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Jul 29, 2013

Latest News on Matuiku Primary School!

Patty Hall- President, H2O for Life
Patty Hall- President, H2O for Life

Greetings from Kenya Rainwater Association,

We hope that this update finds you well!

A few months have gone by since our last update on Matuiku Primary School Water and Sanitation project and as always we have good news for you! The past few months have been quite exciting and eventful for the children of Matuiku Primary school. One of the donor organizations Water for Life which co-funded part of the project in partnership with Global Giving recently paid a visit to the school. The team was led by Patty Hall; President of Water for Life and accompanied by KRAs Programmes Coordinator and Programmes Officer. The aim of the visit was to find out how the project was fairing since its establishment.

Learn more about Water for Life…

Commonly dubbed- H20 for Life is a non-profit organization designed to create partnerships between schools in the United States and schools in developing countries. Their goal is to partner an individual school in the United States with a school in a developing country that lacks water, sanitation and hygiene education (WASH).  Through service learning projects, U.S. schools raise funds to finance WASH projects in developing countries which are implemented with the help of experienced non-governmental organizations (NGOs). For this particular project two U.S schools namely Maple Grove JHS and Tiffany Creek Elementary contributed towards the project.

More time to study…

The 50,000 litre water tank donated by GlobalGiving and H2O for Life is not only ensuring enough provision of clean water for drinking and cooking but has also translated to more study time for the children! The children no longer have to spend hours going to the river to fetch water like they used to do. As stated by Patty Hall in her speech to the children “You can become anyone you want to become in life by working hard, setting high goals and taking education seriously in order to achieve the best." Patty Hall also donated two balls to the school. Her message to the children, "work hard and play hard."


Once again the Head teacher expressed his utmost gratitude to Water for Life and Global Giving for giving Matuiku Primary school a new face by providing them with the best sanitation facilities. In the past the girls were very uncomfortable due to lack of privacy attributed to the old wooden latrines which had spaces between them. Even as the school endeavours to achieve more indeed much has been achieved through your generous donations and the future for the children of Matuiku School is bright as the sky remains the limit. As usual KRA and the entire Matuiku Primary School community acknowledges your support and would like to sincerely thank you for your kindness. You've not only made life at Matuiku Primary School better but have also motivated the children to work hard in their studies-their sole purpose is to give back to their community in future!

Work hard and play hard!
Work hard and play hard!
We are grateful!
We are grateful!
Apr 22, 2013

Heavy Rains; A Blessing to Matuiku Primary School!

Rosemary Nyambura(Standing) addressing the school
Rosemary Nyambura(Standing) addressing the school

Dear Friends and Supporters,

Greetings from Kenya Rainwater Association! It’s been a few months since our last update on the GlobalGiving- supported KRA Matuiku Primary School water project. In this update, we are happy to report that the projects have been a great success to the school and the children are especially grateful for your generous donations. Together with this update is a letter from the children and the entire Matuiku community expressing their heartfelt gratitude to you all!

Every drop counts..

The year started on a high note for the children of Matuiku Primary School. Not only did they have new water tank-thanks to your generous donations, the heavy rains that have been pounding most parts of the country have been nothing less than a blessing to the school! The 50,000litre tank that you donated to the school is now filled to the brim, with more than enough water for cleaning, preparing school meals, and hand washing. To the children, the fact that the school has water flowing from the taps seems like a dream. “In the past, the rainy seasons would come and pass without much notice but now we cannot help but celebrate because we know that not a single drop will go to waste- thanks to the water tank that was given to us “- Rosemary Nyambura, pupil at Matuiku Primary School

Our heartfelt gratitude..

Dear friend,

I hope you are fine. We the pupils of Matuiku Primary School would like to thank you so much for all your support in helping us solve the problem of water shortage in our school. Through your generous donation we were able to construct a water tank that can hold 50,000L of water. This has made it possible for us to have access to clean and safe water all season round. We are so grateful for your act of kindness and we hope that you will continue supporting us so that we can make our school a better place!

Parents and teachers

The parents and the teachers also expressed a lot of enthusiasm and commitment towards the success of the project stating that the benefits of the projects have been felt around the community and that more benefits are expected with the new phase of project that intends to establish a farm pond and a vegetable garden for the school.

