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Dec 22, 2011

Professional Costumes for Young Throat-Singers

The young Altai throat-singers whose education we have been supporting have been continuing to perform to accolades at regional ethnic music competitions. The revival of throat-singing is central to the continuing viability of the Altai culture, because throat-singers are the keepers/transmitters of the oral history. And access to the history is necessary in order for the Altai people to keep their covenant with Mother Earth to protect their sacred lands.

In all of this, costuming may seem like frosting on the cake, but actually, it is a necessary part of the singers’ process of attuning themselves to the “group mind” from which they transmit the history. The making of the costumes is itself a sacred act.

Your generous holiday donation for the creation of the young throat-singers’ ceremonial costuming will enhance the capability of this new generation to access guidance for their people.


Nov 1, 2011

Project completed - THANK YOU!!!

on the Ukok Plateau
on the Ukok Plateau

I am pleased to inform you that, with your help, sufficient funding was raised to make the expedition as planned. Travel for Dineh wisdom-keeper Patricia Anne Davis was fully provided, and partial sponsorship was provided for others.

We trekked to Mt. Belukha, traveled by horseback across the sacred Ukok Plateau, and the finale was to open a cosmic energy cache for the planet. We also met with a group of talented young traditional thoat-singers, and continue our sponsorship effort for them and for other traditional livelihoods in the Altai Republic, to which donations can be made through Revive Altai cultural/environmental sustainability (#3893)

Thank you for your support!

Patricia Anne Davis eating berries along the trail
Patricia Anne Davis eating berries along the trail


Nov 1, 2011

On-going Altai Mir University projects

ancient stone constructions on the Ukok Plateau
ancient stone constructions on the Ukok Plateau

Thank you for your continued support for Altai Mir University.

The International Altai Expedition duing the summer of 2011 was a great success in opening people's awareness about the amazing global resource that Altai offers. Although the expedition is now completed, the work of Altai Mir University to protect Altai continues.

In particular, despite lack of any legal authorization, Gazprom continues to desecrate the sacred Ukok Plateau in preparation for an awesomely destructive gas pipeline directly through the UNESCO World Heritage Site there. If you would like to help the local Altai people to protect their sacred lands, please donate to 2002 Prevent desecration of pristine Altai habitats.

Then, you will continue to receive updates on our work in Altai.


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