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The CARIBBEAN EDUCATION FOUNDATION, INC. (CEF) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in the United States, dedicated to helping poor children receive meaningful access to quality education in the Caribbean. CEF awards scholarships to children who are unable to attend school, because families are unable to pay school fees and other required school related costs. Our Student Scholarships pay school fees, purchase text books, school supplies, uniforms, meals and transportation. The Caribbean Education Foundation is established on the principles in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, UN Declaration of Human Rights. CEF believes education is the cornerstone to choice and ...
Jun 1, 2012

Jamaica Primary School Tour: "ADOPT-A-STUDENT" and Become a CEF Education Ambassador!

CEF's CEO Nikiki Bogle with Grade 6 Students

In Child's Month, the Caribbean Education Foundation launches ADOPT-A-STUDENT and CEF Education Ambassadors Program to increase its scholarship recipient pool, in order help more brilliant children in Jamaica to attend High Schools for the upcoming 2012-2013 school year and beyond.

During May, as a part of CEF “Child’s Month” initiative, Caribbean Education Foundation’s representatives traveled to Jamaica and conducted a tour of 10 Primary Schools in Kingston, St. Andrew, St. Catherine and St. Thomas.  We met with school leaders including Principals, Teachers and Counselors; visited classrooms, inspected dismal, mostly nonexistent libraries and observed virtually nonexistent computer areas.  We saw thousands of children who are in financial need.  Our team met with a number of these students who are in Grade 6 and recently took the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT), the exam they must pass to attend High Schools in Grade 7.  We heard first-hand how these children will have an even more dire existence when they graduate from the Primary Schools in June and enter High Schools in September 2012!  In High School, they will now have to pay school fees, costly text books, transportation and lunch in addition to the usual uniforms and school supplies - - additional costs which do not exist at the primary school level. 

As you may know, Public High Schools are NOT FREE in Jamaica.  The cost to attend high school in Jamaica is $1,500 U.S. dollars.  The minimum wage is approximately $50.00 U.S. dollars per week or $200.00 U.S. dollars per month.  The students who receive CEF scholarships have working parent(s) who are unable to afford the costs of high school due to the low wages they earn.  CEF’s goal is to give youth meaningful choices and opportunities in this world and thereby help to break the poverty cycle.  

Due to your generous assistance, we were able to send 12 children to high school last year, including Ashauni Bernard. 


STUDENT UPDATE:  ASHAUNI BERNARD MADE HONOR ROLL at Wolmer’s Boys High School! He is 12 years old and currently in Grade 7.  Please help us say CONGRATULATIONS to Ashauni on a job well done! 


CEF is very proud that our students are excelling in High School!  We would like to provide more children with the opportunity to attend school and excel.  In light of the reality witnessed on our Jamaica Primary School Tour, CEF realizes that we simply cannot wait to expand our efforts to provide more children with scholarships this year. 

As a result, the Caribbean Education Foundation is launching an ADOPT-A-STUDENT and Education Ambassadors Program!  The program goals are to immediately expand our scholarship recipient pool, in order to help more children attend High School in September 2012-2013 school year and beyond.  We know that with your help, CEF will make this a reality for these additional needy children!

CEF Education Ambassadorship is open to everyone including:  individuals, businesses, organizations and groups.  In order to be a CEF Education Ambassador, the person or entity must ADOPT-A-STUDENT for the school year by agreeing to donate or raise funds to fully fund the student in the Paul Bogle Scholarship Program.  The cost to fund one student to attend public high school for one year in Jamaica is $1,500 U.S. dollars.  An Education Ambassador may donate funds that exceed the $1,500 U.S. dollars, but is committed to supporting at least one student.  Ambassadors must raise student adoption funds by July 31st of each year.

Each Education Ambassador receives direct information about her or his adopted student along with a photograph.  Throughout the school year, each CEF Ambassador is updated with Grade Reports, Attendance Reports and Behavioral Reports about the school performance of his or her adopted child.  Ambassadors may also communicate with adopted students if they choose to do so, through the organization.  

One hundred percent of adoption aid funds the CEF Paul Bogle Scholarships to enable students in financial need to attend high schools in Jamaica.  The scholarships pay school fees, text books, school supplies, uniforms, transportation and lunch.  None of the student adoption funds goes towards administrative expenses, unless an entity so specifies.  Furthermore, Ambassadors may serve beyond adopting a student.  They also serve as "CEF diplomats" if you will, for the Caribbean Education Foundation.  The names of Ambassadors will be listed on the organization's website, brochures, newsletters, program books and acknowledgements at events, unless he or she chooses to remain anonymous.

In discussing the initiative, Caribbean Education Foundation's President & CEO, Nikiki T. Bogle, Esq. stated, "CEF is very excited about our ADOPT-A-STUDENT launch!  We believe that individual adoptions gives ownership to our Education Ambassadors; and also ensures direct accounting of donated funds that are benefiting their particular student's education.  We hope this knowledge makes persons and organizations more willing to lend a helping hand, which is so desperately needed for poor children's educational access.”  

