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Jul 14, 2014

Solar inverter needed

For Joe and Lena's "children's safe house" on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota, we will be installing solar panels which will have the capacity to run a a laptop, etc, but mostly the incoming energy will be stored in car batteries which can, in turn, be hooked up to the power inverter to provide 120v AC.

Last summer on the Fast Horse Land we had two tornadoes pass by our campsite, one on either side...and they took down nine power poles on the highway. Pine Ridge Village and much of the surrounding area were without power for a few days. With this system, the family can still have the services they need to care for the children and the house.

Joe and Lena currently have nine children in their home; five are by birth and four by circumstance. Additionally, they work with Lakota Oyate Wakanyeja Owicakiyape (LOWO) as an emergency placement home for children and have been doing volunteer work for Tiyospaye Crisis Center for two years.

They currently live in Wounded Knee Village, but their dream is to build an eco-sustainable children's safe house and family home on our land in the Wakpamni District. Your donation take us a step closer to accomplishing that dream.


Jun 30, 2014

Altai flooding emergency continues

The rain has now stopped in Altai and, with temperature of 40 degrees C., houses are drying out and the repair/rebuilding work can begin...or could begin if the Altai people had any resources. According to local sources, Russian federal disaster funds will provide an average of about $1000/household. This is completely insufficient to address the problem. On top of this, the means for receiving aid has been corrupted, so that those who were flooded out may not get anything, while others with no flooding are receiving the federal subsidy. Svetlana Katynova, our local project leader is working on this issue.

We are disappointed that this project -- established at the specific recommendation of GlobalGiving staff with the promise that some buzz could be created to get help for the flood victims – has not generated a single donation.

Jun 2, 2014

State of Emergency declared in Altai flooding

Flooded bridge in Altai Republic
Flooded bridge in Altai Republic

Altai Republic is under water and bridges have been swept away. Because the villages are all on riverbanks, most of the housing for 200,000 people has been flooded. Help is needed. Here is the letter from Svetlana Katynova, who implements all our humanitarian projects there.

"For the last week we have lived in anxiety, because in Altai there were torrential rains for several days. A State of Emergency was declared in the Republic. Under our house and around the house [in Gorno-Altaisk City] is standing water, and nothing can be done. In the city, houses and streets are flooded, bridges demolished.
It is not only nature to blame here, but also the people who built an artificial lake in the hills. It all burst and water gushed down in a huge flood into the city.
In Ust-Koksa district [where the sacred Mount Belukha is], the situation is very dangerous. I'm not only talking about our lands -- the buildings are entirely in the water. The bridges at Kucherla, Tyungur, and Katanda are all demolished and impassable. People were left without communication. Snow and rain are interspersed. The Katyn [River] has flooded the lower and upper parts of Tyungur Village, leaving only islands.
Children from Ust-Koksa district who go to [public, residential] schools in Gorno-Altaisk have finished the school year, but they cannot get home. You know that in my [600 square foot] house we will make a place for each.
Consequences of flooding will be extremely severe. You know about our unpaved roads and rickety bridges. And many people live only on what they can grow during our short summer.

But I really hope that this is just Nature warning people that Altai will not punish us too harshly for our failure to care for the sacred lands.

Both the immediate and longer-term problems are food, water, shelter, and water-borne disease. Any help you can give at this time will be used for these most basic needs.


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