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Baby Buggy provides essential items for infants and children to New York City families living in poverty. We accomplish this by collecting new and gently used items from corporations and families and delivering them to the communities with the highest rates of family poverty. Working with a network of social service sites throughout the five boroughs of New York, bringing cribs, strollers, clothing and diapers to families in need, we have delivered over 2,600,000 items to date.
May 11, 2012

Impact of Baby Buggy Donations

Enjoying a Plum Organics snack!
Enjoying a Plum Organics snack!

Baby Buggy has donated over 80,300 items to the five fatherhood programs we support in the Bronx, Queens and Los Angeles!  In the last three months alone, Baby Buggy has donated over 5,026 diapers, 26, 660 organic baby and toddler food items, 1,660 clothing items, 365 books, 86 safe sleeping spaces, 80 packs of wipes, 35 high
chairs, among many other essential baby items to our fatherhood programs.  These donations provide our client families with the tools they need to keep their children healthy and safe, while improving their overall well-being.

In March, Baby Buggy partnered with KIND for the ‘Do the KIND Thing’ initiative in LA and NYC.  In an effort to address the needs of struggling families, Tiffani Thiessen and Elisabeth Rohm called on people everywhere to
carry out one act of kindness by lending a helping hand to a parent, which could mean holding a door for a mom or dad with a stroller or babysitting free of charge. Tiffani and Elisabeth paid these kind acts forward in support of Baby
Buggy and delivered over 3,850 diapers and wipes to families in need enrolled in the fathering program at the Children’s Institute in LA and over 2,000 diapers and wipes  to families at Little Sisters of the Assumption in NYC.  These diaper donations help address a continuous, non-negotiable need – just like food - for our client families with young children.  It takes someone two hours of work at minimum wage to purchase a pack of diapers and overnment assistance programs do not provide or cover diapers.  As a result, 79% of moms in diaper need have had to cut back on other essentials like food and utilities in order to cover the cost of diapers; some are even forced to clean
out and reuse diapers as they do not have any alternatives.  Many child care facilities require a supply of diapers in order for children to be placed in their facility; if parents are not able to provide a supply of diapers, they cannot place their children in child care impacting their employment.

Baby Buggy received the following case story from the Children’s Institute about one of the client families we provided with a donation recently:

Ivan Solares has 15 month old twins – a little boy and girl.  Through the generosity of Baby Buggy and their product donors Delta and Dorel, CII was able to provide Ivan with a pack and play for each child and a high chair.  Ivan has been attending our Fatherhood support groups for the past year and is just elated that he now has his children full-time.  This transition happened quickly and a bit unexpectedly as the mother was just recently incarcerated. 

Needless to say, Ivan was ill prepared to take care of two small children and he didn’t have any baby items in his apartment.  While Ivan is employed full-time it wouldn’t have been possible for him to purchase these items on his own (he currently lives on just over $12,000 per year). 

It means so much for Ivan to be able to provide a place to sleep and eat for his little ones. His goal is to bring these babies up in a better environment than he was brought up in.  He was raised in the projects and surrounded by gang activity from a very small age.  Ivan just wants to provide the very best that he can for his babies and this is a great start for him!  Thank you so much for your help!

Fun Times with Healthy Snacks!
Fun Times with Healthy Snacks!
Feb 24, 2012

Empowering and Supporting Fathers

Baby Buggy is committed to supporting innovative fathering programs that help fathers feel empowered to embrace and establish their role as a father and accept the responsibilities that accompany it; these programs offer services including individual counseling, educational father support groups, child support assistance, educational support and career development.  Baby Buggy has now distributed over 61,150 critical baby items, including cribs, strollers, high chairs, books, toys, and many other essential items through our new fatherhood initiative!

Evidence suggests that men who are under financial strain or who have unstable employment have more difficulty being responsible fathers.  In order to help ease financial burdens, Baby Buggy provides fathers participating in Baby Buggy's network fathering programs with donations of clothing, gear and baby supplies that they need to keep their children safe and healthy.  These donations often help the fathers have access to their children since they are
able to contribute to their children's physical well-being, which gives them the opportunity to be actively involved in their children's lives.

Thanks to the generosity of Bloomberg, Hasbro, Simon & Schuster, as well as other donors, Baby Buggy was able to provide many of the fathers with holiday gift bags, as well as donations of toys, books and accessories to be given to their children as holiday gifts.  These families do not have the means to buy holiday gifts for their families, let alone many of the essential baby items Baby Buggy has provided them with.  The families were very touched by Baby Buggy's efforts to bring warmth and cheer to their family during the holiday season.

Dec 1, 2011

Time for Play!

Baby Cooking - such a hit!
Baby Cooking - such a hit!

Baby Buggy was able to offer the fathers enrolled in the Bronx Fatherhood Program a fun workshop on Healthy Attachment and Developmental Play facilitated by Steven Gass, President of Every Baby Company.   Steven facilitated an engaging workshop for families enrolled in the program focusing on the importance of play and positive interaction with children to help children learn, develop and navigate this bright new world!  The families did baby cooking, baby science and even baby math activities. 

The workshop was incredibly empowering for the dads showing them that they can play such a pivitol role in their child's learning and development using simple items that everyone has around their apartment!  All of the families went home with Eebee's dvds and baby cook books!

Baby Buggy has continued to provide our four fatherhood programs with donations of essential baby products for their children - to date, we have provided these programs with over 45, 780 baby items including cribs, strollers, high chairs, diapers, toys and clothing.

We are excited to have our volunteers wrap holiday gifts of toys, books and dvds for our client families in the upcoming weeks to make this a special holidays for all of the families we serve through these incredible programs!

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