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Eliminate Poverty Now promotes economic development and educational opportunity in Africa, especially for women. We are the first generation in the history of the world with the power to eliminate extreme poverty - and the time to do it is NOW.
May 6, 2013

Lunapads Donates Kits for 2,000 Girls!

We have some amazing news that we have been itching to share with you for some time. We had to wait until some details were finalized but the moment is finally here!

Lunapads is donating 2,000 kits of washable sanitary pads for girls in the Kibera slum! Their generosity even extends as far as to cover the shipping costs of the materials to Nairobi. Isn't that remarkable? A donation of this magnitude will change so many lives--not just those of the girls receiving the kits, but also of their families. 

Distribution of the kits will happen in July, when John and Judy are visiting.  

We cannot thank Madaleine Shaw, founder of Lunapads, and her amazing team enough for their amazing support.

We hope you will consider joining Madaleine and Lunapads in helping us change lives for these girls. A gift as small as $10 can make a difference. Consider donating, and we hope you'll also share this amazing news with your own family and friends! Thank you so much, and please join us in thanking Lunapads!

Feb 11, 2013

New Fabric Donation--Thank You

Fabric generously donated by Fortunoff & Nathan
Fabric generously donated by Fortunoff & Nathan

We are so pleased to share the news that Scott Fortunoff and A.E. Nathan have donated more fabric for the manufacturing of re-usable sanitary pads. Support of all kinds helps us help the girls, and we are truly grateful for this gift. 

Aside from that, there isn't much news to report at this very moment, but things are still going well with the project. We've had some donations coming in, and we hope to be able to share some exciting news in the coming months. There is still so much more we could do, though, so we hope that you will seriously considering giving to this project so that we can help as many girls as possible stay in school and have a chance at a better future.

Thank you, as ever and always, for your support, kindness, and consideration.

Nov 13, 2012

Girls' Lives Improving with Complete Kits, There's Still More to Be Done!

We are very pleased to report that the rest of the fabric needed to complete 200 kits was received and used, and the rest of the kits were distributed. This means that 200 teenage girls have received re-usable sanitary towels! Each girl received 6 pads with wings and 10 liners. The girls also received washing detergents to wash the sanitary towels after using. The girls were able to soak the sanitary towels in the buckets in which the rest of the materials were distributed. The kit also included mesh bags for airing the sanitary towels after washing, as well as 2 pairs of underpants for each girl to use while having her period.

The girls these kits helps are girls like Emily Atieno, who would not attend school when she had her period. Emily has benefited from the program already; since receiving her kit, she has been able to attend school regularly, which has resulted in an improvement in her academic performance!

The program doesn't end with the distribution of the kits, though. The girls who have benefited from the Pads for Peace program have started knitting draw string bags that are used for packing the sanitary pads. There are still many more girls who can benefit from Pads for Peace. Our goal is 2,000. The holidays are almost upon us, and what better time is there to give? We hope that as the season progresses you will keep Pads for Peace in mind.

As always, we thank you for your support!