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Sep 15, 2011

Tyungur Cultural Center launches kids' camp

Camp counselors gather around the cookfire
Camp counselors gather around the cookfire

The new Altai Cultural Center in Tyungur, Altai Republic, (which this project supports) started the summer off with a huge contribution to the local community -- a pro bono kids' camp for local children.

The month-long camp specialized in teaching the children about Altai throat-singing, as the counselors were all professional musicians-in-training.

In the future, this camp will organize professional cooperatives in other culturally important activities, such as bee-keeping and animal husbandry.

Your contributions support the development of these cooperatives.

May 16, 2011

Defend UNESCO Heritage Site from gas pipeline

Prevent the Ukok Plateau gas pipeline
Prevent the Ukok Plateau gas pipeline

Herodotus called this place "the pastures of heaven." And its all at risk!

The Altai people are working feverishly to protect the ancient and fragile sacred cultural heritage of global importance, including mummies preserved in permafrost, from being laid waste by a gas pipeline that, according to independent assessments, provides no net economic benefit to Russia, but immeasurable loss of human heritage in one of the last truly pristine environments on Earth.

Your donation, large or small, funds the preventive efforts of Altai leaders who are dedicated to protecting the ancient Altai cultural/environmental heritage for future generations.

May 16, 2011

AMU president at anti-corruption conference

Prevent the Ukok Plateau gas pipeline
Prevent the Ukok Plateau gas pipeline

As part of the great transformation of Russia from Communism into Capitalism, carefully stewarded indigenous lands have been targeted for exploitation by corrupt individuals and officials.

I have been invited to present at a national Russian conference on anti-corruption in Novosibirsk in June. I will speak on the effectiveness of traditional Altai communal/community values for preventing corruption and the necessity to empower community awareness for create innovative solutions.

Then Carol will continue on to Altai to meet with community leaders to discover how international support can most effectively leverage the strategies they continue to develop.

The current, most urgent issue is to prevent the construction of an economically and environmentally disastrous gas pipeline directly through the extraordinarily fragile Ukok Plateau UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Your donation is directly applied to the ongoing efforts, large and small, of Altai indigenous leaders to protect their traditional and sacred lands from desecration.

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