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Pathfinder's mission is to ensure that people everywhere have the right and opportunity to live a healthy sexual and reproductive life. We believe that reproductive health is essential for creating better opportunities throughout life. When people take charge of choices about when and how often to have children, they not only have the opportunity to lead healthier lives, but they also gain confidence and can better pursue their education, contribute to the local economy, and engage in their communities.
Mar 29, 2013

Twelve Women Receive Support to Start Businesses



Global Giving IGA beneficiaries

January to March 2013


This quarter, the following 12 women are selected to receive GlobalGiving income generating fund support:


1-Bezalem Belay is from Ledeta sub city, woreda 4, where she was making her living by working as a house maid. She has a desire to be engaged in poultry production, so that she applied to the IGA fund support. Considering her economic challenges and desire to be self-sufficient, the selection committee selected her to receive funding and training. Now she is able to start the small business by organizing in the poultry production enterprise with other IGA beneficiaries.  


2-Atsed Feyissa is also from Ledeta sub city, woreda 4. She is married to driver, but he does not have a permanent job. They have a son who is 4 years old. Atsede used to sell clothes from place to place to support her family. Unfortunately, she lost this job due and due to the shortage of money, she applied to IGA fund and was selected.


3-Askale Sorosu is from Ledeta sub city, woreda 4. She has 3 children who are 16, 12, and 5 years old and attending school. Her husband is a day-laborer earning very little money and they cannot properly feed their children.  Askale is a  house wife she had no income, therefore, she applied to IGA fund and the selection committee considered her problem  and accepted her. She is now working in poultry production.


4-Amelework Tesagaye is living in Ledeta sub city, woreda 4. She has 5 children all of whom are attending school. Her husband is day-laborer with no fixed job.  Amelmalwork is a house wife has no income. She always wanted to support her family, but was challenged to find work. Therefore, she applied to IGA fund and was accepted. She started working  jointly with her neighbours in the poultry production enterprise


5-Askale Feyissa is from Ledeta sub city, woreda 9. She is a widow and living with her two children. Askale had the desire and skill to be engage in small food production business enterprise to support her family. However, due to financial problem she was unable to start the business. She applied for IGA support and the selection committee considered her problem and allowed her to get the GG IGA fund support. Now she is part ofthe small food production business.


6-Yeshe Asfaw is living in Ledeta sub city, woreda 9. She is a widow and lives with her 4 children.  Yeshe wants to be engaged in small business to support her family; she was given IGA funding and now part of the small business in food preparation.


7- Eskedar Alemu is also living in Ledeta sub city, woreda 9. She is a widow and has a son. She applied to get an IGA fund to start small business and was accepted. She is also part of the food preparation business with her neighbors.  


8- Sentayehu Hailu is from Ledeta sub city, woreda 9. She is divorced and living with her daughter. She had the skill and desire in food preparation, and as a result, she was selected to get IGA support and she started in food preparation small business.


9- Senedu Tesfaye is also from the same woreda. She has 4 children age 7, 4, 2 and an infant. Two of her children are attending school. Her husband is a day laborer who earns little money. She does not have job except taking care of her children at home. Senedu had a desire to be engaged in small business to support her family, but due to lack of money she was unable to start the business. Thus, she applied to the IGA fund support and is now engaged in the food preparation business.


10-Teshay Debebe is from the Ledeta sub city, woreda 9. She has 4 children who are attending school. Her husband earns very little money working as guard. She had the desire to work in food preparation to support her family but because of the financial problem she was unable to start the business. Thus, she applied to the IGA fund and considering her problem and is now part of the small business selling food items.


11-Aregash Ayele, is living in Ledeta sub city, woreda 9 with her 4 children who are 10,9,8 and 7 years old. They are all attending school in grades 10,7,6 and 5, respectively. Aregash divorced her husband and is taking care of her children alone working as housemaid. The money she earns is not enough to properly feed her big family, thus she was looking for financial support to start small business. Therefore she applied to the IGA fund. Now she is able to participate in the small food preparation business with other IGA beneficiaries.


12-Abebech Hirpa, is from Ledeta sub city, woreda 4. She lives with her daughter who is 15 years old and attending school in grade 8. She takes care of her child alone. She had the desire to work and organize in poultry production, but due to lack of finance she was unable to start the business. Then she applied to GG IGA fund support and was accepted. She is now able to start  the poultry production business with other  IGA fund beneficiaries.     