CEF is seeking several Education Ambassadors who are able to help a child gain access to quality education.  Please contact us regarding the opportunity to directly impact a child's life and make a difference!  Please suggest a CEF student adoption to your network, companies, firms, organizations, family and friends.  You never know who will step up!  It might surprise you!  Individuals and entities that wish to become a CEF Education Ambassador should contact the Caribbean Education Foundation directly at Email: or Phone:  800-677-0839 ext. 105.

CEF 2011 Scholarship Recipient: Ashauni Bernard
CEF 2011 Scholarship Recipient: Ashauni Bernard
Rep. Tanya McLennon with students-St. Peter Claver
Rep. Tanya McLennon with students-St. Peter Claver
Students at Duhaney Park Primary
Students at Duhaney Park Primary
Grade 6 Classroom at Duhaney Park Primary
Grade 6 Classroom at Duhaney Park Primary
CEO Nikiki Bogle with students - St. Peter Claver
CEO Nikiki Bogle with students - St. Peter Claver


Mar 30, 2012

Meet Tamia...latest effort to keep a child in school

Tamia - 13 years old, Grade 8
Tamia - 13 years old, Grade 8

“Education is the only sure way out of poverty” - Tamia

Tamia constantly worries about being forced to drop out of high school to the point where she gets ill and now suffers from panic attacks.

A few months ago, Tamia Robinson's mother contacted the Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) requesting emergency help to keep her brilliant, 13-year-old daughter in school.  Tamia had been removed from high school in rural Jamaica, because her cancer-stricken mother was unable to pay the remainder of her school fee!  Exams had started at the school and this smart child was sitting at home, unable to attend!  Tamia’s mother had to leave her job due to illness with cancer and used all her savings to pay for medical treatment and a portion of girl's school fee and school supplies.

Tamia is an "A" student and needed to get back into 8th grade immediately.  Just one week prior to the school removal notice, Tamia had received an award for "Outstanding Academic Performance" for the 2010-2011 year! 

The CEF team was in a difficult position, because we had already awarded our 2011 student scholarships and funds were exhausted. 

Due to the generosity of donors, CEF was able to quickly raise the balance of school fee so that Tamia could re-enter high school!  We wired the funds directly to the high school and paid the school fee balance.  Tamia is now back in school and excelling.  We are happy to report she is still an "A" Student and on track to make Honor Roll!


Tamia has always been an excellent student.  In 2010, Tamia passed her Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT) from Mount Airy All Age School.  She was the top student for the GSAT at her school, and was awarded a place at Hampton School for Girls.  On November 20th, 2011, Tamia received a Gold Certificate from her school for Outstanding Performance for the school year 2010-2011.  

Tamia has had to board on school campus, as Hampton High is located in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica and she lives in another parish.

For the first year at Hampton School, Tamia’s mother was able to manage okay financially, as she was employed and received some assistance from Tamia's absent father.  In November 2010, Tamia’s mother was diagnosed with Leukemia and due to her deteriorating health condition, she had to stop working.   During all of this, the father disappeared and his minor financial assistance was cut off.  Tamia's mother is constantly ill and the cancer medication is costing her every penny.

Tamia's grandmother used to operate a small cook shop business, in which she occasionally assisted the family with school funds and food.  However, several months ago, the cook shop had to close, because her grandmother fell severely ill with Diabetes and Hypertension.  As a result, Tamia and her two siblings have been unable to attend school regularly.  Basic necessities such as food and toiletries have become hard to obtain.  Utilities have been cut off frequently.  Tamia constantly worries about being forced to drop out of school to the point where she gets ill and now suffers from panic attacks.  Tamia says, “I am a hardworking and a disciplined individual who knows that education is the only sure way out of poverty.”


Do you believe that all children should be able to attend high school, and should not be stymied by poverty of circumstances?  We know that you do!  CEF knows that you have already given generously to our cause.  We are asking you to keep giving, so that we can assist more smart girls like Tamia to stay in school; but please also send this Global Giving Report and donation link to your friends, family, colleagues and companies!  Tell your network why you think CEF is making a great effort to educate our youth!  Remember, no one is able to give if they do not know about our cause.

Thank you in advance for your generosity.

Nikiki Bogle

President & CEO

Caribbean Education Foundation, Inc.

Make a Difference Today!
Make a Difference Today!


Feb 13, 2012

Because of you...CEF Scholars are off to an Excellent start in 2012!

Trevisa Receives her Paul Bogle Scholarship - 2010
Trevisa Receives her Paul Bogle Scholarship - 2010

Happy New Year!  Our team at the Caribbean Education Foundation (CEF) is excited about how well our scholarship recipients are performing in their respective high schools!  Because of you, our 12 children ranging in ages from 12 years old to 13 years old are attending high schools, excelling and obtaining an education.  We know that with your continued financial support, CEF will be able to meet its mission and help these children and many more students receive meaningful access to quality education in Jamaica.


