train the children in hygienic practices like hand washing, handling of water, food hygiene, re-use of used water, etc.  Children will know and follow hygienic practices. This will in turn help parents and community also knowing of the good practices.

I request all our esteemed donors to support this most inevitable work which is conducted by HEARDS and I also request you to pass on this information to your friends and relatives.

Thanking you,

With best wishes and fond regards,


K Sajan
# 15-2366,
Johns Garden,
Palamaner Road,
CHITTOOR – 517002
Andhra Pradesh
Tel: +91-8572-234647
Mob: +91-9441643401

Apr 16, 2013

Progress Report on Child Labor Rehabilitation

Children group photo by wearing uniform
Children group photo by wearing uniform

Respected Donors,

Thank you for your valuable support towards this most needful project on child labor rehabilitation in Prashant Nagar Colony, Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.  Due to the donors like you we were able to run this project most successfully.  During the parents meet we meet many parents and get their feedbacks from them and during this meet it is very happy to say that many parents were very much satisfied regarding their children progress towards their education.  When I met personally the mother of Sindhu and Bhanu prasad was extremely happy because the attitude and the educational standard of her children have improved a lot.  Now her children wear uniforms and go to school like any other children.  Beyond that she personally visits our rehabilitation center very often and saw that their children started learning computers.  After seeing all this growth of her children she heart fully says her gratitude and thanks to all the donors who has supported children like her.

Previously she was sending their children to work because their children were lagging in studies.  Beyond that her husband is a daily wage laborer who is addicted to drink alcohol.  So they can’t even eat 3 meals a day because of his addiction.  That was the reason why these children were working in hazardous sectors.  But after HEARDS intervention the children’s mother started working as a housemaid and now with all her confidence she promised us that she will never send her children back to work.

All these developments happened because of donors like you.  Thanks to your generous support.  The sponsorship provides a child with equipment such as books, pens, uniform, bag, mid-day meal for one year. The sponsorship also pays for rehabilitation center teachers salary, animators salary, cook salary and rent for the rehabilitation center. This dramatically aids the financial burden of sending a child to rehabilitation center and is evident from the ecstatic reaction of parents, who may otherwise find this burden overwhelming. When a child is in the rehabilitation center, their chances of being used in child labour are drastically reduced.

40 children are at present studying in HEARDS rehabilitation center at Prashant Nagar Colony because of donors like you. HEARDS Board and its staff is putting painstaking efforts that every child in Chittoor should not be exploited and that every child should sees their rights to freedom from exploitation and access to education fulfilled.

 HEARDS child labor rehabilitation center is currently giving a chance to receive an education, the opportunity to fulfill their potential and ever so importantly, the chance to enjoy being a child. We couldn’t have gotten this far in our fight to provide every child with a meaningful education and protection against forced labour and trafficking without supporters like you.  Children involved in the project are performing exceptionally well in the classroom with over 40% of the beneficiaries excelling beyond their peers.

Thank you for all you do to support our work.  I request you all to kindly share this work with your near and dear ones.  Please continue to support us.

With best wishes and fond regards,


Sajan K



Child working on computer
Child working on computer
Child working on Computer
Child working on Computer
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