Training for IGA beneficiaries

Based on their interest (food production and poultry production) the above selected GG IGA beneficiaries were given five days of training by the woreda microenterprise development office experts focusing on:

-          Benefits of economic empowerment for women

-          Business management skills (3 days)

-          Saving and its benefits

-          Business planning

-          Record keeping

-          Market development


The poultry production group was also given a three-day training by the microenterprise development agency expert and a one and half day training by the urban agricultural office experts. The training was focused on:


  • Benefits of economic empowerment to women
  • Business management skills
  • Business plan
  • Saving and benefits of saving
  • Record keeping

Urban Agriculture:

  • Poultry development
  • Poultry development site
  • Care and safety in poultry development
  • Poultry development products management
  • Market development

Moreover, the urban agricultural office has committed to give all the necessary support for the beneficiaries and is preparing to help them in buying the right hens from a reputable vendor.


After having this training these beneficiaries are linked with the Lideta sub city woreda 9 microenterprises agency to enable their business to get legal status. They will also benefit from the services that are provided by the sector office in development of their business and these all will help to sustain their business. The second group also linked to the sub city urban agricultural office to help them get technical support and advice on the poultry development.





Jan 31, 2013

Project Launch

Pathfinder International was delighted to participate in the GlobalGiving Girl Effect Challenge, and while we were not a finalist, we have started planning our next phase of girls' empowerment programming in Ethiopia thanks to the generous support of so many donors.

Pathfinder has been supporting girls' education in Ethiopia through a designated scholarship program for several years. Through Pathfinder’s previous work in Ethiopia on women’s and girls’ empowerment, we have learned that holistic activities that engage parents, students, and the community can begin to change the social norms and beliefs around early marriage and harmful traditional practices. In addition, we have learned that it is critical to support a girl throughout her secondary school education or the financial burdens placed on the family increases the likelihood that the girl will have to drop out of school.

As a result of our learning, this new project aims to incorporate not only educational assistance, but also provide the necessary funds to support girls' clubs and other enrichment activities that will encourage girls to become
leaders in their schools and community. Another key element of this project will be support for community activities that will engage parents and other community leaders in discussions and activities aimed at increasing acceptance of girls’ education and empowerment and reducing harmful traditional practices that often curtail a girl’s opportunity to receive an education.

We are just in the planning phase of the project and have started to reach out to the Addis Ababa Women’s Association and the Amhara Women’s Association to identify girls to participate in the project. The two associations have already identified 15 girls in need of academic support and who demonstrate strong leadership potential.

In the coming months we’ll start to support girls’ clubs at selected schools by providing activities that focus on sexual and reproductive health education, including HIV and AIDS awareness. In addition, we’ll begin planning activities with parents in the community to discuss the importance of girls’ education.

Dec 28, 2012

Scholarship Support for Academic Year 2013

Based on the funding received for the program during this quarter, Pathfinder was not
able to recruit any new girls to the scholarship program; however, a four-month
scholarship extension was given for two girls whose scholarship accounts had
ended. As Pathfinder believes that supporting girls throughout their education
is most important, we are pleased to be able to provide additional funding to
scholarship recipients who would otherwise have to drop out of school at the
end of their scholarship funding period. Scholarship extension support was
given to the following students: 1) Yalemwork Zewge and 2) Abebu Taffa.

Yalemwork is 18 years old and is a 12th grade student. She is from Addis
Ababa, Gulela sub-city and grew up in a resource poor family. Her father is
very old and works as a guard in a private home and her mother works as a
house maid. Yalemwork has 4 siblings and life for her family is very difficult,
as the income they get from their work is insufficient to properly feed their
big family size and unable to support Yalemwork’s education. Yalemwork was
selected to receive a GlobalGiving scholarship in January 2010. At the time,
she was in grade 10, and now with the GlobalGiving scholarship support, she has
reached grade 12.  She was given scholarship extension to enable her to finish grade 12, which she will complete
in spring 2013. She is a promising student and is grateful for the opportunity
to continue her education for more than two years through this scholarship

Abebu is 17 years old and she is grade 10 student. Abebu was living in
Addis Ababa, Gulela sub-city. She is an orphan and was living with her
grandfather, but he died in September 2012. Abebu received a Global Giving
scholarship in March 2010 when she was in 8th grade.  After her grandfather’s death, she started
living neighbor who was willing to give her shelter, but without her
scholarship support, she would not have been able  to continue her education as she was unable to
cover the costs of school supplies and transportation. Currently, she is
attending grade 10 and she was given a scholarship extension for five months;
however, in order to enable her finish her high school, she has already been
selected to receive an additional extension to finish the 2013 academic year
(provided funding is available).

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