CEF has been receiving our scholars' Grade Reports from their high schools for the September 2011-December 2011 semester period.  The Grade Reports that we have received show that CEF Scholars are performing brilliantly in school!  We plan to highlight some individual students for you in the coming weeks and months.

For this update, meet Trevisa Bryan.  Your generous contributions helped to fully fund Trevisa’s education for the 2011-2012 school year. 



At the CEF Mid-Semester Project Update, we told you that Trevisa was on her way to making Honor Roll in Grade 8.  Well, she did it!  Trevisa not only made Honor Roll, she did exceptionally well in all 14 Subjects she is taking in Grade 8.  Trevisa received Straight As in the core subjects and a B+ in Physical Education.  She has 0 days Late and 0 days Absent.

Trevisa first applied to Caribbean Education Foundation from the rural parish of Morant Bay, St. Thomas, Jamaica when she was 12 years old.  She was awarded the CEF Paul Bogle Scholarship in September 2010 in order to attend Morant Bay High School after she passed the Grade Six Achievement Test (GSAT).  High School in Jamaica begins in Grade 7.  Trevisa’s mother is a single parent who is raising 4 children, 2 of whom are cousins whose parents died.  At the time of her scholarship application, Trevisa’s mother’s job only paid JA $15,000 JA per month ($177 U.S.).  It costs $1,500 U.S. to educate a child in high school in Jamaica.  As you can see, it was impossible for Trevisa's mother to send her to high school with a miniscule salary of only $177.00 U.S.  In 2010, the CEF Paul Bogle Scholarship paid Trevisa’s school fees, text books, uniforms, shoes and socks, school supplies, lunch and transportation so she was able to attend high school from 2010-2011. 

Trevisa maintained an “A” Grade Point Average in Grade 7 and was therefore eligible for scholarship renewal to attend Grade 8.  By the renewal application, Trevisa’s mother had lost her job during the economic recession and was trying to find work with no result.  Due to our partnership with GlobalGiving and your generous financial contributions, CEF was able to renew the Paul Bogle Scholarship and fully fund Trevisa’s education for the 2011-2012 school year.  In her scholarship application, Trevisa said, "there were many times at school that I was hungry and did not have lunch to eat, so it was really hard concentrate in class.  My mother had no money to give me for lunch and there was no food in the house to take to school.  Many nights I could not complete all the homework, because I did not have necessary school supplies."  Because of you, Trevisa does not worry about those things anymore and is able to fully concentrate on her education and excel in high school. 

Please see your contribution dollars at work:        

Trevisa Grade 8 Mid-Semester Report

  1. English Language:  A
  2. English Literature:  A
  3. French:  A
  4. Geography:  A
  5. Home Economics:  A+
  6. Industrial Techniques:  A
  7. Integrated Science:  A+
  8. Mathematics:  A
  9. Music:  A
  10. Religious Education:  A
  11. Social Studies:  A
  12. Spanish:  A
  13. Visual Arts:  A
  14. Physical Education:  B+

If you are not familiar with the Jamaican high school education system, you might be wondering, "How in the world is a child taking 14 subjects in Grade 8?"  Is this normal?  Yes, it is standard in Jamaica to be taking 12-14 subjects in high school.  The student must take those subjects.  Trevisa is taking 14 subjects, because as you can see, she is taking two foreign languages:  French and Spanish.  Most students have to pick one foreign language.  Trevisa wanted to take French and Spanish at the same time and obtained As in both, which is difficult to do. 

As some of you know, Trevisa made Honor Roll in Grade 7 as well!  In addition, Trevisa received 4 Trophies for her Outstanding Performance in 7th Grade!  She was awarded First Place in in the following 3 subjects and 2 exams for the entire Grade 7 class at Morant Bay High

  1. First PlaceMathematics
  2. First PlaceSpanish  
  3. First PlaceHome & Family
  4. First PlaceMid-term Exam
  5. First PlaceEnd of Year Exam

Due to continued poverty, Trevisa needs to have her scholarship renewed to enter Grade 9 in September 2012.  CEF hopes you will adopt Trevisa or another CEF Scholar.  It costs $1,500 US to educate a child in high school in Jamaica.  If you are unable to do the full amount at once, consider making a recurring donation on GlobalGiving for $250/mth for the next 6 months.  By the time August is here, your Adopted Student will be fully funded for the 2012-2013 school year.  You may also do a Partial Adoption.  Please consider asking your company to do a Matching Donation, as some of our supporters have done!  Any amount you are able to give is greatly appreciated and will help educate a child.  As you can see, your financial contributions are actually making a difference in the life and education of a child in dire need!  Adopt a CEF Scholar today!  All your contributions are tax-deductible.  CEF is a registered 501(c)(3) tax deductible nonprofit organization.  Email us ( for more information on our Adopt a Student Program

Many thanks again to all of you for making CEF work possible. 

Happy Valentines Day and all the best this new year and beyond!

Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient:  Trevisa
Paul Bogle Scholarship Recipient: Trevisa
Trevisa is greeted by CEO of CEF, Nikiki Bogle
Trevisa is greeted by CEO of CEF, Nikiki Bogle


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