Kitovu Mobile AIDS organisation (popularly known as (Kitovu Mobile) headquartered in Masaka, is a not – for profit, Faith Based organisation. Kitovu Mobile was started by the medical missionaries of Mary (MMM) in 1987 as a response to HIV and AIDS crisis in Rakia district. The organisation employs a holistic approach to addressing the needs of those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in 30 sub counties spread out in Masaka, Rakai, Lyatonde, Ssembabule, Lwengo, Kalungu, Bukomansimbi districts. The organisation, in a special way, targets rural areas because over there the sick and the poor have limited access to health and other services. VISION: An Empowered community with the abi...
Apr 25, 2013

Progressive Report on empowering Orphans

piglets given to the group members
piglets given to the group members

Since August 21st December Kitovu Mobile has made tremendous efforts in empowering orphans to become entrepreneurs. This report high lights the significant achievements and the inevitable challenges observed during this period.

a)  Piggery project:

It is exciting news to hear the progress of the piggery projects given to the groups. Show case is Agali Awamu Mobile young farmers group which received a mature pig as a donation from friends and well wisher of Kitovu Mobile on the Global Giving website. With technical support from Kitovu mobile staff the pig produced 8 piglets which have been passed on to other members of the group. It is anticipated that in the next one year we shall have realized an average total number of 72 piglets worth $1,152 ready to pass on to other members. 

b)  Water facility:

It is unbelievable to see the children from Kyango Bigavu community in Kasaali Sub County going through a dry spell without experiencing difficulty in accessing water for their gardens and domestic use. A 7000 Litter water facility made life easier for this group. By December 2012, the tank was full to the capacity and water had to be kept for use during the dry spell. Sparingly children are accessing water as scheduled in the community by laws. Members have established a water user committee which is responsible for the governance of the water source. During their meetings they agreed to save 1000/= UGX $0.4 per month to cater the repairs and in case no repair they can think of constructing one of their own.


Children have exhibited good working relationship and commitment to scale up the piggery project to spread up to other OVCs who are in need.

The project has a demonstrated a quick multiplier effect both in terms of skills development and accessibility to the income generation.

Water project minimize on time waste in long lines waiting for water and walking long distances in search for water.



Despite the significant achievements realized; we have realized increasing demands amidst the meager resources. However we have hope that we shall overcome the situation through the pass on-system.


In conclusion, we thank the friends and well wisher of Kitovu Mobile for the generous support to the marginalized communities your support has made kitovu Mobile visible and relevant to the people we serve. We can’t forget to thank the founders and the administration of Global Giving for the visionary idea of enabling the grassroots Organization fundraise on line. 

piglets given to the Mobile young farmers group
piglets given to the Mobile young farmers group
Apr 15, 2013

Global Giving staff visit the out of school youth

Britt lake and the management team Kitovu
Britt lake and the management team Kitovu

It was such an exciting moment to Kitovu Mobile AIDS organization and to the out of school youth to host two global giving members of staff. During this visit the Kitovu Mobile Management team lead by Charles Matovu  had a brief and  informative meeting where Britt lake and Alexandra discussed with members the available opportunity at global Giving website and the possibilities of kitovu Mobile making use of them. Through the sharing session, Global giving staff were overwhelmed by the enormous amount of work done by kitovu Mobile team to support the people infected and affected by HIV and AIDS in a holistic manner.

After the meeting, the team visted one of the project sites where they met youth living with HIV who had been facilitated with small projects ranging from keeping local chicken to piggery projects. The youth ably explained how they are benefiting from the projects and their commitment to scale up the size of projects.

It was observed that youth didn't have approprite structures to keep their animals and birds and as a result they were finding problems to do thorough cleaning of the structuers and to maintain high standards of hygiene.

It was noted that poor housing structure did not only hinder the youth to ensure high standard of hygiene but also, it was not possible to trap manure and urine to fertlise their gardens which would help them to get high yields.

In consideration of the above mentioned challenges, in the next fundraisng campaign we have aimed at mobilising resources  to support the construction of good animal structures that can trap manure and urine.

We therefore, call upon all wellwishers and friends of Kitovu Mobile to support this noble cause.

We  have budgeted a piggery unit to cost $ 160 . However there is no need to worry about this big amount of money. we believe that together we can cause a change if every one contributes something.

15 dollars  buy 1 bag(50kgs) of cement

20 dollars buy 1 turpline for roofing

2 dollors   buy 1kg of Nails

2 dollors   buy 1 pole 

15 dollors buy 1 trip of sand

40 dollars pay for labour for constructing.

I conclude by this phrase " if you want to see a change you must be part of it".

Kitovu project staff and Britt in the family
Kitovu project staff and Britt in the family
substandard  structures that require renovation
substandard structures that require renovation
Jan 24, 2013


Iam excited to inform you that the project is going on well. The community facilitators are giving support supervision to out of school children/youth. 90% of the project beneficiaries are so excited to see such a progress within this short period of time. Unfortunately 10%  of the project  beneficiaries had their  projects affected by swine fever. However, kitovu Mobile is working hard with the veterinary officers to combat the situation.  It is interesting to hear  that  out of school children/youth have higher  hopes in their  projects.


I am Nassuuna Shadia 18 years of age. I left school due to the death of my father. I am so grateful for Kitovu mobile and Mallory Brown for giving me the two hens. I hope these two hens will help me attain my goal of being a hair dresser. As I talk now the the two hens have multiplied into 12 hens/chicks. I think this year if all goes well; I will be able to get money from them to start running hair dressing.

My name is Nakasita Harriet aged 12 years. M y father died of AIDS and left 7 children and am the second born, into the care of my mother. She sells jack fruit in the market so as to cater for some of our basic needs. Unfortunately, she failed to raise our school fees. I hope the piglet I got will help me to supplement on our basic needs. Still this pig will help in eradicating excessive poverty at home. If all goes well i will get money to faciltate me in the tailoring course i want to persue. Thank you Kitovu mobile, thank you Mallory Brown.

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