Approaching the final phase…

As we move towards the final phase of the project which entails establishment of a school vegetable garden and a farm pond to provide water for drip irrigation on the farm, our Matuiku water project still remains active on the GlobalGiving site as we continue to source more funds towards the completion of the project package. By the end of the project the school will have a 50,000litre water tank, a farm pond, a school garden and a VIP latrine block.  We therefore request you- our loyal donors and supporters to continue giving towards the project so that we can leave Matuiku School a better place than we found it!

Other updates from KRA!

Besides the Matuiku water project, KRA continues to be on the frontline in ensuring that communities have access to clean and safe water for drinking through promoting rainwater harvesting and management projects across Kenya. This year, we have a project that is being funded by the African Development Bank that is targeting three counties in Kenya and is expected to benefit a minimum of 3000- 5000 people per county. The implementation process is set to begin in June. The New Life Mission water and livelihoods project in Kajiado County is also in its final year. The United States Aid Agency (USAID) is also doing well with 125 out of the targeted 190 farmers’ groups benefitting from the project. As usual, we will continue to keep you posted on the progress of our projects throughout the year!

As an organisation, we are always grateful for your continued support and collaboration in helping us achieve our objectives. We thank you all-our supporters and partner organization Water for Life for making a difference -You are changing lives!

Group photo- Matuiku pupils
Group photo- Matuiku pupils
Jan 22, 2013

New Year, New Tank!: KRA Matuiku School Update 5

The new 50,000-litre cement water tank. GHARP/KRA
The new 50,000-litre cement water tank. GHARP/KRA

Dear Kenya Rainwater Association supporters,

First of all, Happy New Year! We at KRA hope you had a great Christmas and a brilliant start to 2013! It has been a few months since our last update on the GlobalGiving/KRA water project at Matuiku Primary School and we have lots of news! On 24 November 2012, the second block of latrines and the cement water tank were officially opened and big celebrations were held at the school! Now with this tank and the donated plastic tank, the school has the capacity to store up to 60,000 litres of water – enough to last for at least a month!

New cement water tank for Matuiku pupils

As a new term begins, the pupils of Matuiku school can officially reduce their water-carrying burden. The KRA 50,000-litre capacity water tank has now been completed and is ready for action. Metal guttering now lines the roof of the school to catch the rainwater and the recent, unexpected rains in Kenya are filling up the tank nicely for the dry months ahead.

As part of the construction phase, a water point with two taps was also built six metres away from the tank. The children can fill up their water bottles and wash their hands there, rather than trekking to the river or carrying water in jerry-cans from home.

The nuts and bolts

For those interested in the technical detail of the tank construction, here are a few words from our Technical Officer, Ronald Kamadi:

“The tank walls were constructed using dressed stones which were then plastered over to a thickness of 20mm with layers of barbed wire and chicken wire. A mortar mix of sand and cement was used for the wall plastering and to provide thick flooring on top of the concrete slab. The dome-shaped tank roof was constructed using timber, concrete and reinforced bars, held up by poles inside. The tank roof and outlet have lockable man-holes to carry out repairs. The guttering system enters the tank via a “foul-flash” self-cleaning system. This system ensures that when it first rains after a dry spell, the dust which builds up during dry periods is first flushed away and diverted from the storage tank to prevent contamination."

“We no longer fear our latrines”

The children at the school are no longer scared to use the latrines! The new KRA latrines have provided reassurance to the children and their parents. The old latrines regularly collapsed due to the soil quality in the area and the weak structures. The head-teacher reported that at least three children had fallen into the pit due to this issue. Lining the pits with masonry prevents this problem and this is just what KRA has done!

Moving forward…

Our Matuiku school project still remains active on GlobalGiving as we raise further funds and co-donors to support the final phase of the project – the construction of the 50,000-litre capacity farm pond and drip irrigation system for vegetables. A further block of latrines is also planned! We want to thank you – our loyal supporters, as well as our partner organisation in this project, H2O for Life.

All the best for the next few months and we will be in touch again with further updates!

Children celebrate the new latrines. GHARP/KRA
Children celebrate the new latrines. GHARP/KRA
Water flows from the taps at Matuiku. GHARP/KRA
Water flows from the taps at Matuiku. GHARP/KRA
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